How To Start A Health Blog/Website: Beginners Guide (2024)

Staying healthy is everyone’s priority in life. Are you someone that is passionate about health? or have knowledge on health and fitness topics and would like to share it to the public via the internet? If you are, then I suggest starting a health blog to get your message across easily to your audience.

health blogs in Nigeria

Although, there are many quality health blogs with vast topics on different health topics written by renowned health bloggers. You too can still tap out of the health industry, by starting your own health blog and build an audience that would be willing to patronise your blog as long as you proffer solutions to their health problems.

This article will serve as a beginners guide on how to create and start a health blog, what to note in being a health blogger and offer advise on how to grow traffic to your health blog.


To start up a successful health blog, you must first:


Its never advisable to start something you do not have passion for. If you are an health enthusiast, having a health blog won’t be difficult. I have seen people who have opened a health blog, all in the name of having a blog but on the long run, they stopped due to lack of passion to continue. Health is a lucrative niche that needs expertise. Even though you do not know how to write and you have passion for it, why not employ someone that can help manage your health blog when you start off.


The health industry is vast. This is because diseases (both new and old) are bound to occur. Solution to these illnesses are what health bloggers write about. You have to understand the health industry, the recent diseases, solution to these diseases, how to cure a particular sickness, e.t.c. All these can be done by carrying out a research on whatever health topic you choose to write on. I normally suggest you take one topic out of many health topics and focus on it. For example, blogging on cancer, on the eyes e.t.c.


It isn’t a crime to study other people’s health blog when trying to create your own. You only need not copy their content or plagiarize as the case may be. Normally, i do study authority health blogs for ideas when i want to write. I go through the comments section, where i could easily see one or two questions that i can build my topic around. You too can do same if you want to build your own blog. This will also help drive traffic to your site on the long run through blog commenting.


As I said earlier, focusing on a topic is preferable than going general. This is because, it would give you a direction, a focus and you would not be confused on the long run. If it is diabetes, fitness, weight-loss e.t.c. Any one would do, as long as you are well grounded in that particular topic.


I often tell people that creating a blog is not the issue, but sustaining it is where the problem lies. If after you have gotten the idea on the health topic you want to blog about, the next step is to create your health blog. You have to decide the kind of platform you would want to create the blog upon. Different platforms like blogger, WordPress, joomla e.t.c are available to use. For me, i would prefer WordPress because of its ease and flexibility. If you can’t create a blog, hire a professional to do that for you.


Now this is one of the most important steps in creating ant blog. After designing a blog, you would have to advertise your content to generate traffic. Traffic means visitors to a website. To get traffic to your blog, there are different techniques. For me, I leverage the power of advertising through Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and also use some search engine optimisation techniques.


When you notice that you are getting traffic regularly, the next step is to monetize your blog. This is done by placing adverts on it. There are a host of ad companies that are willing to pay for space for the amount of traffic your site generates. Ad sites like Google Adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser e.t.c are just but a few that offer such.


After you have set up your blog, it is not enough to just sit back and relax. This is because your audience expects more from you. Always research to keep abreast of the current trends in the health industry. As you research, you get more ideas, write more to keep your audience and grow in knowledge and in no time be a professional in the health industry.

I believe this tips will serve as a useful guide in helping you build your health blog successfully. Good luck

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Oluchi Chukwu

Oluchi is a seasoned Information blogger, content developer and the editor of Nigerian Queries. She is a tech enthusiast who loves reading, writing and research

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