GoTv Nigeria: Plans, Channels & Decoder Prices (New, 2024)

Last updated on January 3rd, 2024 at 06:47 pm

GoTV Nigeria is one of the most affordable pay TV platform in Nigeria. It is a preferred alternative to DSTV and it is currently owned by Multichoice.


The difference between DSTV and GOTv is that DSTV uses satellite based technology in transmitting TV signals while GoTV uses the DVB-T2 technology which is cheaper.

Today, the availability of GoTv is present in many African countries. Due to the fact that Multichoice made GoTv in Nigeria pocket-friendly, It is not a surprise that at present, GoTv Nigeria is a popular pay TV in the country which offers many exciting local and international channels.

This article provides information on GoTV Nigeria plans, channels, decoders, subscription prices and trusted dealers where to buy GoTv in the country.

Where can I purchase GoTV?

There are many GoTV outlets where you can buy the decoder and subscribe for the packages. These dealers are trusted. You must also be careful not to fall for tricksters who parade themselves as GoTv agents offering you the dish, decoder, remote at a very cheap price.

View this link which contains an updated list of all verified GoTv dealers in the country. With this list, you should be able to locate an authentic dealer nearest to your area.

How can I contact GoTv Nigeria online?

If you have any queries and would like to contact GoTV Nigeria online, below is their official email address and their various social media accounts:

GoTv Nigeria Email:

GoTv Twitter handle:

GoTv NG Facebook:

Another method is to use the GoTv short code which is 4688. For GoTv Nigeria USSD, use *288*1#

How much does a new GoTV decoder cost and how do I set it up?

It would be fair for us to tell you the price of GoTv decoder in the market today. Please note that this price was gotten from a trusted GoTv dealer, so you can check for any of their agents near you to purchase yours

As of writing this post, the new GOTV decoder cost N7700. The pack contains the GoTV decoder; the Gotenna plus one month subscription.

There are also three GoTv subscriptions which are available. These subscriptions have certain number of channels each. Below are the various subscriptions, channels and prices of these packages.

GoTv Plus

With Gotv Plus, you have access to 57 channels. The cost of this package per month is N1900. List of channels on the GoTv plus plan include:

  1. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  2. AfricaMagic Family
  3. AfricaMagic Hausa
  4. AfricaMagic Igbo
  5. AfricaMagic World
  6. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  7. AFRO Music English
  8. AIT
  9. Al jazeera
  10. Arewa 24
  11. Arise News
  12. B4U Movies
  13. BBC World News
  14. Channels
  15. CNN International
  16. Discovery Family
  17. Disney Junior
  18. Dove TV
  19. E! Entertainment
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. eTV Africa
  22. Eva +
  23. Faith Broadcast Network
  24. Fashion One
  25. FOX Live
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. GO Channel
  28. Hip TV
  29. Islam Channel
  30. JimJam
  31. Lagos TV
  32. Liberty TV
  33. MiTV
  34. M-Net Movies Zone
  35. MTV Base
  36. Nat Geo Wild
  37. Nickelodeon
  38. NTA I
  39. Planet Radio TV
  40. R2TV
  41. RAVE
  42. Silverbird
  43. Sound City
  44. Spice TV
  45. SuperSport 9
  46. SuperSport Blitz
  47. SuperSport Select 1
  48. SuperSport Select 2
  49. Telemundo
  50. Televista
  51. Tiwa n Tiwa
  52. TVC Entertainment
  53. TVC News
  54. Vox Africa
  55. WAP
  56. Wazobia Max
  57. Zee World

GoTv Value

When you subscribe for the new GoTV Value plan, you would have access to 40 channels. This would cost you N1300 per month. Below is a list of channels in the value pack:

  1. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  2. AfricaMagic Hausa
  3. AfricaMagic Igbo
  4. AfricaMagic World
  5. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  6. AFRO Music English
  7. AIT
  8. Al Jazeera
  9. Arewa 24
  10. Arise News
  11. BBC World News
  12. Channels
  13. Dove TV
  14. E! Entertainment
  15. Emmanuel TV
  16. eTV Africa
  17. Faith Broadcast Network
  18. Fashion One
  19. Galaxy TV
  20. Go Channel
  21. Islam Channel
  22. JimJam
  23. Lagos TV
  24. Liberty TV
  25. MiTV
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. NTA I
  28. Planet Radio TV
  29. R2TV
  30. RAVE
  31. Silverbird
  32. Sound City
  33. Spice TV
  34. SuperSport Blitz
  35. SuperSport Select 1
  36. Tiwa n Tiwa
  37. TVC Entertainment
  38. TVC News
  39. WAP
  40. Wazobia Max

GoTV Lite

GoTv Lite gives you access to 23 interesting channels for just N400 per month. This is the latest GoTv’s cheapest plan in Nigeria. See the list of the new GoTv lite channels below:

  1. AFRO Music English
  2. AIT
  3. Al Jazeera
  4. Channels
  5. Dove TV
  6. Emmanuel TV
  7. eTV Africa
  8. Faith Broadcast Network
  9. Galaxy TV
  10. GO Channel
  11. Islam Channel
  12. JimJam
  13. Lagos TV
  14. Liberty TV
  15. MiTV
  16. NTA I
  17. RAVE
  18. Silverbird
  19. SuperSport Blitz
  20. TVC Entertainment
  21. TVC News
  22. WAP
  23. Wazobia Max

Just like DsTv, there are ways to make GoTv payment online. I would suggest you use the quickteller platfporm which is the safest means to pay for your GoTv subscription.

You can also pay at any trusted outlet near you where you bought the starter pack. As earlier said, the agent can help you set up your GoTv, if you can not do it yourself but would charge a small fee to install the decoder for you.

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