How To Enroll For NEBOSH Training In Nigeria (2024)

NEBOSH Training in Nigeria

The NEBOSH training is one of the professional trainings and certifications that are becoming necessary to compete effectively in the today’s job marketplace. On the basis of importance, the NEBOSH training is seemingly one of the most important ones because of the increasing reports of individuals whose health have been damaged in their places of work.

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However, the training has not gained the deserved popularity as compared to its importance. In this article, we would discuss the NEBOSH training and certification, how it can help your career and how to get it in Nigeria.

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is the acronym for ‘the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health’. From the name, it is easy to decipher which niche they serve. They offer the most widely recognized health and safety qualification in the UK and in some of her former colonies. It is estimated that more than 350,000 people hold the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety worldwide.

When we speak of NEBOSH training, it is kind of counter-intuitive because NEBOSH itself does not provide or deliver any health and safety training courses but it provides the syllabuses for its qualifications and sets techniques of evaluation which it provides accredited course providers around the world. These centers then deliver the training that is needed to prepare candidates for NEBOSH qualifications.

What can the NEBOSH training do for you?

The NEBOSH training is specific to individuals who want to pursue a career in health and safety. The NEBOSH qualification gives credibility to an individual in that job role and progressing in the occupational health and safety career is closely linked to the NEBOSH qualification.

It is important to note that the NEBOSH qualification is only an entrance level qualification to the range of safety and health qualifications available today. When you get a NEBOSH qualification, you become eligible to apply to use acronyms like TechIOSH, GradIOSH, CMIOSH, and MIIRSM after your name.

Where to get the NEBOSH training in Nigeria

If you are looking to get a NEBOSH training and certification in Nigeria, then the following steps may help.

1. Decide on the qualification you want to get.

NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications; from the international general certificate to certificates in fire safety and risk management to diplomas, you have to decide what you want to get.

2. Find a training center close to you:

After deciding on what qualification you intend to get, you will need to find accredited training centers to get your training from. Some centers that are recognized by NEBOSH itself include:

3. Study well and prepare for your examination.

This is self explanatory. Need to get certified? Study to show yourself approved!

Prices and other info

The NEBOSH International General Certificate which is currently the most popular in Nigeria goes for N230, 000 – N250, 000. This fee should include the examination and training that you will receive.

Please note that I have not personally visited all of the training centers listed above neither am I an affiliate of these centers. If you have been to any of these, let us know about your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this in social media. Your friends may need the info.

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