Mobile Money Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started (2024)

Mobile money business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria you can benefit from if you are looking for ways to make money this 2024. You should consider becoming a mobile money agent as people have ventured into it and are earning big from it.


You might want to know how profitable mobile money business is or can be. Well, this post will guide you on how to start mobile money business in Nigeria and make cool money from it on regular basis. In fact, I believe i should start with the make money aspect before I delve into the basics.

How do you make money with eTranzact when doing Mobile Money Business?

When you engage in this business, you can make money every time you refer anyone to join the mobile money network. Each time you invite anyone to eTranzact i.e, When such a person uses eTranzact to transfer money to another person, you will get your own commission after such transactions without delay.

One thing about this method of making money is that anytime you transfer money from your phone to anybody in form of airtime or bank deposit, you still get paid and it is available 24/7

What Mobile Money Business Is All About

eTranzact is a leading financial organization in Nigeria that are into the business of mobile money transaction via internet access. With the development of their mobile app named PocketMoni, eTranzact wants to make it easy for Nigerians to be able to transfer money from one person to another using their mobile devices via the PocketMoni app. The application is easy to use, understand and navigate.

The PocketMoni app can also work seamlessly with all internet service providers in Nigeria which ensures smooth and flexible transfer of money with ease, a benefit of PocketMoni which allows you a simple method to make easy money once you are a mobile money agent with eTranzact.

The third party payment schemes introduced into it makes payment very fast. The app was also developed to international standard, harnessing the use of 3DES encryption technology as its security module. The PocketMoni App by eTranzact therefore has enough security to boost end users confidence as the end user would be required to provide a unique PIN when he or she wants to log into their account via the app to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to the account.

Below are a list of services or things you can do with the PocketMoni app:

1. You can send money to your friends.

2. You can use it to buy airtime for any network.

3. You can easily settle and pay your bills through the PocketMoni app using this app. Bills like PHCN bills, POSTPAID bills, MyTV monthly subscription, HiTV or DSTV subscription.

4. The app can be used in making cash deposit from one bank account to another account.

How eTranzact works

As earlier said, the app works on virtually all operating systems. Whether you use Android, Microsoft, iOS or blackerry, the app can be installed on different smartphones. For android smartphones phones users, you can visit the Google play store to easily download the Pocketmoni app from Playstore.

If you are an iOS user, you can also visit the Appstore to download it completely free of charge and start making that extra money. Install the application on your mobile phone when you are done downloading. If you are new to the app, you would need to sign up, providing a valid username and password for you to be able to use the app.

One thing is certain about this business, not all Nigerians are venturing into this mobile money business in Nigeria but in the nearest future, more would do so as this kind of business opportunity is hard to come by.

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