List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Kogi State

Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 05:21 pm

There are mineral resources found in Kogi state just like every other state in Nigeria. While the country might be dependent on crude oil, it doesn’t stop it from exploring other natural deposits which can be used for the benefit of all. Kogi state has been a force to be reckoned with in terms of both mineral and human resources. The state government in conjunction with the private sector has helped shaped the mining industry of the state to align with the goals of making Nigeria the most powerful country in the continent of Africa.


This post provides information on mineral resources that are present in Kogi state and their locations. Kogi is a state blessed with some rare natural mineral resources.  In this particular article, we will discuss the important and prominent mineral deposit that are found within Kogi state.


  • Coal
  • Iron-ore
  • Dolomite
  • Feldspar
  • Tar
  • Bauxite
  • Limestone


While there is reasonable amount of coal in Kogi state, it isn’t as much as the one in Enugu state,  which is the said to be the biggest supplier of coal within entire Nigeria. Although, this state provides over 40% of the total coal mostly used in industries and by the citizens of Nigeria. The areas in Kogi state having large deposits of coal include the Okkaba mines, Odagbo, Okobo, and Enjema. These mines are having much greater extraction of coal, to supply and fulfil the country’s demand.


The next important natural resource found in Kogi is Iron. Infact, the state with the largest deposit of Iron-ore in Nigeria is Kogi state. It means that this state also excels in the mining of iron and it is active to increase the economy of Nigeria. As we know, that Iron is a hard mineral and it is used in many constructing and manufacturing industries. The uses of iron are vast and many industries need this mineral. In Kogi state, the major Iron-ores mining companies are Itakpe, Agbaja, Agbado-Okudu, and other minor mines of iron.


Dolomite is also present in Kogi. This unique and rare mineral resource is mostly used in the production of bricks, ceramics and glass. It is basically used in the metal processing industries and in the manufacturing of hardware. Dolomite was found many years ago in the state especially in Lokoja, the state’s capital. Large deposits of dolomite are Lokoja, Itobe, and many minor mines. It is highly used by the industries of Nigeria.


The next mineral resource is Feldspar. Feldspar is a raw material that is basically used in glass making and manufacturing plastic, rubber, and ceramics. Feldspar is known as the hardest rock so it is used to make the products durable and strong. Within Kogi, there are many mines that are holding a larger amount of Feldspar. This building material is used worldwide in the industries and the state of Kogi provides enough extraction of this resource too.


Tar is basically used in cosmetics and as a disinfectant. The specific kind of tar which is called petroleum tar is used in making roads. So, there are many types and forms of Tar which can be used in the production of different products. Deposit of tar, which is used by industries can be dound at Lokoja, Okene, Kogi, and many minor areas.


Bauxite, the important mineral used by the chemical, cement, steel, and petrol industries and in making the abrasive utensils. Bauxite is an important stone used for making hard materials. This building unit is present in many cities in Kogi state. The most prominent cities that are having the deposit of bauxite are Ajaokuta, Okene and Lokoja.


Another important mineral that is having a larger deposition in the state of Kogi is limestone. It is said that the majority of limestone demand of the country is fulfilled by the Kogi state. The main regions that are having limestone deposits are Lokoja, Ogugu, and many smaller regions. As we know, limestone is an important element, used in cosmetics, toothpaste and many other industries, this important material can be found in many parts in Nigeria.

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