How To Configure Airtel Internet Settings Automatically And Manually

Configuring your Airtel line automatically or manually to browse the internet is very necessary. With really cool Internet Data Plans, Airtel Nigeria are proving always that they are the smartphone network.


Sometimes our Internet Settings fail to configure automatically, hence the need to configure and activate your Internet Settings Manually.

There’s always the joy that accompanies browsing on the go but sometimes, this doesn’t happen as our Internet settings are not configured, therefore if you are unable to access the internet on your mobile device, you can manually configure your device very easily.

How To Configure and Activate Airtel Internet Automatically 

In order for you to start browsing using your Airtel sim card on your mobile device, you must first activate it and this can be done by calling Airtel customer service via their mobile line 111 and a customer service agent will speak with you and help you activate your airtel sim automatically.

When that is done, you will receive configuration settings for you to save on your phone, simply save it to enable your mobile device access the Internet.

Or you can simply configure your device automatically by texting internet (space) Phone model (space) Phone model number as SMS to 232.

For example, if you want to receive an automatic configuration settings for a Tecno L6, simply text Internet Tecno L6 as SMS to 232 and you will receive the settings.

How To Configure Airtel Internet Settings Manually 

To Configure your mobile device manually, simply go to settings, mobile networks, access point names (APN), select Airtel, then choose Airtel Internet. Edit the following:

Name: Airtel Internet

Access Point Name (APN):

Username: internet

Password: internet

That’s all you need do and you’re good to go. Feel free to share your experience on the comment section.

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