Things To Know Before Going To Canada

Are you going to Canada? Do you want to travel and work in Canada? This is what you need to know before you make your immigration to Canada possible.

Canada in recent years have become the destination of choice for Nigerians be it for schooling purposes, for work purposes or for holidaying.


The too much restrictions on immigrants into the United States and United Kingdom has made Canada open her doors to several individuals planning to travel abroad.

Even if Canada has some restrictions of their own, it is not as stern as that of the United States and the United Kingdom.

The information below is a guide on what you need to do to visit Canada:

1. Be mindful of how you fill up your application so that every single important detail of information about you is given.

2. Do not make changes to your submitted information without prior knowledge of the visa office and this must as a matter of fact be done in time. Phone numbers and permanent home address are subject to change so it is necessary that you contact the visa office to implement these changes.

3. You should understand that every document, original and photocopy you present must be clear.

4. If you are presenting documents in other languages, please make the English version available.

5. It is in your best interest to provide true information about you and not lie about anything.

You should note that delays in processing visas are bound to happen once in a while, the same can happen to any individual and slow down the processing of their Canada visa. Some reasons for the delay might be:

1. If you have criminal or security issues relating to your immigration application.

2. If you have family issues like divorce, unresolved child issues or incomplete adoption.

3. If the visa office has any reason to communicate with the citizenship and immigration offices in Canada.

Be informed that before starting your application for immigration to Canada, you should already have your international passport ready and that even if you already have a passport, it has not expired.

You will also be required to write a citizenship test to know how much of Canada you understand.


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