Top Richest Youtubers in Nigeria (2024)

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YouTube is regarded as one of the most popular platforms for watching videos. It facilitates your interaction with the specific piece of content you desire. YouTube consistently kept up its pace while energizing viewers throughout the globe, keeping you happy in every way. The platform provides an entertainment viewpoint, and a lot of them use this opportunity to display their talent.

Popular Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram

Nigeria is home to a few of the richest YouTubers in the world. These content creators have discovered enormous success by showcasing their originality and abilities to the world, whether it be in comedy, music, gaming, or vlogging. Let’s take a look at the richest YouTubers in the country.


There are many Nigerian YouTubers who are paid, but this list includes some of the top paid YouTubers in the country today.


Mark Angel seems to be the most successful YouTuber in Nigeria. His YouTube channel, Mark Angel Comedy, has an astounding 8.62 million subscribers, making it the most popular in Nigeria. Mark Angel is well known for his YouTube short film series. The family-friendly Mark Angel Comedy routines have received a total of 2.04 billion views in Nigeria. His skits frequently include young comics like Emmanuella and are shot primarily in his working-class neighborhood in Port Harcourt. Emmanuella, his cousin and the star of his show with the most episodes. She has received accolades and enormous fame from both Nigeria and beyond as well as from Youtube. Mark Angel makes thousands of dollars per month through Youtube thanks to his channel’s massive following. Mark Angel will reportedly have an estimated $1.9 million as his net worth this 2024.


Broda Shaggi, also known as Samuel Animashaun Perry, is a well-known YouTuber in Nigeria. He will have the most subscribers on YouTube in 2022 thanks to his social media prowess. His Official Broda Shaggi YouTube channel has 1.62 million subscribers. Hundreds of thousands of people frequently viewed his stuff. The Creative Art graduate has a reputation for acting like a “agbero” who loves to cause problems. The comic routine “Jesu in Mushin” is what gave Broda Shaggi the huge break to become the well-known figure he is today. In addition to the comic sketches, Broda Shaggi is a musician, songwriter, and actor. Every month, Broda Shaggi makes millions of Naira through YouTube. He is among the wealthiest Nigerian YouTubers this year based on his earnings.


Edith Jude is the editor-in-chief of the Editorial Natural Beauty 556 YouTube channel. She specializes in using natural recipes to improve overall health and appearance. She set up this YouTube channel specifically to give information on using all-natural products to make the body more beautiful. Her YouTube channel, Editorial Natural Beauty 556, is well recognized for sharing easy health tips and cures. The 2.91 million members to Editorial Natural Beauty 556 are not surprising. Thanks to YouTube, Edith earns thousands of dollars each month. Every month, she receives tens of thousands of dollars from her YouTube channel. Since starting her channel in 2016, Edith has made hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Sifon Okoi, better known online as Kalistus on the Yawa Skits YouTube channel, is a popular YouTuber in Nigeria. He is deserving of being on this list due to his accomplishments to date. Sifon is one of Nigeria’s early pioneers of comedy channels on YouTube. His comedic performances are well-liked in Nigeria. This enables him to generate thousands of dollars per month via affiliate marketing, private ads, brand promotion, and YouTube commercials. Many people believe his YouTube humor channel to be among the finest with over 40 million views.


This list should definitely include Taaooma because she is one of the best YouTube comedians. Apaokaji Mariam, a Nigerdian, is the owner of the Taaooma Comedy YouTube channel. She started producing content for YouTube on August 20, 2014. The channel has has had 194 000 videos uploaded, 352,000 subscribers, and roughly 26.1 million views.


Sisi is a Nigerian cuisine and recipe youtuber who also occasionally posts about other topics. Her channel is called Sisi YemmieTv. Since March 12th, 2011, she has participated as a YouTube video creator. Sisi Yemmie has uploaded 689 videos overall, has 334,000 subscribers, and has received around 35 million views.


Dimma earns a lot of money among Nigeria’s highest-paid YouTubers. She enjoys wearing cosmetics, is passionate about fashion, and is totally into all things trendy. The 21st of March 2012 saw Dimma Umeh become a YouTube video creator. As of right now, the channel has received 282 videos in total, 352,000 subscribers, and 23.6 million views.


Nigerian multimedia creator Tomi Adenga runs the YouTube channel Tomi Colour Pavilion. She decided to join YouTube content creator on March 14, 2015. Her YouTube channel focuses on weightlessness, DIY, home hacks, natural beauty, and cosmetics and skincare. The channel currently has 683 000 subscribers, 120 million views, and a total of 455 videos uploaded.


Flo Chinyere is one of Nigeria’s highest-paid YouTube stars. She posts recipes for Nigerian food on YouTube. The channel was launched by her on March 3, 2011. As of right now, the channel has received 492 videos in total, 309,000 subscribers, and 42 million views.


Winifred Emmanuel is the owner of the YouTube channel Zeelicious Foods. You can pick up delicious cooking techniques on this channel. The Zeelicious cuisines channel launched on March 23. The channel currently has 187 videos uploaded in total, 247, 000 subscribers, and 13.6 million views.


Samuel is a Nigerian who runs the popular YouTube channel Samspedy. Samuel is one of Nigeria’s best-paid YouTubers. Samspedy releases humorous videos to amuse his viewers. The channel was initiated on March 28, 2012. The channel has 196 videos that have been uploaded in total, 1,530,000 subscribers, and 427,388,816 views as of right now.


Many Nigerian YouTubers have achieved tremendous success on the video-sharing platform. The wealthiest YouTubers in Nigeria at the moment are discussed in this article. You can too join the unending list.

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