Best Hotels in Sokoto State: Top 5

Hotel business is thriving in Nigeria and Sokoto state is one place where you can find such cheap hotel to lodge in to relax, enjoy and flex as you like and desire, provided you can afford the service charge.

best hotels in sokoto state

Nigeria is blessed with lots of wealthy people who know how to invest in hotel business thereby establishing conducive and luxurious hotels across the country so as to generate income.

In sokoto state, there are lots of affordable hotels which are doing well in terms of quality services, charge rate among other factors.

In this write-up, we shall be listing the top 5 hotels and resorts in Sokoto state based on merit, affordability and on current values including the qualities they possess.

Top 5 Best Hotels in Sokoto State (2024)

1. Pinnacle Hotel And Resort

This hotel in Sokoto is the oldest, largest and one of the most beautiful hotels that Nigeria has ever produced. This five star hotel are known for their quality service to customers.

Pinnacle hotel is always a place of pleasure and comfort. It is located in Tamaje, old airport, sokoto. This hotel attracts lots of foreigners.

2. Sukura Hotel

This is the second best hotel on the list base on the number of guest that lodge into this hotel. Created in 2003, Sukura hotel is located in Sokoto south.

With affordable price, you can book for their various suites. They offer tasty foods and cuisines. They also have great worker to customers relationship.

Sukura hotel has all it takes to be on this list. Among the food served to customers are: fried rice, jollof rice, semo, pounded yam etc and all kinds of African delicacies with varieties of meat.

Just give it a trial and see for yourself the reason why it is rated as top of the hotel in Sokoto state.

3. Sokoto Hotel

Another hotel with a nice environment, top notch workers and affordable charge rate.

It is located at Arkila, this hotel is among the three hotels owned by a wealthy and renowned man(indigene of sokoto state). This hotel is known for its affordability and for its tasty foods and menus

4. Denkeni Hotel

This is another hotel owned by the owner of sokoto hotel but with different managers. Denkeni has a very large, conducive, friendly environment with neat rooms.

The taste of the food sold at Denkeni is second to none. This hotel is located at Arkila, Sokoto state.

5. Ginginya Coral Hotel

This is another affordable hotel not far from Denkeni. Giginya hotel renders valuable services to its customers. It has more than 89 rooms with regular and constant electricity supply.

Although, this hotel is not as big as Sokoto hotel, it has a great level to be rated in terms of quality services offered. Talking of its workers,the workers are very welcoming, charming, and friendly.

Wrapping Up

As earlier said, Sokoto state is blessed with lots of cheap hotels, but we mentioned the best among them.

While you might not see other five-star hotels in this write-up is because of their expensive nature. Also note that the aforementioned hotels entertain not less than 60 visitors /guest in a day.

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