How To Make Perfume in Nigeria (2024)

Making perfumes that smells nice isn’t as difficult as it seems if you know the right process or mixture of chemicals. While there are lots of Nigerians that own perfumes in their closets, not everyone knows how to produce perfume in Nigeria. Everybody has his or her reason for owning this fragrance. Perfumes have a lot of functions, they can be used to build self-esteem or attract the opposite gender.

how to produce perfume in nigeria

Perfume is just a chemical mixture that contains any of the following; fragrances, alcohol, essential oils, sterilized water or beverages. There are perfumes that can be built with just essential oils and no alcohol or even both. Do you know that you can make your own perfume at home? With just a small budget, you can get a chance to make that quality fragrance you have always wanted. You can even go further to customize your own perfume to make it smell differently from other perfumes of other brands.

Necessary Ingredients For Making Perfume in Nigeria

There are different types of ingredients, base and natural essential oils that are important to get the right fragrance for the perfume you are making. These ingredients or chemicals are normally sold in the market and are available in Nigeria today. There are active chemical market in places like Aba, Ladipo market in Lagos and Abeokuta. You can get the raw materials that you need there.

The ingredients that you need for the production of the perfumes are purchased from the people that manufacturer them. Some of these ingredients can be collected from their organic sources, or from their suppliers all over the world. Below are the essential ingredients and materials to use in making your perfume stand out from competition:

  • Grasses
  • Flower
  • Spices
  • Assorted roots
  • Glass bottles for packaging perfumes
  • Leaves
  • Resins
  • Fruits
  • Water
  • Base oil
  • Alcohol
  • Sodium nitrite
  • Benzene
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Strips of paper neatly cut
  • A glass container which would be useed for mixing
  • Various essential oils
  • Pure ethyl
  • Jojoba oil used as perfume oil
  • Beeswax used for dry perfume

Capital Needed To Start Perfume Production in Nigeria

For a relatively small scale perfume production enterprise, all you need is just a minimum of N50,000 as your start-up capital. On the other side, a commercial perfume-making business would require at least  N3,500,000 as the start-up capital. This depends on the factors listed below:

  1. Location of the business
  2. Your Clientele
  3. The vision and purpose of the business operator.

How To Make Your Own Perfume in Nigeria At Home

To be able to accomplish this daunting task of making your own perfume, you have to experiment. Experimentation gives you a chance to invent your own fragrance. In this article, we would be looking at how to make perfume in Nigeria, the materials needed, the budget required and the DIY guide.

Step 1: Pour some base oil into a bottle

Step 2: Add some essential oil into the bottle that contains the base oil.

Step 3: Stir the mixture together to obtain even solution.

Step 4: Add alcohol to the mixture of essential oil and base oil

Step 5: Mix the liquid solution that you obtained thoroughly.

Step 6: Allow the solution to settle for at least 3days so that you can extract the scents.

Step 7: After 2days or more, add distilled water to the resulting solution and shake properly.

Step 8: Allow the perfume to stand for at least three weeks in a dark place. This is to avoid reaction with light, as the mixture can be photosensitive.

Step 9: Afterwards, use a filter paper to filter any sediment from the solution.

Step 10: Pour the filtrate into a coloured bottle that has a stopper and package.

What amount of profit can I make from producing perfume in Nigeria

The Perfume enterprise is a highly profitable one. If you have the right connections, and create a customer base that loves your perfume, you would really scale up in finance.

Did you know that you could earn up to N450,000 from a small scale perfume enterprise? You could even scale up and makeup to millions of naira monthly?  Let’s look at some reasons why the perfume venture is a very profitable one:

  1. The raw materials used for producing perfumes relatively very cheap.
  2. The perfume market is a very big market niche in Nigeria, they have a large customer base.
  3. If you can produce and supply quality perfumes, You can sell them at higher prices.

Marketing Strategies for your Perfume Business

You can use the following strategies to market your commercially made or even homemade perfumes:

  1. Get yourself a graphic designer that would design the logo to represent the brand of your perfume business
  2. Also, indulge the graphic designer to produce business cards for your perfume business.
  3. Create a label for the perfumes that shows the list of ingredients, and what they are composed of to customers.
  4. Put them out on the market for sale.
  5. You can sell them directly to your distributors.
  6. You can also sell them through direct sales in a shop.
  7. Selling them directly to wholesale distributors also not a bad idea.
  8. You can sell your perfumes through the aide of sales representatives nationwide.


To get started with perfume production is very easy in Nigeria. It does not extensive capital to start. As a plus, since people use perfumes daily, it is a very profitable business to venture into. Although making a profit is a very conditional thing in the perfume business line. All it takes to succeed and stay relevant is to produce quality perfumes.

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