10 Highest Paid Footballers in Nigeria & Their Salaries (2024)

We wrote on the top 10 richest footballers in Africa in one of our previous posts and we listed the likes of Salah, Ziyech, Mane etc. This time, we shall focus on who the current highest paid Nigerian footballer in the world this 2024 is, his salary and some facts about him.

highest paid nigerian footballers

Football fever burns bright in Nigeria, with millions cheering on their national team, the Super Eagles, and idolizing their homegrown stars tearing up pitches around the world. But beyond the passion and skill, lies a world of lucrative contracts and impressive salaries. Today, we delve into the exclusive club of the top 10 highest-paid Nigerian footballers, unveiling the names, clubs, and staggering figures that make them the financial titans of the beautiful game.

This ranking, compiled from reliable sources like transfermarkt.com and news outlets, showcases the dedication, talent, and market value of these exceptional athletes. Prepare to be amazed by the astronomical figures and discover the stories behind the success. Buckle up, football fans, and let’s kick off this journey into the financial elite of Nigerian football!


Here are the current rankings, unveiling Nigeria’s top earning footballers from the lowest to the highest this 2024:


Our countdown begins with the dynamic midfielder Joe Aribo, currently weaving his magic at Southampton in the English Premier League. Aribo’s impressive dribbling skills and knack for scoring crucial goals have earned him a hefty weekly salary of £45,000. He rose to prominence playing for Rangers FC in Scotland, where he helped them win the Scottish Premiership title in 2021. Now, Aribo aims to solidify his name among the Premier League’s elite, his talent and dedication undoubtedly driving him even higher in the rankings in the future.


Moving up the ladder, we find the electrifying winger Moses Simon, terrorizing defenses in France’s Ligue 1 with his blistering pace and pinpoint crosses. Signed by Nantes in 2020, Simon has become a fan favorite, earning a cool £50,000 per week. Renowned for his long-range strikes and ability to create scoring opportunities, Simon has also established himself as a key player for the Nigerian national team. Keep an eye on this speedster, as his ambition and consistent performances might propel him further up the list.


Next up is the clinical finisher Kelechi Iheanacho, a familiar name to Premier League fans. Iheanacho’s journey began at Manchester City, where he showcased his talent alongside legends like Sergio Aguero. Now, at Leicester City, he earns a weekly wage of £60,000, contributing crucial goals and assists to the Foxes’ attack. While injuries have hampered his consistency at times, Iheanacho’s undeniable talent and experience make him a valuable asset, both for his club and the Nigerian national team.


Next up is the midfield powerhouse Wilfred Ndidi, considered one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League. Ndidi’s tireless work ethic, tackling prowess, and ability to control the tempo of the game have made him invaluable to Leicester City, earning him a hefty weekly salary of £75,000. Ndidi’s contributions extend beyond defensive duties, as he can also score crucial goals when needed. His consistent performances have positioned him as a leader on the pitch and a fan favorite for both club and country.


Charging towards the top, we encounter the prolific striker Taiwo Awoniyi, who just joined Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. Awoniyi’s impressive goalscoring record in Germany, particularly with Union Berlin, earned him a hefty £80,000 weekly salary. His physical strength, aerial prowess, and ability to finish chances make him a valuable asset for his new club. With the Premier League stage awaiting him, Awoniyi has the potential to climb even higher in this ranking in the future.


Another recent Nottingham Forest acquisition joins the list, the dynamic forward Emmanuel Dennis. Dennis’s versatility, pace, and ability to score a variety of goals earned him a lucrative £85,000 weekly salary. He previously impressed in Belgium with Club Brugge, where he won the league title, before showcasing his skills in the Premier League with Watford. Dennis’s adaptability and positive attitude make him a key player for Forest, and his performances will be crucial for their success in the top flight.


Following closely behind is the skillful winger Samuel Chukwueze, dazzling audiences with his dazzling footwork and mesmerizing dribbles for AC MILAN in Serie A. Chukwueze’s explosive pace and ability to create scoring opportunities have earned him a weekly salary of £98,000. He rose to prominence at the 2018 World Cup with his performances for Nigeria, attracting the attention of top European clubs. Now, Chukwueze continues to develop his talent at AC Milan, aiming to become a mainstay in both club and national team.


Moving up the ranks, we find the versatile midfielder Alex Iwobi, currently plying his trade at Fulham in the English Premier League. Iwobi’s ability to play in various positions and his creative passing skills have earned him a weekly wage of £100,000. He started his career at Arsenal, where he won the FA Cup before making a move to Everton in 2019. Iwobi’s dribbling skills and vision make him an important attacking outlet for his team, contributing to their offensive strategies. Alex Iwobi is the highest paid Nigerian footballer in the English Premier League this 2024.


Victor Moses is currently playing for Spartak Moscow. Moses’s experience, leadership, and ability to play on both sides of the pitch have earned him the top spot with a jaw-dropping weekly salary of £100,000. Moses started his career at Chelsea, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and Europa League during his time there. He also enjoyed successful loan spells at Inter Milan and Fenerbahce before moving to Spartak Moscow permanently. Moses’s experience and trophy-winning mentality make him a valuable asset for his club, even though he recently took a pay cut due to the ongoing situation in Russia.


Nigeria’s prolific striker Victor Osimhen, is the highest paid Nigerian footballer this 2024. He plays for Napoli’s and is spearheading in Serie A. Osimhen’s blistering pace, powerful finishing, and ability to hold the ball up have earned him a staggering £150,000 weekly salary. He rose to prominence at Lille in France before making a big-money move to Napoli in 2020. Osimhen’s goalscoring prowess is crucial for both club and country, and his ambition and talent position him as a future contender for the top spot.


The staggering salaries of these top earners raise questions about the factors driving such high figures in Nigerian football. Let’s explore some key influences:

  • Club Size and Revenue: Bigger clubs with higher revenue streams can afford to pay higher salaries to attract top talent. This explains why players like Osimhen and Moses, representing established European clubs like Napoli and Spartak Moscow, top the list.
  • Individual Performance and Reputation: A player’s individual skills, consistent performance, and established reputation significantly impact their market value and, consequently, their salary. Goalscorers like Osimhen and versatile players like Moses command higher salaries due to their on-field contributions.
  • European Exposure and Competition: Playing in top European leagues increases a player’s visibility and marketability, leading to potentially higher salaries. Awoniyi’s recent move to the Premier League and Dennis’s stint in Belgium are examples of this influence.
  • International Recognition and National Team Caps: Representing the Nigerian national team, a team with a strong global following, adds to a player’s value and marketability, potentially boosting their salary negotiations. All the top earners on this list are regular fixtures for the Super Eagles.
  • Transfer Fees and Agent Commissions: High transfer fees paid for a player can translate to higher salaries as clubs amortize the cost over the contract duration. Additionally, player agents can negotiate lucrative deals that contribute to their overall wage package.
  • Comparing to Other Leagues: While impressive, it’s important to compare these salaries to other leagues. Players in top European leagues like the Premier League or La Liga often command even higher figures. However, compared to other African leagues, these salaries represent the top echelon of the continent.


The Nigerian football landscape is evolving, with increasing investment and commercialization. While challenges remain, these high salaries showcase the growing financial muscle of some Nigerian clubs and the rising value placed on talented players. As the league continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how player salaries evolve and compare to other footballing nations. This concludes the blog post! I hope it provides a comprehensive and informative overview of the topic. Feel free to add any additional information or insights you may have!

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