Top 10 Richest Men in Benue State & Net Worth (2024)

Benue is a middle-belt state in Nigeria known for farming and different agricultural activities. The narrative of Benue is incomplete without mentioning the wealthiest business men in the state.

So, it is essential to understand people in charge of wealth and money when writing about Benue as a state. The top ten wealthiest Benue State residents are highlighted in this article.


Here are the top 10 richest people in Benue state and their financial worth.


Terry Waya is a Nigerian business mogul with a recent surge in popularity in London. His son (Kiddwaya) joined the well-known Big Brother Naija Show 2020 Edition, which is how he actually rose to national fame. This greatly increased his notoriety throughout the nation.

These days, a huge number of people look for this wealthy businessman online in an effort to learn more about him. Sadly, not much information on this Nigerian billionaire can be found online. Even though we don’t know a lot about Terry Waya’s personal life, we do know a few facts about him. Currently, Terry is married to Eno Udoh.

So how much money is Terry Waya actually worth? We all understand that Terry Waya is currently a prosperous businessman and socialite. Terry Waya’s estimated net worth is a staggering $300 million. He now ranks among the wealthiest business people and investors from Nigeria in Benue state. This sum is merely an estimate.


Senator David Mark is a former senior military officer who eventually joined politics. He has served in Nigeria’s national parliament for five terms and as its president for two times.

With the roles he held over his 20 years in the national assembly, David Mark is considered to be among Nigeria’s richest senators. He is without a doubt one of the wealthiest residents of Benue State.

Senator David Mark has had a long and illustrious political career. David Mark is certainly not doing badly for himself, despite the fact that he has since left politics. He is currently living his best life with a net worth estimated around $200 million. Despite this, he has avoided attention ever since he left politics.


Innocent Ujah Idibia, commonly referred to as 2face or 2Baba, is a musician, record producer, and businessman from Nigeria. The iconic musician is one of the most successful musicians in Nigeria.

2face’s music career truly took off after he moved to Lagos State and started touring with Blackface. He has numerous rich endorsement deals from important nations due to his fame as a musician.

2face is the owner of a few lavish homes in Nigeria’s largest cities. 2Face’s current estimated net worth is a staggering $19.5 million dollars. He is among the wealthiest musicians in Africa thanks to his enormous net worth.


Dr Paul Eneche is the general overseer of a Christian denomination, Dunamis international church. Dr. Paul is wed to Mrs. Becky Eneche, a fellow doctor and preacher.

Dr. Paul is the sole proprietor of some of the biggest schools and hospitals across Nigeria. The largest church auditorium in Nigeria is at his Dome of Glory church in Abuja. More than 100,000 people can sit in the spacious worship facility.

Paul Eneche is considered to be one of the richest men from Benue state. The medical doctor who became a preacher is thought to be worth a whopping $12 million.


Athanasius Atser Kyausu is the CEO of Kyabiz group. Kyabiz is a conglomerate with interests in oil and gas, hospitality and contracts. As a result, many people in Benue State consider him to be one of the richest men.

The estimated value of Kyabiz’s wealth is $5 million. He is one of the wealthiest businessmen from Benue state and has significant investments there.


Ogenyi Onazi plays for Al-Adalah FC in faraway Saudi Arabia. The gifted player is one of the richest people in the state of Benue. The Nigerian midfielder has enjoyed a successful career that has allowed him to play for some of the finest European football clubs.

He is among the richest people in Benue state with an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Sen. George Akume has served as both a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the governor of Benue State for two terms.

Senator George Akume who has been in government service since the eighties was a former permanent secretary in Benue state civil service. He has spent the majority of his career in politics and is estimated to be worth $3 million in total, including cash and properties.

He is one of the highest earners in the state of Benue.


Gabriel Suswam though is a lawyer but made the majority of his wealth as a politician. He served as governor of Benue State for two terms, from 2007 to 2015. He serves in the 9th National Assembly as a senator.

The estimated net worth of Gabriel Suswam is $3 million. He now ranks among the richest men in Benue state.


Samuel Ortom was the former governor of Benue state. He is one of the state ‘s foremost and most well-known politicians. He clearly tops our ranking of the wealthiest men in the state of Benue.

Samuel Ortom is also in the list of richest men in Benue state. According to a number of web estimates, Samuel Ortom’s net worth is pegged at $2.5 million.


Michael Ornguga Mku is a political veteran from the state of Benue and a business mogul. He is quite powerful and has upscale properties inside and outside of Benue.

Michael Mku with an estimate net worth of about $2 million is ranked as one of the Benue state’s richest men.


Benue state is popularly referred to the “food Basket of the nation” because of its rich in agriculture. The state also has abundant human resources in a variety of fields in addition to its booming agricultural output.

Numerous residents of the state of Benue have made a name for themselves at the top levels of various industries. The wealthiest men in Benue state were profiled in this article. These are persons who are thought to be the richest in or from Benue State.

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