Top Best Natural Hairstyles For Nigerian Women (Latest, 2024)

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Having a hairstyle makes a lady look nice, but rocking the best style makes you look more beautiful. There are a lot of hairstyles that are available to give your hairdresser. Inasmuch as there are many of these styles, however, knowing the one that will fit you well is what really counts in giving you a beautiful look. This article will give you a guide on the best hairstyles Nigerian women should go for.

natural hairstyles for nigerian ladies


There are about a hundred hairstyles in Nigeria, however, selecting the best fit might be inconvenient for you. If that’s the case, don’t get freaky. The following are the latest top ten best hairstyles for Nigerian ladies.


Cornrows is the leading hairstyle for Nigerian ladies. This style is weaved near the scalp usually without the addition of any kind of extension. It tends to be of shifting sizes and amounts relying upon what the person prefers.

Cornrows are straight, exceptionally simple to keep up with and don’t cost a fortune to make it. This kind of hairstyle is best for oval and round-faced faces. There is an addition of beads, cowries, twines and even hair cuffs to it so as to make it more beautiful.


This is a special kind of threaded hairstyle which is a standout amongst other natural hairdos in the country. African threading helps ladies with growing their hair without stress as it forestalls breakage and further gets rid of going bald.

African threading makes women and young ladies carry their hair for a long time like fourteen days or more. After that duration, they would remove it and wash it appropriately prior to making another hairstyle with the thread.


If you’re looking for a well-known hairstyle, then you should try Box braids, which is one of them. This kind of hairstyle is normally made by separating the hair into square-molded pattern, connecting the extension and afterward plaiting it. They should be done by using any color of extension and can be worn in differing styles.

Box braids are much simpler to plait whenever made long, despite the fact that they can be very hefty when it is newly plaited.


The All Back is a regular hairstyle among ladies in Nigeria. This hairstyle is broadly viewed as the least demanding Nigerian hairstyle to make and it is exceptionally famous even among ladies past the shores of the country.

As the name infers, All Back is done when the entirety of a lady’s hair is just plaited from front to back. One benefit of this “All Back” hairstyle is that it aids the growth of the hair.


Goddess braids are one of the interlace kinds of hairstyles adorned by virgins. This hairstyle is quite similar to the cornrows however, the slight difference is that they would be way thicker than cornrows or they can be simply appended to the hair like the standard plaits.

In Goddess braids, the distinguishing thing is that the expansions are normally joined, weaved midway and afterward twisted the remainder of the way. The person being plaited would then be able to go on to decorate it with any hair accessory of her choice thereafter. This is done to guarantee that it sticks out.


The Police Cap is the name of one of the best hairstyles for women who don’t like rocking original human hair wigs. This style is an extremely famous hairdo among numerous Nigerian ladies that impersonates the shape of a real cop’s beret. The hairstyle is made by plaiting a lady’s hair from back to front and dropping it down over the temple.

Nowadays, a lot of ladies go for this kind of hairstyle due to how it is particularly stylish and good looking.


The Knotless twists is one of the best hairstyles a Nigerian lady can have. They are done so that the beautician begins with your hair and slowly connects the augmentation so they wind up seeming as though you weaved your natural hair.

The interesting thing about knotless braids is that they are neither worrisome nor weighty in spite of the fact that they are somewhat more costly than the ordinary box interlaces. Knotless braids for the most part have a smooth and thin look, which makes it beautiful to give a shot.


These are a kind of cornrow made by adding a tad bit of the extension of the hair until it gets to the tip. Ghana weaving is one of the best hairstyles as they are stylish, adaptable, and amazingly simple to make. The weaving is otherwise called banana braids, invisible braids or Cherokee braids. They secure the hair against the brutality of the climate and help the hair with growing.

Another interesting thing about Ghana weaving is that they normally look great and should fit for any style, simply envision it and you can have it.


Surprised? If you want a good look then just go natural. The category of people who keep a natural hair hairstyle are the ones who don’t use any type of synthetic substances like relaxers to their hair. They just let it develop the natural way.

If you didn’t know earlier, you should know now that natural hair has become an exotic hair style in Nigeria. This kind of hairstyle has made a lot of ladies to flex their hair and style it in the manner in which they like.

Keeping your hair natural is a good way to make it grow up. It is amongst other approaches to make it develop despite the fact that it’s anything but a simple thing. If you will be able to maintain the look of natural hair, then it’s best to keep this kind of hairstyle.


Patewo is another local hairstyle in this list. The style got its name “Patewo” from the Yoruba language which translates to “clap” in English. A look at the natural Nigerian hairstyle of a similar name, it copies two claps which is the reason this hairstyle was given this name. This haircut features two horizontally braided hair divisions that meet each other at an upward separation and it closely looks like a mohawk.

Also, this kind of hairstyle can be handily joined with all back and base to make it significantly more beautiful. That’s one of the reasons why some ladies like the style.


Having seen the top hairstyles for women in Nigeria, we believe you now know which style you will rock when next you visit your hairdresser. These hairstyles are viewed as the best due to the fact that they fit the generality of the ladies irrespective of their look.

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