Current Prices of Butterfly Sewing Machines in Nigeria (June, 2024)

There are a myriad of sewing machines out there in the market. With their vast number, settling for the better option may be far from your chose. One of these sewing machine brands, Butterfly is a popular name in the Nigerian fashion designing industry. Their long years of existence and delivering of durable sewing machines have made a lot of people opt for their products. Nevertheless, to give you the idea, product specification and costs, we’ll highlight here the current prices of butterfly sewing machines in Nigeria.

Butterfly sewing machines prices in Nigeria

Butterfly sewing machines is not just a rockie in the production of sewing machines business. They have been in a long time now and is considered a household name in the country’s fashion designing industry. The durability of their sewing machines have made them stay this long because of unnumbered patronage in the country. Butterfly sewing machines don’t just come in one type and brand. There are lots of their sewing machines which are available in different classification. From the manual and mechanically driven machines down to the electronic and automated sewing machines, there are lots of products to buy.

In this write-up, our aim is to give you the current prices of this brand of sewing machines, but before that, won’t you mind  knowing the various types of butterfly sewing machines? This will guide you in making a decision after knowing what incorporates their sewing machines.

Types of Butterfly Sewing Machines

Sewing machines has a lot of classification and type which are very distinct. While some may be mechanically operated by the user manually, there are others that works without the person’s efforts but rather how or her directive in sewing. Electronic and power driven machines are also in butterfly sewing machines catalog. These machines ditches the use of physical efforts and employ fast sewing into the line. In this era of technological advancement, a lot of people are clueing in to these electronic machines. However, electronic sewing machines are good, but the limitation is on price and maintenance.

Now let’s look at the types of butterfly sewing machines that are available in the Nigerian market;

Electronic Sewing Machines

These are the electric driven machines that reduces human efforts in getting the work done. The working principle of this type of machines is that it uses a single motor which sends an electrical impulse to move the needle. It also employ the feet to operate the machine, thereby allowing the hands to be free to move the fabric or clothing. There are a lot in electronic sewing machines in which few of these features is that it allows multi-function zigzag embroidery, and they come with a built in LED pilot lamp and quick winding bobbins to aid rapid sewing.

However, this type of electronic sewing machines is preferred for home sewers and the collosal type is ideal for industrial use.

Mechanical and Manual Sewing Machines

As the name implies, this type of machines are non-electric and uses mechanical technology to do the work of sewing. However, some don’t come without the invent of light. A good number of manual sewing machines can be also be used electrically by attaching a separate electrical device to the side of the wheel. This will be an electric motor which will lessen the work.

Manual sewing machines have the capacity to sew on all types of fabric regardless of the texture of the clothes. The reason for it wide specification is that it uses between sizes 14, 16, 18 and 22 which are first determined by the texture of the fabric before knowing the size of needle that will enter the machine.

Manual sewing machines are basic machines which are often used by amateur and professional tailors. The reason for their choose is because of the durability and lower cost they are. Also, a good number of Butterfly sewing machines comes in this type.

Butterfly Overlockers Machines

There’s yet another type of Butterfly sewing machines which is the Overlockers. These are high-end finishing machines which are mainly functional for working hems and seams. Another advantage of it is that they also have decorative stitching options which abdicate the presence of a separate stitching machine. Additionally, Overlockers sewing machines can sew a seam, finish the edge and cut off excess fabric. These wide specification of the sewing machine have made a lot of fashion designers see off the exorbitant price to buy a high-end sewing machine.

That’s it on the types of butterfly sewing machines that are in the country’s market. Let’s take a gander at the different prices of sewing machines in these category.

Current Butterfly Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria Today (2024)

Just as any other product in the market, Butterfly sewing machines come in varying specification and prices. They are available in different forms, and it all depends on your choice to make the buy. Butterfly sewing machines all have different amounts, they come in different sizes, and offer a distinct variety of different types of stitches. This is well said that these machines have different features and the buyers must not be oblivious of them in making a buy.  There are household and commercial or industrial sewing machines. The different types of Butterfly sewing machines are in various brands and they all vary in prices as well as in quality and what they are capable of.

To give you a guide on this, below is the price list of different types of butterfly sewing machines that are in the Nigerian market today:

  • Sewing Machines Embroidery Foot For Butterfly Brother Singer Janome Juki costs ₦5,500 to ₦9,000
  • Multifunctional Sewing Machine Bobbin Vintage Butterfly costs ₦600 to ₦1,300
  • Size 14# HAX1 Domestic Sewing Machine Needle For Brother Butterfly Flying Man Singer  costs  ₦1,200 to ₦1,700
  • Butterfly Sewing Machine (Automatic & Manual) costs ₦36,000 to ₦45,800
  • Butterfly Overlock Sewing Machine-GN1113D price is from ₦27,000 to ₦30,000
  • Electronic Sewing Machine price is ₦55,000
  • Butterfly Long Table Folding Sewing Machine Manual & Automatic cost ranges from ₦40,000 to ₦48,500
  • Butterfly Zig Zag & Striaght Sewing Machine JH8190S ranges from ₦41,000
  • Butterfly Electric Sewing Machine prices is ₦40,000
  • Butterfly Sewing Machine Head Only cost from ₦22,000 to ₦23,500
  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine costs from ₦34,000 to ₦40,000
  • Butterfly Short Table Sewing Machine price is ₦37,000
  • Butterfly Sewing Machine Plus An Electric Motor costs from ₦44,000 to ₦39,500
  • Butterfly Zig Zag Sewing Machine JH8190 price ranges from  ₦42,000 to ₦55,000

There are various sorts of manual sewing machines, and before picking any of them, there are a few interesting things to take of note.

What to Consider Before Buying a Butterfly Sewing Machine

These are generally what to look for when buying any sewing machine. Before even making the buy, these are the intricate things to consider:


This is the first and determining thing to have in mind, because you can’t just buy without the funds. This extensively involve knowing the type of machines that meets your budget. Being the leadoff, it is a main consideration to consider before purchasing a butterfly sewing machine. There are a scope of choices of sewing machines that can fill a similar need you may require, at a similar cost. To give you a guide on your choice, we’ve highlighted the current prices of different sewing machines.

Features of the Machines

A good number of manual sewing machines accompany some amazing features which allure buyers to the product. So before even making up, you should be aware of the features and the machine which suits your need.

  • Threading limit/Stitch Options: It is significant to know the threading limit and stitch options of the sewing before anything other than what you intended.
  • The sewing machine must not be selective of the fabrics. But rather, it should have the option to work various patterns on these fabrics.
  • Also, the machine you intend to buy must  not be difficult to keep up and do the maintenance, but rather it should be simple to convey.


Depending on the seller or dealer, the prices of butterfly sewing machines listed above may vary. We subsequently outlined the types of these sewing machines and the accompanying classification. We hope you now have a clue on which one to settle for as a tailor.

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