How to Find/Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria Easily

How to Easily Find/Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

It is most Nigerians dream to live and get a job in Canada, while others might be to work and study in Canada. This is because of the favorable and conducive environment Canada as a country offers to both its citizens (Canadians) and to immigrants alike.


Just like most top countries, Canada also have a very robust travel system that makes it difficult to just migrate to Canada from Nigeria or even extend your visa duration even if you choose to. So one has to be careful especially when you are asked reasons to travel to Canada at the embassy.

Although, there are many jobs in Canada for Nigerians, getting a job in Canada from Nigeria can be difficult sometimes as most Nigerians out of frustration and not using through the legit means of traveling to Canada end up being duped by fake agents who rob them off their money with the promise of helping them get a Canada visa in Nigeria or even to get a firm that offers high paying work in Canada.

Get a Canada Work Permit

Since thousands of job seekers are allowed to work in Canada every year, job opportunities in Canadian firms should be easy to come by. To get a work permit to Canada you would need to be sponsored by either an employer in Canada or a family member who is a Canadian residence. You may be able to take your spouse and family with you to Canada. You may want to apply for work permit under the following categories:

  • As a foreign worker
  • As a live-in carer
  • as a student
  • and as a business person

Sites where to Find jobs in Canada from Nigeria Easily

There are best websites where you can find jobs that are paying high in Canada from Nigeria. These sites are always updated with new jobs for both residents and foreigners. Some of these top sites to find jobs in Canada and apply include:


With these sites, you should be on the look-out as your dream Canadian job might just be advertised. You should be able to convince employers by proving to themthat you have the necessary skills to get the job. Patience is also the key as you would have to apply for these Canadian jobs online.

Getting a Job in Canada through Express Entry

The best method of either getting Canadian jobs or even a Canadian Working Visa that has worked for most Nigerians is Express Entry. This Express Entry platform is used to manage applications for permanent residence and has helped many Nigerian job seekers gain entry into Canada to work.

This is not a quick solution as it doesn’t work for everybody neither does it guarantee that an applicant will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence as you would have to meet the eligible requirements under the Canada’s immigration law. Reviews from most Nigerians that used Express Entry were positive.

To Get Started Visit , register you would find different job opportunities to apply. You might get lucky to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

To procure a Canadian visa, check

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