How To Idetinfy Original Honey in Nigeria

Original honey is very sought and in high demand by vast number of people. Aside the sweetness in taste, the reason why honey is important is due to its nutritional and medicinal value, which is used at times to treat diseases. This and many more of its health benefits and usefulness attracts individuals to have this special bee produce in handy.

real original honey in Nigeria

How To Identify Orinigal Honey in Nigeria

With the vast number of patronizers of honey on the rise, you cannot rule out fake honey circulating in Nigeria. Those who indulge in this act are people who doctor the content of pure honey from its original value.

Adulterated honeys is much different in nutrients compared to the original one. That’s why people prefer proper screening of the content before cashing on it. For this reason, we’ll let you know how to identify an original honey from a adulterated one, all in this writeup.

As said earlier, pure honey has been used from numerous points of view, which involves from treating different sicknesses and illnesses to giving nutritional benefits. Before counting on honeys to know which is original, there are physical observation to carry on, let’s explain them starting with the color.

Color: What Original Honey Looks Like

Firstly, you should realize unique honey color to recognize genuine and counterfeit product. Merely all know that this valued produce from bees has a transparent gold color. Should you doubt? There are various colors honey can take. But the appearance depends on what the honey bees were eating before starting the production of these honeys.

An original honey is made from honey bees who accumulate nectar from clover, lavender, dandelion, and different blossoms, and they process them to produce these honeys. By this it means that all honey should come from this natural source, as some who are produced by some industries may be doctored and contain some chemicals.

After knowing how honeys look like, let’s see how to identify them, should you see a variety of the product.

How To Identify Unadulterated Pure Honey

Identifying honeys isn’t entirely a difficult process. But rather, there are simple approaches to distinguish unadulterated honey, and which are:

Step 1: Fill a cup with ordinary water and empty a small quantity of honey into it. Observe and if that it is an unadulterated honey, it will go down to the base of the cup without stirring up with the water aside.

Step 2: Another way to detect a fake honey is to dip your finger directly into the honey and attempt to drop a couple of drops on the ground. The result you will see if that it is a doctored honey is it will go down like a string without breaking.

Step 3: If the above methods was not convenient, you can as while dip a stick of matches into your honey and lit the firework (matches). If it is an unadulterated one, the matches will burn the honey with ease, as a fuel while consuming.

Step 4: Another fast method to check an original honey is to drop some on the sand and if that it is a fake honey, it won’t sink instantly into the sand. The reason is because original honey is always sticky not like all liquids.

Luckily, you can test it to know whether it’s unique before you purchase. So as to check the originality of honey at home, here is some other things which are tests that you should do:

Tests For Original Honey

A lot of honey consumers does not really know the type of liquid that take into their body, but with these simple steps, you should know the methods involved to get a honey screened. This will be helpful for individual who cherish consuming honey, by supplementing breakfasts suppers or tea, as they need to realize how to test for the genuineness of their honeys.

fake honey and original honey

We have explained the tests you can perform at home to ensure that the honey you want to buy or want to consume is safe and not out of quality. Nonetheless, a note should be taken about these tests as they will help in one or other way in choosing for the vast produce of honeys, also helping you to maintain a strategic distance from contaminated honey items.

Method 1: Using Water

In this test, you need a glass, a spoon, and a jug of honey. Include ordinary water into the glass. Take a spoon of honey and put it in the glass of water. Observe the honey inside the glass to see how it act. If it rapidly break down like a gel or glue, then it’s what you were looking for, the original. Also, a honey that was touched will spread around the glass instead of converging on a spot.

Method 2: By Use of Fire

First, have a matchstick handy. Ensure the sticks are in good conditions and whether they areas totally dry and prepared to be used for the test. The matchstick tip should be in the jug container the honey.

Then, use the honey as your matchbox and lit the matchstick with the honey.

When this is done, the stick having the honey will either be burnt or not. If there is no fire, it implies that honey you have is phony and has some dampness inside. A good and original honey is effectively combustible and will burn the match stick well as oil.

Method 3: Using a blotting paper or paper towel/tissue paper

Another technique you can go for to test for the transparency and originality of honey is by using with blotting or smudging paper. In this method, you rub the honey on the blotting paper which is made of permeable material. In the event that the honey has been adulterated with water, it might be retained or leave a wet imprint on the blotting paper. An original honey will not retain on the paper but will permeate out from the smudge.

Method 4: Using the thumb

In this method, fill the honey to be trst on a container and use a spoon to get a small quantity of it and spot it on your thumb. After the above step, its your decision to observe the reaction of the honey on your thump. What does the honey do? Does it spill? Does it spread? Generally, honey does not spread due to their compactness, but will spill little. So if the honey on your thump does not do any of these, then know that you made a good choice buying the original honey.

If you would want to test for the originality of honeys, then these are the methods you should employ so you can test to ensure you buy a good product not an unadulterated one.

That’s much we can take on this as we hope you are informed on how to detect original real honey easily. In the course of the article we outlined the various appearance an adulterated honey is, also with the sundry tests for original honey in Nigeria.

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