Top 10 Richest Men in Oyo State & Net Worth (2024)

Who is the wealthiest person in Oyo State? Find out who is on the list and who is not. Oyo State is blessed with a lot of illustrious sons and daughters from different walks of life. Many Oyo citizens have been successful in building money and humbling themselves in their fields of endeavor and places of employment.

Here is some background information about Oyo State before we discuss the richest men in the state. The state has given birth to many famous and powerful sons and daughters who are making impacts in a variety of industries. That being said, find below the list of the top richest people in Oyo State.


There are many wealthy men and women in the state, making it tough to compile a list of the top richest Oyo men. We took into account their influence, status, and riches, which included properties, enterprises, and cash. Consequently, we were able to compile the list of richest men in the Nigerian state of Oyo that is presented below.


Oluseyi Makinde Abiodun is the current governor of Oyo State. He is reputed to have amassed sufficient riches through his companies before holding public office. A large portion of Makinde’s wealth came from providing engineering services.

He reportedly founded his business empire, Makinde Engineering & Technical Services (METS), at the age of 29. GSM graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Lagos.  Seyi Makinde is a rich business magnate politician and philanthropist. In addition, he is one of Nigeria’s youngest and wealthiest governors, and he is outspoken.


Jonah Otunla is ranked number two on our list of the richest men in Oyo State. He is a respected accountant who is now retired. One of the famous sons of the Oyo State, Jonah Otunla has contributed to Nigeria through his vocation. Before his retirement, he served as the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Accountant General. He has so successfully managed a variety of government accounts. Although during his active days, Jonah Otunla was connected to numerous acts of corruption. That doesn’t change the fact that he is one of Oyo State’s wealthiest men, though.


Here is another wealthy Oyo State native who made his fortune through politics and business. Rasheed Ladoja, like Seyi Makinde, served as the state’s former governor and is involved in a variety of enterprises. This covers industries including manufacturing, shipping, banking, and agriculture, among others. Rasheed Ladoja is a significant individual and a very potent politician in the state aside from that. He is now among the wealthiest men in Oyo State.

Kola Daisi Chief Kola Daisi ranks among the richest billionaires from Oyo State. He changed careers, going from being a doctor to becoming a financial expert, and it was an intriguing transition.

Prior to joining the Nigeria Stock Exchange, Kola worked for First City Monument Bank (FCMB) for a number of years. He made a significant contribution to the growth of the Nigerian stock exchange. Kola is blessed with wealth and now owns one of the best private universities in Nigeria, Kola Daisi University. He is among the wealthiest men in the Oyo state, in fact.


Unexpectedly, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, also known as Alaafin of Oyo, is one of the wealthiest people in Oyo State. He is regarded as one of Nigeria’s most powerful and revered Yoruba rulers. Before being crowned, the monarch worked as a government servant in the 1960s. Long before he retired, he collaborated with a variety of global corporations.


Teslim Folarin is another well-to-do individual in Oyo State who made our list. He is a well-known politician and prince who is descended from an Ibadan royal dynasty. Despite spending the majority of his formative years away from Nigeria, he subsequently came back to enter politics. Teslim Folarin is currently a serving senator from Oyo State in the House of Assembly. He therefore has a lot of wealth and influence, making him one of Oyo State’s richest persons.


The eighth richest person in Oyo State on our list is a woman. According to reports, Monsurat Sunmonu is the richest woman in Oyo State. She attains the rank as a result of her riches, influence, and power. Prior to returning to Nigeria to start her political career, Monsurat resided and worked there. She has held numerous public posts since the start of her career. Before moving to the Senate, where she is presently serving, she was a senator in the house of the Assembly.


Dr. Agunbiade is a successful businessman with a diverse range of economic interests, including real estate, commerce, the infrastructure of the energy industry, shipping, and luxury design. After receiving a dual honors degree in industrial and production engineering from the University of Ibadan, his career as a scholar and engineer got underway right away. He owns and has ownership interests in various energy firms. Additionally, he serves as the executive director of one of the biggest oil service firms in the world as well as the biggest producer of oilfield machinery. Dr. Babajide Agunbiade’s place as a top authority on oil and gas production is assured by his more than 20 years of experience in the field.


Adebayo Shittu is an intelligent lawyer from the Saki region of Oyo State. In Nigeria, he serves as the Minister of Communications. He was a state house of assembly member. He was appointed State Commissioner and Attorney General by Ladoja. He participated in the creation of policy documents that were used as a guide by UPN administrations in several states in southwest Nigeria.


Oyo State has produced highly successful people and personalities. Some of these well-known figures from Oyo State have not only excelled in their various disciplines, but they have also accumulated enormous fortune. The top ten wealthiest residents of Oyo State were the subject of this article in particular. These are the individuals rated as having the highest wealth and net worth.

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