How to Join a Football Club in Europe From Nigeria

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Do you aspire to play professional football in Europe as a young player from Nigeria? There are several benefits to playing professionally for a European football team. This includes everything from receiving lucrative compensation for playing in one of the highest competitive football leagues and tournaments. We’ll talk about how to sign up for a football team in Europe from Nigeria in this article. Discover steps on how to turn your fantasy of playing soccer in Europe into a reality by reading on.

how to become a footballer in Nigeria


Here are steps on how Nigerians can register for a football team in Europe essily below:


It is feasible to get scouted while playing football in Nigeria, despite the fact that so many scouts who are looking for players with capability for European clubs normally focus their searchlight in Europe. You must receive the required football instruction as a young star hoping to increase your chances of being spotted by football scouts in Nigeria. This will force you to refine your methods, heighten your game intelligence, and enhance your physical characteristics and general demeanor. You can learn from knowledgeable instructors and hone your craft by joining a reputable local football team or an academy.

Football scouts frequently visit Nigeria during practices and games to look for players for particular teams or a network of clubs they are in touch with. Young players who want to play professional football in Europe must continuously perform at their highest level each and every time they take the field. This is due to the fact that you can never be sure who you’ll dazzle in the crowd with your on-field prowess. Your success may result in an invitation to European football trials or a direct signing with a European football club.


Finding a certified football agent in Nigeria could be your key to realizing your ambition as a young football player wishing to play for a European football team.

You must complete several homework to increase your chances of receiving favorable feedback before you approach any licensed agency about entering a football team in Europe. It’s advised to always document your on-field performance, whether it be during contests, team practices, or individual drills. Your captured videos have to show you at your best in the position you play. These videos would then be submitted to football agents through email as a pitch.

Beware of shady agents that pose as legitimate in order to con young talents and/or consider leaving them adrift if you’re a budding football player seeking to hire a certified football agent to relocate to a European team. In order to help you realize your ambition of playing professional football in Europe, we have offered a selection of many of the authorized football agents in Nigeria where you can rely on. If you decide to sign with a team, these football agents can help you set up trials and manage the talks for your contract and endorsements. A list of some Nigerian football agents with licenses and their email addresses may be seen below:

Shittu Olatunji John ( )

Victor Ikpeba (

Abdulkareem Adah Abubakar ( )

Francis Aiyegbeni (

Okocha Emma Nandy ( )

Paul Olusoji ( )

Adeniji Jubril Awofe ( )

Akinlolu Makinde ( )

Akosa Joseph ( )

For a list of all the authorized football agents in Nigeria, go to this website:


Attending a specialized football academy in Nigeria can be the first step toward your objective as a young football player hoping to play professional football in Europe. In order to supply European teams with youthful talent, there are numerous football academies in Nigeria that are connected to those organizations. These specialized football academies feature strong administrative and coaching staffs, as well as scouting agreements with European clubs.

You will have opportunities if you join one of these specialized football academies. You will gain skills, obtain access to contests, master the fundamentals of European football, and much more. Many well-known Nigerian professional athletes who have played for or are now featuring for European football teams received their big break and chance to show off their abilities while attending football academies. They include Peter Odemwingie, Mikel John Obi, Kelechi Iheanacho, Taiwo Awoniyi, Joseph Akpala, and Chidebere Nwakali, among others.

These football academies could have been founded by football legends, European clubs, corporations, private citizens, religious organizations, or even state governments. The list of Nigerian football academies with the best chances for young players looking to play professional football in Europe is provided below:

  • Pepsi Football Academy
  • Papilo Football Academy (scouting deal with Leeds United)
  • Juventus Academy Nigeria
  • FC Barcelona Academy (FCBEscola)
  • Ifeanyi Ubah Academy (scouting deal with West Ham FC)
  • Bolton Wanderers Football Academy
  • Carat24 Football Academy (associated with Paris Saint Germaine – PSG)
  • Midtjylland Football Club Academy
  • Buruj Sports Academy
  • Hoffnung International Football Academy
  • Midas Football Academy
  • The A S Roma Academy
  • The International Academy of Sports
  • Lagos Tigers F. C.
  • Kwara State Football Academy
  • Vandyke F. C.


Although the approach of emailing the club may seem like the least likely manner for a Nigerian to join a team in Europe, there are usually instances. You should have videotaped yourself performing in a local competition or during private training sessions before emailing any clubs in Europe. Your best qualities for the job you’re applying for should be highlighted in the video you use to promote yourself. It could be necessary to include photographic proof of you holding a medal awarded for outstanding individual achievement in a nearby competition.

Once you have the documentation of your performance in order, you must search the internet and social media for the official email addresses of European football clubs. After that, introduce yourself and provide examples of your accomplishments. Here’s how to improve your chances of hearing back. You should get in touch with clubs in lesser levels in Europe because reaching out to major clubs could be challenging. The more clubs you email, the more likely you are to receive a response for tryouts or even a contract to become a professional footballer.

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