Current Window Blind Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Aside curtain designs, painting and wallpapers, window blinds also add to the beauty of the interior aspects of any house. In fact, it is these blinds that most people look at when they step into your home/apartment. Even if you opt for an ordinary window with no blinds, you can’t deny that window blind has a way of catching people’s attention because of its beautiful colour, design, modern feel and lively nature.

Even if people often use window blind as shade windows. Some types of window blinds are installed to reduce noise from outside. An advantage of high class window blinds over curtains is that it can be used anywhere and its easy customization with variety of colourful designs for the user to choose from. You must have seen how installing window blinds in offices adds style with mature elegance to such offices. That’s why its advisable to install them in your living rooms, sitting rooms and even bathrooms rather than using curtains.


There are various types of window blinds, with different styles, designs and material quality which are used in manufacturing them. This is why the prices of window blinds differ based on the quality and type you want to purchase. There are also fake window blinds made from low quality materials. These ones aren’t durable and are usually the cheap options available in the market.

Some of the window blind types available in the Nigerian market are:

  • Wood Window Blinds
  • Aluminum Window Blinds
  • Fabric Window Blinds
  • Zebra Window Blinds
  • Drapes
  • Valances
  • Day and Night Window Blinds, etc.

The demand for window blinds is on the high in Nigeria today, since its among the most popularly used products for designing the interior part of a home or office in the country. Window blinds have chords which are easily operated on default by hands by either dragging them down or up. The most expensive ones are operated with remote controls which is easier if you want an automated way of controlling the window blind movement.

This post enumerates the types and prices of window blinds available in the Nigerian market today.

Current Prices of Window Blinds in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Since window blinds sizes and types differs, so is their prices. Normally, the prices is determined by the type, design, size and quality of blind you want to buy. For example, the cost of wooden window blinds in Nigeria is more expensive than other blinds manufactured from different materials due to quality.

Whatever the type of window blind you want to buy, its better you are aware of the price range to avoid being cheated by dealers and sellers of such products. See below for latest prices of these blind types in the market today.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Price

Aluminium venetian blinds or mini blinds are one of the cheapest kinds of window blinds you can find in the market today. Known for its durability and easy maintenance, they are used mostly in rooms, bathrooms kitchens and also in offices.

Aside their various designs and colours, you can either purchase the popular 25mm or 50mm slats from trusted distributors around or even order it online.

Below are the prices of aluminium window blinds in Nigeria:

  • Aluminium Window Blind 25mm slat price per square meter === N4, 500 to N6, 000
  • Aluminium Window Blind 50mm slat price per square meter === N6, 000 to N7, 500

Wooden Venetian Blinds Price

Wooden Venetian Blinds are used mostly in living rooms or high profile offices. Due to its wooden stylish design, it has this mature look and elegance it adds to the aesthetics in the area it is installed.

Avoid using this type of window blind in places like kitchens or the bathroom as moisture is a factor that damages this blind. Be it the 25mm or 50mm slat, wooden venetian blinds are very expensive and can be afforded by those who want a stylish window feel.

Below are the price range of wooden window blinds in Nigeria:

  • Wooden Venetian Blinds 25mm slat price per square meter === N10, 000 to N12, 000
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds 50mm slat price per square meter === N11, 000 to N13, 000

Day and Night Blind Price in Nigeria

These blinds are ideal for all seasons and are unique because it is made from two layers of fabric which allows for easy day and night use. One layer which is transparent is referred to as the ‘day blind’ while the other layer which is black in colour is referred to as the ‘night blind’.

With day and night blinds, you can shift the blinds for none, complete or partial transparency to find the right level of privacy and light that suits you due to its transparent and opaque horizontal panels.

  • The price of day and night blinds is N11,500 – N15,000 depending on the distributor or area you are purchasing it in Nigeria.

Zebra Window Blind Prices in Nigeria

Zebra blinds are best in terms of light filtering window treatments. Mostly used in office, living and bedrooms, its modern look radiates a stylish effect to the interior of the area where it is installed.

Zebra blinds uses twin cell material technology to deliver excellent insulation that keeps your room cool and dry. It can be used in various weather conditions since its made from high quality polyester fabric that can resist stains and dust build-up.

  • The cost of Zebra window blind in Nigeria minus installation charge ranges from N15,000 to N20,000.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Window Blinds

Due to the high demand for window blinds in Nigeria, it is expected that fake window blinds will also be available in the market in much quantity. The different options available in the country has even made selection of this product a headache for buyers, no wonder they just go for stylish curtain designs.

Before you consider buying a window blind in the market, try and determine what type would fit your budget and taste. Also consider the following factors before making a choice of window blinds to buy.

  • Quality of Materials Used

The quality of material used in building the window blind is very important if you must buy an original window blind. Also, there are some blinds like the wooden venetian blind which are suitable for the day and can absorb heat when windows are exposed to sunlight. You might want to use aluminium venetian blinds for your bathrooms and kitchens which can resist wet conditions.

  • Light & Dark Control

Light and dark controls are another essential factor to note when selecting a blind to purchase. For those who want to block out light for privacy reasons during the day, so as to make the environment cool and comfortable to rest should go for either day and night blinds or wooden venetian window blinds.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Installation of these blinds are easy but would require expertise. You can find online tutorials on YouTube or even on other websites that teaches you how to install them your self. Also go for materials that are easy to clean and maintain so as to avoid stress in the future.

Where To Buy Original Window Blinds in Nigeria

You can find trusted dealers or sellers online on Konga, Jumia or Jiji. Window blinds can also be bought directly from the manufacturers or retail distributors across the country.

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