Pig Farming Business In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start (2024)

Guide on How To Start Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

Pig farming is the act of breeding and raising pigs for commercial and domestic purposes. It is part of animal husbandry and it is known also known as piggery.

To many, pigs are not to be seen around probably because of their religious belief and some, due to the dirty nature of the animal which in part is a reflection of the owners of the pigs around. This however does not mean pig farming business is not profitable.

pig farm

In fact, for those that consume pork, they know how expensive it is compared to it beef counterpart. You wouldn’t understand what I am saying until you go to the market and ask for the price of a matured pig.

Try it out, go to the market and ask for the price of a pig. From the price you would here, you would know that the hated animal is a money spinner.

If you don’t have any personal religious hatred for this animal, you can try starting a pig farm in Nigeria. don’t worry about the dirty pigs you see around.

They are a reflection of their owners (sorry… I mean their owners careless about their health and looks). Follow the steps below to start a pig farm in Nigeria.

Draw up Pig Farming Business Plan

This plan will serve as a guide to help you know how to run your pig farm. It outlines the logistics and cost invoved in starting this venture. We often advise that if you can’t write a business plan, you find an expert who can do it for you.

Site Selection

It is not advisable to start rearing pigs in residential areas. People around will hate the pigs and that hate could be transferred to you. The stench coming from a pig farm is a no… no… for humans.

So, look for a large land in a non-residential area and buy. Doing so will give your pigs enough space to live within your land without them constituting nuisance to others. Make sure the area is accessible.

Build Pig Pens And Purchase Piglets

Pig pens are shelters that protect pigs from harsh weather conditions. It among others, easy the control of temperature to control spread of disease and avoid fight among your animals.

Aside the pen, you also need to construct a pool for them as pigs’ love playing with water.

After the construction, the next step is buying the piglets. There are different breeds of pig you can choose from. Consult the service of a specialist in the field and choose a bread. After that, consult a veterinary doctor and buy healthy piglets.

Farm Management

After getting the building ready and purchasing the piglets, the next step is managing of the farm. It is most like that you wouldn’t be there for pigs and as such, you need to employ the service of someone or people to help manage the farm depending on the size of the farm.

They should be experienced on the task or get them trained. Speaking on the feeding pigs, it is one of the most important step and that determine how healthy they would be. You must feed them right with vitamins, rich suppliments and heavy protein meals.

There is also a need for constant water supply as pig drink water a lot and you need to carter for that. You need to clean the pens regularly to them healthy and avoid the spread of disease.


Generally, piggery is a low-cost management type of farming and the animals grow fast and are prolific. This means if you do it the way you should, the pig business is highly lucrative.

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