Latest Panasonic TV Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

With good 4K image quality, Panasonic has done a nice job by capitalizing on its strengths to create beautiful picture quality that beats of its competition. This is just one of the many quality features to expect from Panasonic TV’s, as there are many others.  With these kind of features making up Panasonic TV,  you can see why the brand is one of the best on the market and in the industry. We will take a peek at these television and highlight these their intriguing features. Also, we will specifically give the rundown of the prices of these Panasonic TVs in Nigeria.

panasonic tv prices in nigeria

About Panasonic TVs

Panasonic is generally viewed as one of the best brands with regards to electronic appliances and gadgets. The company has products which ranges from the air conditioners which they have a name, down to other home appliances like refrigerators, cooking equipment, and televisions. Even with their long existence in these industries, they are still exceptionally appraised in the electronic business, particularly their TVs. Also, the manner by which they have kept up the production of value products till date is what surprises the world the most about the brand. With regards to unwavering image quality, durability, productivity and generally speaking usefulness, it is very hard to look past Panasonic TVs.

On the off chance that you are a an admirer of the modern improvement of TVs in the country, at that point you will like Panasonic TVs. The brand had and still have on the improvement of TVs in the country. The TV brand was among the primary TV brands to set their stamp in the gadgets market in Nigeria and have from that point forward kept up the production of top notch TVs, by introducing new products to the market.

Looking at the specifications of Panasonic TVs, they are available in varied sizes and shift in screen display designs. You can get these TV sets as little as 22 and 24 inches and as extensive as 78 and 98 inches. The excellence of this brand is that paying little heed to the size, every one of their TVs keep up magnificent image quality and sound output. Additionally, Panasonic TVs comes with extra features that will make you simply stay glued to the brand once more after first purchase.

Moreso, there are classification of Panasonic TVs, just the same as other TV brands. These gadgets come in different sizes and with distinctive features. They have an assortment of TV sets available and with different display screen types. They LED TVs are the most mainstream and generally searched after products. The LED TVs convey incredibly wonderful picture quality.  Likewise, their Smart and OLED TVs convey amazingly genuine viewing experience like you presumably have never observed. With Panasonic TVs, television programs, live streaming, good imaging, football matches and music recordings just gets more fascinating and enjoyable.

Though Panasonic TVs may not have ruled the Nigerian TV market, yet they have during their stay,  created tremendous trust and dependence of TV viewers from all over the country. There are much more to say about Panasonic TVs as we will likewise consider why this brand is exceptionally appraised and viewed as outstanding in the industry.

Another things to know about Panasonic TVs is that their items are as yet at a bargain on a world scene and are progressively returning to the peek of the industry. They as of late dispatched some OLED TVs which, for the present, remains their best innovative TV till date. In terms of the availability of these television set, they are available in different sizes and plans. The company likewise fabricate TVs of various screen display systems which incorporate LED, LCD and the most recent OLED. You can hope to get the best out of any Panasonic TV by going for your best type.

Current Prices of Panasonic LED TV’s in Nigeria (2024)

Here in this post, we will investigate the costs of different brands of Panasonic TVs in the country’s market today.

The following are the current prices of Panasonic LED TVs that are available in Nigeria:

  • Panasonic 24 inches LED TV: ₦38, 000 – ₦45, 000
  • Panasonic 32 inches LED TV: ₦57, 000 – ₦75, 000
  • Panasonic 40 inches LED TV: ₦110, 000 – ₦150, 000
  • Panasonic 43 inches full HD LED TV: ₦130, 000 – ₦180, 000
  • Panasonic 49 inches LED TV: ₦155, 000 – ₦200, 000
  • Panasonic 49 inches Smart Full HD IPS LED TV: ₦300, 000 – ₦380, 000

That’s a picture of how much Panasonic TVs cost in the country. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the prices recorded above are estimates gotten from different electronic stores and online stores. This implies that there may be some slight variation of the costs of a these TVs. This is due to some certain variables which influences these prices: it includes location and time of purchase, currency exchange rate and some other related factors. Also, the costs are controlled by the sizes of the TVs. The type of display screen additionally decides how costly or modest a TV can be. For example, OLED TVs are commonly more costly than LCDs and LEDs. Likewise, savvy TVs are more costly than ordinary TVs of a similar inch.

On where to get Panasonic TVs, they can be sourced directly from the company or Panasonic agents in the country. For the best deal, they can likewise be purchased from online stores and other electronic stores that are operating in the country.

Things You Will Like About Panasonic TVs

  • Magnificent Sound Quality: Oftentimes, some people do pay less attention to the sound quality of TV set before making the purchase. Sometimes its best to do so due to the aftermath importance. The good news about Panasonic TV is that not normal for some different TVs, Panasonic TV offers the most astonishing sound quality you can get in a TV.
  • Sharp Picture Quality: To add to the decent and stable sound output, you should expect a sharp and good picture quality from Panasonic TVs. The most recent OLED TV they delivered gives you simply all you require in a top class TV.
  • Durability: Panasonic TVs are known to be dependable and lasting for a long run. Getting one of their TV set can give you confidence on using it for an extremely lengthy timespan. Also, Panasonic TVs are simple and easy to keep up.


Certainly, the list of the best TV brands in Nigeria is incomplete with the absence of Panasonic. Despite the fact that they are not the most prominent and best brands in the industry, but they unquestionably remain as one of the most evaluated TV brands in the country. Quality imaging is certain with these TVs, they are up there with the absolute best. We’ve been able to highlight the current price list of Panasonic TVs in the country this 2024.

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