Top 10 Richest Men in Kwara State & Net Worth (2024)

Kwara state is a multiethnic state in central Nigeria. The State is wealthy (to a certain extent) and, located in the country’s north central region. The State is home to about 3.1 million people. The Fulani and Yoruba make up the majority of the state. The state possesses a wealth of people and mineral resources and is among the best educated in all of Nigeria. Tantalum, gold, cocoa, and other mineral reserves can be found in Kwara. This article will look at the richest men from Kwara state.


Looking for who are the richest people in Kwara state? Politicians typically rank first on lists of the richest men in Nigerian states. Kwara, however, is an unusual state. The wealthiest individuals in Kwara state are also prominent in a variety of spheres of society, including business, religion, and the corporate world. The richest billionaires in Kwara state are listed below.


Dr Olusola Bukola Saraki is the former Nigeria senate president and governor of Kwara state. He is also considered to be one of Kwara state’s wealthiest residents.

The former doctor turned politician was raised in Kwara state in the illustrious Saraki family. Sen. Saraki is recognized as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest physicians.

He is regarded as an elder statesman in both Nigeria and Kwara state and has been very involved in politics in Nigeria. Saraki enjoys a high level of popularity, respect, and regard both inside and outside the state.

Bukola Saraki is one of Nigeria’s richest politicians. His name is associated with a number of exotic vehicles and pricey residences. His net wealth has been the subject of debate. Bukola Saraki’s net worth, however, is believed to be $250 million based on information from his asset disclosure. This demonstrates that he is among the wealthiest politicians in Nigeria.

Saraki revealed that he has $22 million in his numerous accounts during the controversy surrounding his wealth declaration. On top of that, he claimed to be the owner of landed property worth an estimated N2 billion Naira.


Prince Samuel Adedoyin is a billionaire from Kwara state. He is a well-known businessman with ventures in banking, real estate, agriculture, energy, and hospitality. Samuel is recognized as one of Yorubaland’s wealthiest men.

Samuel Adedoyin is a famous and well celebrated Nigerian billionaire industrialist and philanthropist. He oversees the Doyin Group as its chairman. Adedoyin wasn’t born lucky and he didn’t come from a wealthy family. He had to work hard from the beginning to get wealthy. He started out with little businesses, from which he began importing. He delved into the manufacture of leather goods, including shoes and bags, as well as pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, and agricultural products. He works in the real estate industry as well. The estimated net worth of Prince Samuel Adedoyin is USD 200 million.


Pastor David Oyedepo is the founder and general overseer of the largest Christian denomination in Nigeria. His congregation is the winners chapel, also known as the Living Faith Church Worldwide. The pastor’s wealth makes him the richest pastor in Kwara state. Currently among the wealthiest man in Kwara state, the outspoken pastor also invests in education. His church is one of the biggest Christian denominations in Africa.

Pastor Oyedepo likewise owns one of the best private and most expensive universities in West Africa, Covenant university.  His church, Winners Chapel, has just begun construction on a 100,000-seat church in Nigeria.

The religious leader enjoys great popularity and admiration. He is without a doubt the richest person in Kwara state. He is standing next to private planes.

Oyedepo has a net worth of approximately US$150 million, making him the richest preacher in the world, according to Forbes. He has a well-deserved reputation as Nigeria’s richest and most powerful pastor.


AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq is the governor of Kwara state. The powerful politician is one of Kwara state’s wealthiest people. The politician and businessman at the age of 29, founded NOPA oil Services. Since it was the first to export fuel to the US, the company was eventually renamed to First Fuels.

Other industries that AbdulRasaq is involved in include real estate, agriculture, construction, shipping, and information technology. Top oil companies in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire hired him as a top consultant as well. He is also a generous giver.


Gbemisola Saraki is the most wealthy woman in Kwara state in addition to being one of the richest people in the state. She is related to Dr. Bukola Saraki, a former senate president. Gbemisola obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics while studying at the University of Sussex in the UK. She had her mandatory national service at the Nigeria Bank for Commerce and Industry, Lagos.

Gbemisola is a well-known politician and former banker. She served in the Senate and House of Representatives of Nigeria before becoming the state minister for transportation.


Abdulfatah Ahmed, the former governor of Kwara state, is also included on the list of the wealthiest men in the state. He was a banker before transitioning into politics.

Abdulfatah Ahmed has been implicated in numerous multibillion dollar cases of corruption. We think that serving the public made up the majority of his wealth.

He is among the wealthiest individuals in Kwara state.


Kwara State has produced and continued to produce highly successful people. The lengthy list includes notable figures from a variety of industries, including politics, business, education, and religion.

Some of the most well-known individuals from Kwara state have become among the wealthiest persons in the State in addition to being successful in their various industries.

The most privileged citizens of Kwara State are specifically emphasized in this article. These are the individuals rated as having the highest wealth and net worth.

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