How To Check Plate Number Owner in Nigeria (2024)

In Nigeria, plate numbers are used in many ways to identify car or vehicle owners. It acts as an identity to the owner and likewise helps in the safety of the vehicle. There are also many advantages of applying for a plate number, as we have covered in one of our previous post.


In this article, we will provide new methods on how to check a car plate number owner in Nigeria this 2024.

What is a vehicle plate number ?

A vehicle plate number is a authorised legal identity given to a car or vehicle, and this identity is given to an individual which is the owner of the vehicle. The number plate is a flat metal piece with numbers and letters on it, usually placed at the front and back of a vehicle.

There are many reasons why this number is essential, and in such cases it act as a means of identification. Take as example, the scenerio where you drive out and a whole lot of things may happen on the way. There may be cases, for example, burglary, robbery or even accidents. Now and again, the nearest you can do in discovering who possesses the vehicle involved in the incident is by identifying the plate number owner by the number on the plate.

A number plate is very compulsory and must be given to any vehicle, for it to be esteemed fit to use any of the country’s roadways. This legal document is always issued and given by the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in all the local government divisions of the agency.

Different Ways To Check a Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

There are many medium to verify the authenticity of a vehicle plate number owner. This range from going to the FRSC directly; through SMS; and by acessing through their online database. Irrespective of the means you use, so far it gives you the correct information, then its good. Because all these ways are connected directly to the Federal Road Safety Commission.

However, the best way to confirm the credibility is if that you realize and know how to check a plate number owner in Nigeria.

How To Check Car Plate Number Owner Directly From FRSC

Step 1: Involve the case with the Police

The first step is to report in subtleties your case to the nearest police station, clarify correctly why you have to check vehicle number plate owner. For instance, if you were paradventure robbed and you remember the number plate of the person involved. Attempt to feed the specialists with however many details as could be expected under the circumstances since they will help you in examining and knowing the insidious person, and also help you in following other information about the case.

Step 2: Request a report from the police

A police report of the incident permits you to reserve the privilege to discover property name of the plate number owner. This report paper is very essential as with it, you be able to convince FRSC to help you in this undertaking.

Step 3: Visit the FRSC Office

As all data about plate number and its owners is reserved by the Federal Road Safety Corps, then all enquiries about number plate issues is always processed by the agency. On showing up in FRSC office, present every one of your reasons, adding with police report to the FRSC officials. Ensure you set up your adage and related papers cautiously as you will be requested further subtleties to check your application.

That was one of the means of checking a vehicle plate number owner, we believe it simple to go on and do the needful. Nevertheless, there are some other approaches to also check a number plate owner in Nigeria. We will get you through them for you to know how to confirm a number plate owner should you ever end up in this circumstance.

How to Check Car Number Plate Owner Online

This is another way of checking the validity of a vehicle number plate owner. This medium is extremely direct as it goes straight to FRSC database. All you need is to have a functioning web connection and a computer.

  • Go to the FRSC webpage and click the Number Plate confirmation link to enter the page.
  • Enter the Number Plate you need to check in the case shown.
  • Click on Submit.

Once this is done, the vehicle data will be shown on the computer screen. If you notice that it is a fake owner, it is best you visit the closest FRSC office nearest to you so they sort it out for you.

In a related development, the Lagos State government has an online platform of all vehicles registered within the state, so as to check number plate, see the vehicle type, the owners information, and when it enrollment will lapse.

Open this url in your web browser and submit the vehicle plate number with no space. The information about vehicle will be displayed to you screen

Checking Vehicle Number Plate Owner Through SMS

The means of Short Message Service (SMS) is another approach to check information on a vehicle number plate in Nigeria. In this medium, you won’t take the stress of visiting FRSC, which may be sometimes upsetting.

Here is how to carry out this process:

Go to your phone SMS menu, Send verifyplateno (i.e. the Car Plate Number) to 33324. The message should go like this – verifyplateno AK123MKP to 33324.

You will receive in 3 minutes an information about the plate number: registration details and owner’s data.

Other Ways to Verify Plate Number with FRSC

This approach to check vehicle number plate information is not much differing from what we stated above. It involves visiting the Federal Road Safety Corps office. Before visiting them to check plate number for you, you should have a real explanation supported by the police record of it, if you are suspecting a criminal activity. They will track and give you all of the data concerning the vehicle.

You can also recruit a private agent to carry out the responsibility for you, but it will imply additional costs.

If you have someone that works with the Federal Road Safety Commission (i.e. an official) it will also be helpful and will be extremely simple, with some formalities obviated. The individual may help you check the number plate information or may guide you on doing it easily.

If paradventure you are not oppurtuned to have someone working with FRSC, the police can assist with checking the vehicle data by following the plate number. This will be at the point when you report to the police headquarters on good grounds and veracious reasons.


Number plate is very essential right and is critical to avoiding inconveniences on the roads. To be more safer, you ought to ensure that your have the legit ownership or right of the vehicle.

Through this article, we have covered the means by which you can verify a plate number in Nigeria, and also check vehicle number plate information plus the details about the owner and registration.

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