Tips to a Successful Telephone Job Interview

Its common knowledge that job interviews have different phases and telephone interview is just one of such phases. The aim of a telephone interview is to alert an applicant for an invite to a job opening to the employer’s location for a face to face interview.


Most people forget that first impression matters a lot especially when it comes to telephone interviews for a job opening. Your phone, confidence in voice and speech presentation are the only tools you would need if you want to be successful for that job interview over the phone

How to prepare for a Job Interview over the phone

You should always be prepared for whatever kind of call, since you may not be aware of when to expect the telephone interview. It is important that you start early by answering your normal calls with calm and ease.

When you receive a phone call for the Job interview, sell yourself, your skills, your experience, and your strength. You do this with nothing but your mouth and your speech.

Things you can do:

1. Be In A Comfortable Place To Take the call when it comes

It is essential that you be in a quiet place, a place where you are most comfortable without interference or noise to pick the call. Some employers would even allow you schedule the call if they feel that you are busy.

Sometimes, you may not be lucky to schedule the call. If the employer refuses, you should try your best as you might not be getting another opportunity as such.

2.  Have all studied documentation ready

You should have studied about the company and job information that you want to apply for before the phone or face to face job interview. Having such information at your finger tips will allow you to confidently respond to questions with confidence and without stuttering.

Also have a copy of the job description, your resume and application letter you submitted to the company to make reference just in case.

3. Avoid being direct with your answers

Too many “yes” and “no” response to questions asked in a Job Interview or phone interview will end such phone interviews quickly. So, to be on a safe side, start by practicing your answers to the common interview questions before such phone interviews come your way.

As said earlier, preparation is the key. Give answers that expresses the who, the what, where, when, why, and how. Answering such this way, will make you stand out.

4.While on the phone, relax

A trick you can use here is placing a mirror in front of you while such phone interviews is going on. Relax your mind, smile as you speak. Practice before hand and when the time comes, you wont be caught off guard.

5. Train your voice and speech

Since most phone interviews are conducted in English, you should learn your grammar in English to avoid error in speech. Your tenses, word arrangement etc are what counts in a phone interview.

Your voice should be clear and audible. Avoid ambiguous words. Use positive sentences. Relax and be calm while speaking to avoid stuttering. You never know, you might win the employer over with such composure.

6. Avoid these selfish questions

Questions like- how much will i earn? Is there any benefit on these or that should be avoided. Now is not the right time to ask such selfish questions about benefits or salary.

This question should be asked when you have been selected as a full employee and have fulfilled the company requirements. Asking such questions will show the employer that you do not have passion for the job but for the salary.

7. Show appreciation by sending a thank you message

Many people don’t know that showing gratitude can go a great deal in creating a good relationship between you and the employee. Sending a thank you message via mail or text shows maturity and professionalism.

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