Cheap Hotels in Illorin & Price List (2024)

Hotel accomodation in Ilorin isn’t as cheap as you might think. Hotel prices all depends on the type, rating and facilities found within. Illorin is a significant commercial metropolis in Kwara state, south western Nigeria. The city also houses a number of colleges and universities, along with government agencies and start-up businesses. With all of these, hotel accommodations are in high demand in this town. You will almost certainly book a hotel if you visit Ilorin for any reason. This leads to the question as to how much hotel stay in Ilorin costs. To learn more, keep reading this article.

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In Ilorin, there are over 250 hotels and guest houses. There’s a lot to select from, and it’s pointless to look at every one of them before deciding. We recognize this and have conducted a study of the various hotels on your favor. Look at the list below to see which hotels are the most prominent in Ilorin and how much they cost.

  • Kwara Hotels: From ₦16,500 per night
  • Hotels in E-Phoneix start at ₦12,000 per night.
  • Princess Luxury Hotels: From ₦9,424 per night
  • From ₦42,000 per night at the Noktel Resort Hotel.
  • Fresh Hotels Ltd. Offers rooms starting at ₦12,000 per night.
  • Henry George Hotel: From ₦12,000 per night
  • Suites at the Royal Shekinah start at ₦6,500 per night.
  • The Royalton Palace Hotel has rooms starting at ₦8,000 per night.
  • Bovina View Limited: From ₦9,970 per night
  • Hotels in Whitefield start at ₦30,000 per night.
  • From ₦10,175 per night at the Elite Tranquil Hotel
  • Covenant Suites are available for ₦6,500 per night.
  • Royal Rock Hotel: From ₦9,000 per night
  • Suitoria Hotels: From ₦13,500 per night
  • Bekandims Hotels: From ₦8,000 per night

The pricing of these hotels are susceptible to fluctuate based on a variety of variables. Changes in firm policy, government policies, and the predominance of various market conditions are some of these causes.


Let’s get into some specifics regarding a few of the hotels on our list.


Kwara Hotels is, without a doubt, the grandest hotel in the state of Kwara. It is situated on a large piece of land in a peaceful setting.

The address of Kwara Hotels is 9A Ahmadu Bello Avenue, Ilorin, Kwara. This hotel is conveniently located near several major state sites, including the Government House and the Ilorin Golf Club.

This hotel features 172 rooms, each of which has air conditioning, flat-screen televisions, and other amenities to ensure that guests have a pleasant stay.

The hotel’s workforce is likewise well-trained to guarantee that they provide the nicest services money can buy. All of these are designed to provide guests with a home away from home feel.

Kwara Hotels offers a variety of recreational options, including an outdoor pool, two tennis courts, a basketball court, table tennis, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Every day and night, you can eat at the on-site restaurant and relax in the bar and lounge. If you enjoy live music, sitting at the bar every evening ought to be a pleasure.

Ariya Garden Ilorin Golf Club International Airport, Ilorin are only a few of the nearby locations.

The University of Ilorin Zoological Garden is located on the campus of the University of Ilorin.

The following is a list of amenities vailable at Kwara Hotels in Ilorin:

  • There is a restaurant and bar on site.
  • Internet access is available for free.
  • Each room has a workstation.
  • Swimming pool in the open air
  • Services for car rental
  • Shuttle service to and from the airport Tennis court Fitness center and gym
  • Services for doing laundry


E-Phoenix Hotels is located at 45 Aderemi Adeleye Street, off Basin Road, Ilorin, Kwara, next to the Federal Secretariat G.R.A Ilori. It is located in Ilorin’s Government Reserved Area, which is very peaceful. This means that clients will be able to relax throughout their visit at the destination. The hotel has two locations, both in Ilorin’s GRA district. The hotel’s whole crew has been trained to provide the best possible service to visitors during their visit.

Every branch’s rooms include amenities such as air conditioning, televisions, private bathrooms, and wireless internet. All these are put in place to guarantee that customers have a pleasant hospitality experience.

Esie Museum Fun Ville Ilorin Central Mosque are some of the local attractions near E-Phoenix Hotels. Metropolitan Park University of Ilorin, and Kwara State Sports Stadium are few others.

E-Phoenix Hotels offers accessibility to various services such as in-house dining, adequate parking space, onsite bar and lounge, along with steady power supply.

The following is a list of some of the amenities available at this hotel:

  • Dining in your own home
  • Restaurant on-site
  • There is a bar and lounge on premise.
  • Services for doing laundry
  • Internet access is available for free.
  • Gym and fitness center


Princess Luxury Hotels has become one of Ilorin’s most best places to visit, and it’s a popular destination for both leisure and business visitors to Kwara State.

Plot 31, Pipeline Road, Ilorin, Kwara is where you’ll find this hotel. Many people have dubbed the hotel the “Unexpected Beauty.” It is located in a tranquil area and faces the magnificent Agba Dam Lake.

Princess Luxury Hotels’ personnel is well-trained and provides excellent service. This hotel has a variety of rooms that are separated into multiple groups. Princess Luxury Hotels provide comfortable furnishings, bedside lamps, and air conditioning in all of their rooms. You may also take advantage of complimentary WiFi, an outdoor pool, free onsite parking, and an onsite bar and restaurant.

Agba Dam is a popular tourist attraction near Princess Luxury Hotels (3.0km). Others include: Quarters of the CBN (1.4km); Ilorin Railway (6.3km); Kwara Express (4.3km); and the University of Ilorin (3.6km).

The hotel offers the following amenities:

  • Onsite bar and lounge
  • Ample parking is available on-site.
  • Internet access is available for free.
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Swimming in the open air


Illorin is an important city in Nigeria’s south-westhern region. The city sees a lot of people on a daily basis, hence, making the need for hotels. How much does a hotel in Illorin cost? This article gave answers to that question by highlighting the price list of affordable hotels in the Kwara State capital city. We believe you now have the knowledge of what to budget for when planning on a visit to the city.

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