Top 10 Richest Men in Lagos State & Net Worth (2024)

Lagos State is undoubtedly the richest state in Nigeria, boasting as one of the states with the highest internal revenue generated in the country. The richest people in the country reside in this state.

There are 360 multi-millionaires, 6,800 millionaires, and 4 billionaires in Lagos. It’s interesting that the city is listed as the fourth richest in Africa. The entire amount held by the city is one hundred twenty billion dollars.

Lagos is both one of the most populated urban agglomerations and one of the cities with the greatest rate of growth in the entire world. It is a significant financial hub in Africa and home to one of the biggest and busiest seaports there.

Lagos houses the richest business men in the country. The top ten wealthiest men there are included in this article.


Some of the biggest and most well-liked businesses and politicians in Nigeria are among the richest people of Lagos. Most of the highest earners in the state are people into multinational business, with a handful of politically inclined people. Below is a roll call of the richest people in Lagos state.


Aliko Dangote is by far the richest African and the richest black man in the world. According to Forbes magazine, the billionaire is listed as the 100th richest person in the world.

Dangote lives in Lagos and has a significant amount of investments there even though he is not a native of the city. Dangote is married, in contrast to what the general public thinks, and he and his wife reside in Lagos. He currently has 15 children. He has wed and divorced three other ladies in the past.

Dangote has investments both domestically and internationally. The Sugar and Cement markets are dominated by the Dangote Group. In addition, they manufacture soft drinks, brewers, confectioners, and flours. The Group also conducts business in Togo, Ghana, and Benin.


Mike Adenuga is the second richest business man in Nigeria. Interestingly, he is one of the wealthiest people on the African continent as well as the richest person in Lagos.

He is the person in charge of Globacom, the second-largest telecom provider in Nigeria. He is a shareholder in both the oil exploration company Conoil and the Equitorial Trust Bank.

Adenuga was bestowed with honor for the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON) by the government of Nigeria in 2012. He is also known by the Ijebu clan’s traditional title, Otunba Apesin. He has children and a happy marriage.


Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the richest politician in Lagos and in Nigeria. Jagaban as he is popularly called is one of the most notable politicians in Nigeria. Since the restoration of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, he has continued to be quite involved in politics and is even the president.

He is without a doubt one of Lagos’ wealthiest citizens. He owns a prominent television station in Nigeria and is also a media investor.

We could not calculate his net worth because he is yet to declare his assets. Also, the source of his wealth is in the cloud. Nevertheless, he has a lot of influence and is well-liked in Lagos.


Femi is a well-known businessman, philanthropist, and person who enjoys an opulent lifestyle. He served as Forte Oil Plc’s former chairman. The company Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd. Was founded by him. Along with real estate, shipping, finance, and energy, he also engages in business in these fields. The oil magnet is the son of the former Lagos state governor.

One could debate Otedola’s state of origin given that he was born in Ibadan, Oyo state. The Otedolas live in Lagos, nevertheless.

Femi Otedola has been classified among the wealthiest man in Lagos. His net worth is thought to be $1.8 billion. He is indeed the richest man in the state.


Folorunso Alakija, the richest woman in Nigeria, is one of the wealthiest residents in Lagos state. According to estimates, the businesswoman is worth $1 billion.

Alakija is an investor in the oil and gas sector of Nigeria. Her oil company, Famfa Oil, holds a permit to explore the OPL 216 oil well.

Madam Alakija is also into real estate and fashion business. She is the wealthiest woman in Nigeria and Lagos.


Adewale Tinubu, a family member of Bola Tinubu, Lagos state former governor is among the richest men in Lagos state.

He is a businessman and an attorney. The leading and well-known oil business in Nigeria, Oando Plc, has Adewale as its group chief executive. In addition, he helped start the Nigerian oil trading company Ocean & Oil Group.

His profiles make it clear that he belongs on the list of the richest persons in Lagos State.


Segun Agbaje who is brother to Jimi Agbaje, is in the league of richest men from Lagos state.

He serves as managing director of Guaranty Trust Bank, one of Nigeria’s top commercial banks. The well-known banker also serves as PepsiCo’s director.

He also serves on the Middle East and Africa advisory board for Mastercard. He is one of the wealthiest CEOs in Nigeria and a billionaire from Lagos state.


Jimi Agbaje as he is widely recognized is a Lagos state renowned pharmacist and politician.

He is among the wealthiest individuals in Lagos. He serves as the CEO of Nigeria Limited, a JAYKAY chemical and pharmaceutical company. He is a philanthropist known as JK.

He has run twice for governor of Lagos State, in 2015 and 2019, respectively.

He is regarded as one of the wealthiest men in the state of Lagos.


Remi Tinubu is the wife of former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu. She has been a senator representing Lagos State the longest.

Since her election to the Senate, Sen. Remi Tinubu has served as chairperson of some of the largest and most important committees.

She is one of Nigeria’s most prominent female politicians. She is among the wealthiest people in Lagos State, according to us.


Musiliu Obanikoro is a top politician from Lagos state who has served in Nigeria senate. He was formerly the minister of state for defense and the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana.

He is wealthy, and since he is a well-known politician, we can presume that the majority of his fortune came from holding public office. He was accused of corruption during his time serving as defense minister.


Lagos state has produced some of the richest and most successful people in Nigeria.

Unsurprisingly, millionaires from Lagos work in a variety of fields, including politics, business, and the corporate sector.

This article’s main goal is to inspire young people to be dedicated and focused in their numerous job fields. We are confident that one day, you’ll be on this list.

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