Top Counseling Courses in Nigerian Universities (2024)

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For those who wish to build a career in guidance and counseling, you might want to know the available courses to study in any of the institutes that offers counseling in Nigeria. The objective here is to become a certified counselor with professional certificate to back your claim.


In our previous post, we listed the best counseling services in the country to either get quality psychotherapy for individuals seeking such service for their emotional and physical benefits. This time, we would list out some of the top counseling courses you can register to study either part-time, full-time or even online.

Please note that these courses are divided into three and they include: Certificate courses, Diploma courses and Short-term courses.

Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are for those who aspire to become professional counselors and build a solid career in the field. The programs here runs for a maximum period of three months and meets the required international standard for learning.

Individuals can enroll at the Institute of Counseling in Nigeria for such certificate courses as a full time or part time student. Those who can’t go through this process can also apply online as the counseling course is open to all.

See the courses in these category to obtain certificate in the Institute below:

1. Certificate in Counseling

This is an introductory course for aspiring counselors who want to really help people and become experts in the field. Certificate in Counseling is compulsory and not voluntary for anyone who wishes to take a career in counseling. After completing the programme, you are awarded a Professional certificate accredited by Association for Counseling, Matchmaking and Psychotherapy of Nigeria.

2. Certificate in Child & Adolescent Counseling

This particular course is on relationship, career and life issues bordering youths. You are taught here the technique on how to counsel youths that are confused. This course is open to all even if you are a practicing counselor who seeks more knowledge.

3. Certificate in Relationship, Couples and Family Counseling

This has to deal with technique in couples counseling or anything that has to do with marriage, divorce or any type of affair resolution. The common issues faced by newly wed couples are easily taught in this program especially how to settle heated arguments. As a therapist, you will be taught how to help couples find clarity in their relationship

4. Certificate in Christian Counseling

This certificate course in mainly for church workers or pastors who wish to become professional counselors. Here you will be equipped with the principles of counseling using the christian knowledge based on Biblical perspective as recommended by the Association of Christian Counselors (ACC).

5. Certificate in Stress & Anger Management

In this course, you would be lectured on skills that will assist you in working with clients that have issues relating to anger and stress management including psychotherapy.

Certification is majorly for educators, parole, probation and correctional officers, clinicians, clergy, substance abuse and domestic violence counselors, human resource managers and anyone who wants or needs to work helping clients with anger related problems.

6. Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

If you want to mentor or coach others, then this course is for you. The necessary skills and knowledge needed in coaching or mentoring others in various walks of life is what you would be taught in this course.

Other certificate courses include:

7. Certificate in Romance & Sex Therapy

8. Certificate in Grief & Bereavement Counseling

9. Certificate in Crisis Counseling

10. Certificate in Addiction Counseling

11. Certificate in Career Counseling

Diploma Courses

The Diploma courses taught at the Institute of Counseling in Nigeria runs for a period of 6 months. Just like the later, it can be Full-Time, Part-Time or Online distance learning. The certificates for diploma courses in from the Institute is recognized globally and meets all necessary requirements especially those seeking employment.

See the different field of counseling in which one can obtain Diploma at the Institute:

1. Diploma in Crisis Counseling

This course is for individuals who are passionate and wish to help people in times of crisis, depression, divorce, illness, etc. It is open to all or even practicing counselors.

2. Diploma in Youth Counseling

Since most of our Nigerian youths are often confused and deceived, they would need such counselling service and this is what this course is for. Young people hardly share their problems leading them to make wrong choices about relationship and their career. This course will equip you with the necessary technique needed to counsel the youth.

3. Diploma in Relationship, Couples & Family Counseling

This diploma course is for those who wish to help couples find clarity in their families. You are taught how to advise married couples on how to sustain relationships using various therapies.

4. Diploma in Grief and Bereavement Counseling

Those who engage in this course are experts because it is a highly emotional aspect of counseling aimed at bereaved clients or clients going through the last phases of their lives.

5. Diploma in Counseling

In doing this course, you get a Professional Diploma accredited by Association for Counseling, Psychotherapy and Matchmaking of Nigeria (ACOPHMAN) since it is an advanced counseling course for professional counselors.

7. Diploma in Sex Therapy

This course is meant for therapist who wants to know more on how sexuality affects individual and couples and how to directly address sexual issues when they are explicitly part of therapy.

8. Diploma in Christian or Pastoral Counseling

A course for pastors, reverends who like to become religious counsellors.

9. Diploma in Addiction Counseling

Addiction is now prevalent in our society and can cause mental health issue leading to loneliness and depression. This course is for those who wish to help people trying to overcome such issues.

10. Diploma in Social Care

If you have passion for social care or you are already employed as a social care worker, this course is for you.
It is particularly suited to social carers and those who work in related disciplines whether professional or voluntary. It is also suitable for students of social care or related studies.

Short Term Courses

The courses under this category runs for period of 30 days and it is for those who don’t have time but need to acquire certificate to practice or wish to improve your skills in counseling.

At the Institute you would be taught the introduction to basic counseling skills and ethics for a period of one month to obtain professional certificate. Short-term courses is normally full time but can also be run on part-time and even online depending on preference.

Please note that the address of the Institute of Counseling offering these courses is at 135, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere in Lagos.

List of Universities Offering Guidance And Counseling In Nigeria

There are some schools that offer guidance and counselling as a course of study in Nigeria. These universities have what it takes and lecturers to put you through if you are admitted into the guidance and counseling department in any of these schools, so as to earn a degree.

Below are best Nigerian universities where guidance and counselling can be studied in the country.

  • Imo State University (IMSU)
  • University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • University of Nigeria (UNN)
  • Abia State University (ABSU)
  • University of Abuja (UNIABUJA)
  • University of Ibadan (UI)
  • Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)
  • Ambrose Alli University (AAU)
  • Anambra State University (ANSU)
  • Babcock University (BABCOCK)
  • Benue State University (BSU)
  • Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTECH)
  • Delta State University (DELSU)
  • Ebonyi State University (EBSU)
  • Enugu State University Of Science And Technology (ESUT)
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK)
  • Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
  • Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU)
  • Osun State University (UNIOSUN)
  • University of Jos (UNIJOS)
  • University of Uyo (UNIUYO)
  • Usman Dan Fodio University (UDUSOK)
  • Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA)
  • Nasarawa State University (NSUK)
  • Ekiti State University (EKSU)
  • Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED)
  • Al-Hikmah University (AL-HIKMAH)
  • Federal University, Kashere (FUK)
  • Lead City University (LCU)
  • Ignatius Ajuru University (IAUE)
  • Sokoto State University (SSU)

JAMB Requirements (UTME)

When writing JAMB UTME, be aware that English Language is a compulsory subject to credit if you must be admitted for this course.

You can use any other three subjects of ypur choice of Other JAMB UTME subject combination needed to study guidance and counseling in any of the top listed Nigerian universities offering this course.

O’Level Requirements

The O’level requirements needed to study guidance and counseling include; Five SSCE NTC/NBC credits or TC II merit passes. Also, credit in  English Language  and Mathematics.

Direct Entry Requirements

NCE or ‘A’ level passes or NCE in two subjects including JAMB requirements.

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