Enugu vs Port Harcourt: Which is Better to Live in (2024)

Looking to move, but can’t decide between Nigeria’s coal city of Enugu or the oil-rich Port Harcourt city? Which city truly offers a more comfortable place to call home?

Both Enugu and Port Harcourt have attracted residents over the years with their job availability, career prospects, lively social scenes and openness to newcomers seeking a better life. But which city truly offers a higher quality of living when you consider the full picture?

Enugu vs Port Harcourt: Which is Better to Live in

Does busy Port Harcourt with its many hotels and fancy restaurants make up for its transportation headaches and pollution? Or does laidback Enugu compensate for fewer entertainment options with its low costs, university setting and relative safety?

What matters more – economic opportunities or daily comfort when choosing a home for the long term? When weighing the options, should priorities focus on prospering financially or enjoying peace of mind?

This thorough comparison of living conditions tackles the dilemma many Nigerians face when debating whether Enugu or Port Harcourt best stacks up as an ideal place to settle down.


This article explores several factors to consider when deciding which of these two cities offers a better quality of life.


The cost of living is generally lower in Enugu compared to Port Harcourt. Housing costs especially are cheaper in Enugu, with rental prices for a 3-bedroom apartment averaging around ₦150,000 per year compared to ₦350,000 in Port Harcourt.

Food, transportation, utilities, healthcare and other basics are more affordable in Enugu. The higher salaries in Port Harcourt help compensate for the increased prices but Enugu’s lower cost of living allows money to stretch further.

Verdict: Enugu


Port Harcourt has better infrastructure overall, with better roads and more reliable electricity and water supply. The transportation system is also more developed, with an international airport, seaports and higher availability of public transport options.

Enugu’s infrastructure is improving but still has deficiencies in road maintenance, power supply and public transport, with no operational airport currently. Commuting and getting around town can be more stressful in Enugu as a result.

Verdict: Port Harcourt


The economy in Port Harcourt is dominated by the oil industry, creating more high-paying jobs but also vulnerability to oil price swings.

Enugu has a more diversified economy, with coal mining, manufacturing, agriculture and a growing tech industry driving employment. Enugu’s economy feels more stable and poised for growth in the coming decades.

Port Harcourt offers faster career progression and higher salaries to compensate for the higher costs.

Verdict: Port Harcourt


Port Harcourt enjoys more advanced healthcare facilities including world-class private hospitals and medical specialists that are rare in Enugu and other parts of the country.

The higher incomes and health insurance coverage also makes access to quality care easier in Port Harcourt, while many in Enugu struggle to pay out of pocket for treatment. Public hospitals still suffer from capacity issues in both cities.

Verdict: Port Harcourt


Cultism, militancy and kidnappings plague Port Harcourt with greater intensity that makes living there unsafe at times.

Enugu also has security issues but residents generally feel more secure walking the streets and going about their lives. Stability and peace of mind score points for Enugu when it comes to safety. Improved policing and youth engagement programs are needed to secure both cities.

Verdict: Enugu


Many parts of Port Harcourt suffer from black soot pollution that covers buildings and pose health risks from contaminated air. Waste disposal and drainage are also issues, especially with flooding during the rainy season.

Enugu has more greenery and its sanitation deficiencies manifest more in improper waste disposal habits rather than environmental pollution. Maintaining good hygiene standards takes more effort in Port Harcourt.

Verdict: Enugu


Port Harcourt buzzes with trendy leisure spots, tourist attractions and lively nightlife befitting of its ‘Garden City’ nickname.

Enugu also holds historical sites as the former capital but retains a quieter, more laidback ambiance. For young singles and families alike, Port Harcourt promises more displays of wealth, fancy hotels and structured entertainment. Enugu wins when you prefer their subtler charms and hospitality.

Verdict: Port Harcourt


As university towns, both Enugu and Port Harcourt host prestigious higher education institutions producing some of Nigeria’s brightest talents.

However, Enugu takes the lead with five universities including the renowned University of Nigeria Nsukka. Other schools, vocational centers and quality teachers also abound in Enugu, earning its reputation as an academic hub. Students enjoy more scholarship options here too.

Verdict: Enugu


Traffic congestion is a huge disadvantage for Port Harcourt, ranked among the world’s worst cities for traffic. Jams last for hours with no relief during rush hours.

Enugu has its traffic issues too but commuting shorter distances between homes and offices is less of an ordeal.

Port Harcourt’s layout exacerbates the problem but Enugu’s grid format allows easier commute.

Verdict: Enugu


Enugu comes out slightly ahead as offering better overall quality of life, thanks to lower costs, improving infrastructure and strong education and economy.

Port Harcourt boasts better healthcare and leisure options fueled by oil money, but struggles with pollution, flooding and security issues that dampen the appeal for long-term stays. The choice still depends greatly on personal preferences and needs. But focusing on the foundations of livability, Enugu satisfies more elements for comfortable living.

The article highlights key factors like cost of living, infrastructure, economic opportunities, healthcare access, crime rates, pollution, traffic, education and leisure options to compare the two cities.

Analysis favors Enugu primarily for its affordability, peacefulness and academic environment, while citing Port Harcourt’s strengths in healthcare and recreation.

In conclusion, we recommend Enugu as a good place to live in. The city is currently conducive for better living standards based on assessment of basic livability conditions. We believe that this comparison will provide helpful perspective for Nigerians contemplating a move between these two southern cities.

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