Current Prices of Water Closet (WC) Seats in Nigeria (2024)

Toilet seats are important in any type of building or establishment. Although, water closet are delicate to carry, installing one in an office setting, bathroom or any building project is fundamental for people to ease themselves privately.

We often advise people to buy original toilet seats that is durable and would last long compared to the more cheaper WC’s that can be risky to those seating on it, due to its fragility and build quality. While there are various designs, types, colours and even sizes of toilets, interested buyers or office owners with a standard bathroom would want a water closet that flushes properly without the need of manually filling a bucket to flush.


Before we delve in the water closet (WC) price list, lets look at what to consider before purchasing any brand in the market.

Note The Following Before Buying a Toilet Seat  

There are some important things to note before buying a good toilet seat. These factors would help you differentiate the original from the fake, so as to select the best WC seat for you.

It is important to select original WC seats that is easy, healthy and safe to use. At the building material market where various brands of toilet types are sold, you have to be smart before you are giving a fake option. The ever growing demand, coupled with the increase in the dollar price has made choosing a WC seat very difficult and imitation increase.

  • Know your budget: It is essential that know the current price of toilet seats type before you buy any brand. There are grades and sizes and so buy the one within your pocket range.
  • The Water Closet seat height: You need to take into cognizance the height of the toilet in relation to those using it. Toilet seats might vary in heights and prices. For example, if you have children, you would have to go for smaller WC seats.
  • Check flush options: Its best to consider dual flush options especially for offices where there are a lot of users. If its for home use, then single flush option toilet seat would be preferable.

When we visited the popular building material market at Odun-Ade in Lagos, we saw different types, brands, class and sizes of WC seats in the market and priced these toilet seats and these prices below are what we found out.

Latest Price List of WC Seats in Nigeria 2024

With the dollar rate to the naira increasing, WC seats prices are also on the rise due to its demand as building structures are constantly built in Nigeria. With the many options manufactured by various brands, these WC seat can be purchased directly from manufacturers or even local distributors.

They can also be ordered from trusted online stores or bought directly from building material markets across the country. Just be aware that WC seats vary in prices depending on quality and brand.

See the prices of various brands of toilet seats in Nigeria today:

  • A & S WC Seats price = ₦50, 000 – ₦60, 000
  • Sweethome WC Seats price = ₦50, 000 – ₦75, 000
  • Nismad WC Seats price = ₦50, 000 – ₦75, 000
  • Virony WC Seats price= ₦65, 000 – ₦85, 000
  • Twyford WC Seats price = ₦45, 000 – ₦80, 000

Of all these brands, we would recommend Twyford WC seats as from our evaluation, it remain the best brand in the market. Also note that there are some toilet seats with hand basin which might cost you more.

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