United States Army Ranks & Salaries (2024)

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The common subject of debate in the public is ‘how much are US soldiers paid as salary per month?’ This is mostly inquired by applicants who want to join the military as they want to be familiar with the pay grade and job description. Armed forces personnel have a career that involves responsibility, respect, and adequate resources for a regimented lifestyle. The pay commission’s guidelines are used to determine how much army members are paid. General-level positions in the US Army are paid between $1,500 and $20,000 per year.

us army ranks and salaries

In the Army, pay and benefits are determined by rank of individual. Applicants must be well informed about rank and promotions. Generally, the army pays high salaries to its employees, who also receive a number of benefits and allowances. Read this article for detailed information regarding United States Army pay and other specifics.


The army is the largest component of the American military. If you count the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in addition to regular uniformed soldiers, there are more than million registered military soldiers.

The U.S. Army uses a systematic hierarchy to rank its soldiers and determine how much monthly basic pay each employee receives. The only thing that counts in a U.S. Army position is rank, regardless of the type of role you play.

This article will provide a thorough breakdown of Army ranks and their starting salaries today.


The minimum rank for enlistees in the American military is E-1. This ranking is known as “private,” or “buck private” in army slang. During their first four months of duty, these military members get paid $1,514 per month. After that, they will get $1,638 each month.

The pay scales for troops with under three years of experience at each rank are listed below, starting with soldiers at rank E-2:

  • E-2, Private Second Class army personnel receive $1,836 monthly
  • E-3 Private First Class soldiers get $1,931 as month pay
  • E-4 Specialist soldiers receive $2,139 each month
  • E-5 Corporal are paid around $2,333 each month
  • E-6 Sergeant in the US army are paid $2,546 in a month
  • E-7 Staff Sergeant soldiers salary is around $2.944
  • E-8 Sergeant First Class receive a monthly salary of $4,235 from the US army
  • E-9 Master Sergeant in the US Army receives $5,173 each month.
  • W-1 Warrant Officer 1 in the US Army receives a monthly salary of about $3,038.
  • W-2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 receives a monthly salary of $3,461.
  • W-3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 receives a $3,911 monthly wage.
  • W-4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 salaries average about $4,282.
  • W-5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 receives a $7,615 monthly salary.
  • Second Lieutenant in the United States army are paid around 3,108 as salary
  • 0-2 First Lieutenant in the United States army receive a monthly salary of $3,580
  • Captain in the United States army gets paid in figures around $4,144 monthly
  • 0-4 Major is a high rank which receive a monthly salary of $4,713
  • Lieutenant Colonel in the US army are given $5,462 as monthly salary
  • 0-6 Colonel serving in the US army are paid $6,552 as monthly salary
  • A 0-7 Brigadier General in the US Army makes around $8,641 per month.
  • Major General in the US army are paid around $10,399 monthly salary
  • 0-9 Each month, Lieutenant General in the US Army receives $14,696. The highest position in the American army is general, who receives a monthly salary of at least $15,800.

Across every branch of the military, enlisted men and officers within the same rank get the same basic wages from the U.S. military. Every rank promotion is always accompanied by an increase in pay. After then, a soldier is only eligible for a certain amount of pay raises within that rank, which are determined by service time. Promotion to the succeeding level is required for additional wage increases. Professional soldiers or soldiers with difficult or risky missions are paid at special duty and hazardous duty rates. These salary increases can significantly raise a soldier’s salary. Bomb disposal is an example of a job where the hazardous duty compensation for each service branch can vary significantly.


The promotion procedures in the American Army are an intriguing yet somewhat complex blend of promotions based on duration of service and promotions for merit.

The American Army does not offer any salary increments to soldiers in the two lowest class. Privates and E-1s are automatically promoted after serving for four months. Unfortunately, there are no more pay raises for that rank.

Similar to this, a wage increase comes along with promotion to E-2 (Private Second Class), however there are no additional pay increases at E-2.

At E-3, Private First Class, the very first pay raise is determined depending on both merit and duration of service. Soldiers are eligible for a salary rise after serving at that rank for at least two years. They are eligible for a second in-rank salary increase if their achievement justifies it after serving in that position for a minimum of three years. After the second in-rank promotion, however, there are no scheduled wage increases.

Pay increases for enlisted employees up to grade E-7 are governed by comparable procedures. This essentially means that you will receive length-of-service pay increases from the army up to a certain threshold at each ranking. Following that, no matter how long you have held the position, your compensation remains the same if your achievement doesn’t earn a promotion to a superior level.


There are numerous enlisted ranks available in the U.S. Army. Military pay grade standards are used to determine how much soldiers are paid. The salaries shown here are determined by rank and years of service. Army officers are entitled to a number of supplementary payments, bonuses, and allowances on top of their base pay.

In this article, we covered the U.S. Army’s enlisted ranks as well as their respective pay scales. If you’re thinking about joining the U.S. Army, being aware of this will be beneficial. The ranks of the Army and the salary associated with them may also be useful information to know.

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