Latest Prices of Small Generators in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Generators has certainly become an alternative to Nigeria’s terrible supply of electricity to its citizens. Individuals purchase small generators that can be used either at home or at the office. Although, the various brands of generator sets are varying in prices, capacity and size, they still serve the same purpose which is power generation.

small generator prices in Nigeria

In the market, it is usually the small size products that has the lower price. This is always an option for low income earners who may not be able to go for the elevated pricey generators. In this write-up, we will look at the small generators which is often referred to as ‘I pass my neighbor’. We will as well highlight the current prices of this kind of generator set in Nigeria.

Over the years, generators have become increasingly popular in the country. The excessive patronage of people to these products has made it an alternative to the erratic power supply here. The presence of the worsening electricity situation in Nigeria has made people have no option than to look for a means of power supply that suits them. Off course, the easiest way to avoid darkness is by buying a generator. These generators are available in moderate and small sizes which they are a function of their prices.

While it would be expensive to get big generators at a high cost, some people have rather opted for a more economical, convenient and affordable option in small generators. These portable generators are also power suppliers, but they may in some ways differ from the top ones. Although they may not be as strong and do not have as much power capacity as bigger ones, but they can be extremely reliable to solve your power needs. One of the advantage of these generators is that they are fuel efficient and they come in a low cost.

What’s Small Generators?

This is a kind of generator that is popularly referred to as ‘I pass my neighbor’. Right from when these machines known as generators were introduced into the Nigerian market, there were some brand of small generators at that early stage. Due to how these generators are affordable, they have bloomed amazingly, and stand among the most sought after generators in the country.

Inasmuch as they are not that expensive, they may not be the most powerful and efficient when compared to other generators. Aside from that, they act as a perfect backup electricity when needed. Even till date, portable generators, remain the most popular of generators in the country. This as we said earlier is as a result of the high demand of small generators in the country’s market.

In a bid to meet the people’s power supply need and also to attract them, a lot of different manufacturers had to up with different creative designs of small generators. A success was recorded for most of them and they has been making the industry now.

However, the place for small generators still remain undoubtedly solid despite “medium-sized” generators gradually taking over the market. These days there  are are not only one type of “I beta pass my neighbor”. Nowadays, you can be sure to see different types and brands of small generators in the market today. These generators usually vary in style, features, colors, design and brand, and some of them comes with new features like low noise level.

Current Prices of Small Generators in Nigeria (2024)

Obviously, this country has one of the largest markets for small generators in the world. The large population and the epileptic power condition in the country has contributed to this fact. With the demand for small generators still rising by the day, a lot of people have been looking on to know how much these products cost. That’s our aim in this article as we will take a look at the prices of common brands of small generators available in the Nigerian market today.

Below is the rundown of top brand of small generators in the Nigerian market & their recent prices.

Tiger 0.7KvA TG1200 Manual Gasoline Generator

The Tiger generator is undisputedly the most used and common small generator in Nigeria. The popularity of the brand came from how it originate the “I better pass my neighbor” nickname. This generator is often regarded as one of the most durable and fuel efficient generators that has been serving small power needs.

The cost of Tiger manual gasoline generator can go for a price between ₦75,000 – ₦80,000 in the current market. Nonetheless, the new design features introduced into the new brand of this generator is a fuel gauge to enable you monitor the fuel usage.

Firman 0.9kva Spg1200 (Manual) Generator

Though the preceding brand is more popular than this Firman generator, but this one has an advantage on the power output. This product is another well-known small generator that has been making for power supply in the country.

The price of firman 0.9kva spg1200 (manual) Generator goes between ₦40,000 – ₦55,000.

Elepaq 1.3 – 1.8Kva Generator

Another brand on the list is the Elepaq generator. This generator set comes in various power capacities and its one of the new generation small generators. These generators are fuel efficient and they save a lot of running cost. They are also easy to start and convenient to use. The cost of Elepaq small generator is between ₦60,000 – ₦70,000, and the price depends on the power capacity of the individual product.

That’s the price list of notable brands of small senerators in Nigeria. That will give you the knowledge of the cost of these machines, but it will also be better to note some things that determines these prices. It should be noted that the variation in the prices of generators listed above is largely due to some variables like the currency exchange rate, custom charges and the place where you did the purchase.


Considerations Before Buying Small Generators in Nigeria

There are some essential variables you ought to take into consideration before settling down for a small generator in the country. They include:

  • Fuel Mileage: Truth be told, the fact that small generators save fuel is is one of the fundamental reasons individuals pick this kind of generator. With various kinds and brands of little generators now accessible on the market, small generators presently have differing fuel limit and economy.
  • Power Output: As the name goes, ‘small’, when looking at power output it would be best to look at a more elevated product. Before you get a small generator, it is consistently important to consider what you need the generator for and whether the little generator will meet your power needs.
  • Brand: Nowadays, some brands have come up a notoriety of unwavering quality and trustworthiness while some others are yet to be demonstrated. In spite of the fact that it isn’t awful to go for brands that are not very known, it is consistently more secure to stay with notable brands that are trusted. A few brands also offer warrantee and some things like availability of spare parts.
  • Convenience: Some brands of small generators are not easy to operate, hence giving you some time. Albeit most small generators work with the starter rope plan, some require more power to pull than others. Pick one that easily get ignited. Also, consider small generators that are mobile, though they may be more costly.


That’s the size of this write-up. We have give much details about small generators, their specifications and their intriguing features. We majorly emphasized on the price of these generators brand in Nigeria. This will give you the knowledge of how much these machines goes for in the country’s market.

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