Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers (2024)


The education system in Nigeria is one that has been characterized with daylight corruption and rot especially in Nigerian universities. It is no news that one can get a first class or second class in almost any course without seeing the four walls of a classroom as long as you have the cash at hand to pay for such grades.

Sorting which is an English word that means “to arrange” has a different meaning in the Nigerian educational system. For students in the university, it means to arrange a positive grade in a course with the lecturer through kind and cash that would help sanctify the students results.

Trust me, in most Nigerian tertiary institutions/ universities, you can sort your way out easily as long as you are willing to pay the price. You see, every lecturer has their price so as it is with the courses. But which of these Nigerian universities have the most corrupt lecturers that accept these sorting is what these write-up is all about.


The Nigerian Universities With The Most Corrupt Lecturers

Below are list of top 10 universities in nigeria with the most corrupt lecturers currently

  1. University of Abuja
  2. University of Lagos
  3. University of Calabar
  4. University of Jos
  5. Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  6. University of Port Harcourt
  7. Imo State University
  8. Delta State University
  9. University of Benin
  10. Lagos State University


UNIABUJA ranks as the worst when it comes to Nigerian universities with corrupt lecturers as most lecturers at the University of Abuja are known to collect bribes to award good grades to undeserving students. So far the student can pay the required sum, its easy to miss lectures, pass exams, and graduate with a good degree.


UNILAG is another corrupt school worthy of mention as this academic institution has taken its corrupt practice to the pinnacle. If you have heard of the Nigerian university lecturers that collects sex for grade scandal, then know it is in the University of Lagos that these kinds of cases occur. Aside sorting, sleeping with female students has become the order of the day in this school.


At UNICAL, sorting is way popular than air one breathes in this academic institution. Although,  they have good lectures, it can be difficult to seive out 10 teachers from that school that can be trusted. It is said that at the University of Calabar, you can sort out your grades easily so far you can pay the fee to the lecturers.


Located in Plateau state, UNIJOS lecturers also have a history of making students academic life difficult. Some hardly come for lectures, they just give unwanted assignments, sell textbooks, threaten students to pay this and that plus even accepting bribes. Its just worse at UNIJOS as some of their lecturers are too corrupt.


Of course, one can’t be surprised to see that UNIZIK lecturers also made our list of most corrupt university lecturers in the country. This school prides itself as one of the best in the South-eastern region of Nigeria, but can’t keep its lecturers at bay when it comes to sorting. Its no more hidden any more that Nnamdi Azikiwe University has lost its place among the most prestigious schools in Nigeria.


Aside the fact that UNIPORT is home to many cult groups, most of lecturers at UNIPORT are fond of exchanging grades in for cash and s*x from students. Gaining admission into this school is now easy if you know certain figures in various faculties and departments of this school.


Imo state university or IMSU ranks as the worst state university with the most corrupt lecturers and practice in Nigeria. On a recent opinion poll on Wazobia FM, most callers ranked this school as a den or safe haven for these bad lecturers. They even report that they now carry out sorting in the open. Many female students report that certain lecturers threaten to fail them if they don’t comply by having s*x with them. Cult practice is also a norm at this school.


Most DELSU lecturers are also guilty of prioritizing money over the academic wellbeing of their students. Reporting such cases to the school authorities at DELSU is a waste of time as you might end up not graduating with your fellow students.


At UNIBEN, the worst part is that one can virtually earn a degree (be it first-class or second class) in Nigeria without attending lectures. Since money stops and creates nonsense, its now easy to pay lecturers for the grades, be it in cash or kind for female students. We have carried out our investigation and have bodly listed UNIBEN among the top Nigerian universities with the most corrupt lecturers currently that are gods of “sorting”.


This school isn’t spared either as cases of sorting lecturers is on the rise at LASU. Some Lagos State University lecturers are even peverts and prioritize sorting and bribes above teaching.


The ranking of the worst Nigerian universities with the most corrupt lecturers has tainted the education sector in the country as bad. Even if value is given to education in Nigeria, one can’t write off these bad characters by lectures towards their students. The reason gaining admission is difficult in government-owned universities is because the education system in Nigeria has been hit with rot by most Nigerian university lecturers.

Although, there are other schools in Nigeria that should be ranked in this list, the above according to our research have proven to be the worst among all the federal and state universities in Nigeria. We can’t say the same for private universities in Nigeria which are expensive and hardly allows for sorting among lecturers because of their strict educational policies.

Opinion poll: Which university has the highest number of lecturers that collect sorting (a.k.a. Money for grades), lets hear your views below.

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