FIFA: History, Members And Committees

The history of FIFA, its members, committees and the various confederations under FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA, English: International Federation of Association Football).


Association of Footballing Nations

The game of football is a popular sport that involves two teams of eleven players vying to win trophies. Normally when a match is played, there is always something to win at stake and those who play football are referred to as “professional footballers”.

Just like in every profession and career, there are sets of people who make laws, rules and regulations that will guide individuals of such professions, so as it is in soccer. The body responsible for making laws which will guide the conduct of players, referees, coaches, fans and board of directors of every clubs in football is FIFA.


FIFA was created on 21st of June, 1904 in Paris, France. The full meaning of the acronym FIFA is Fédération Internationale de Football Association whose purpose at first was the monitoring of the first football competition across the following 6 countries that included Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Germany.

The association at the beginning, found it hard to control the game of football across the world as it had no president who was to be responsible in giving out instructions. As a result of this situation, football/soccer became a game were rough tackles, punches, injuries and deaths were recorded.

It was until 1906 when FIFA finally have its first president in person of Robert Guerin.

FIFA Under Robert Guerin As President

The football governing body (FIFA) under Guerin became a force to reckon with when it comes to ensuring total fair play among players, coaches and other stakeholders.

Though Guerin’s tenure didn’t last long as FIFA’s president as he was replaced by an English man – Daniel Burley Woolfall in the same year (1906).

FIFA Under Daniel Woolfall As The President

Under Guerin, FIFA membership consisted only of European nations in its early days. Some years later under Daniel Burley Woolfall, FIFA expanded its membership therefore opening room for South Africa to become the first FIFA member from the African continent in 1909.

Apart from South Africa, other countries accepted to become members of FIFA include: Argentina (1912), Canada (1913), Chile (1913), US(1914) etc. Burley Woolfall eventually died during world war I, therefore threatening the continuity of the organization.

As a result of the world war, many countries withdrew their membership from the organization, citing reasons that there was no clear vision of what impact the war might have on their country’s economy. Although, there was an agreement with the concerned authority that they might rejoin the football governing body if the war is finally over without negative effect on their country’s economy and source of livelihood.

FIFA Committees

After lot of efforts that FIFA registered 211 nations as its members with more than 9 competitions. The football governing body is made of different department/committees such as the FIFA Congress, FIFA executive committee, FIFA Ethics committee, FIFA Emergency committee etc.

We shall be doing justice to some of these committee(s) below.

1. FIFA Congress

This committee is the FIFA’s supreme body who is created for the purpose of making laws. It consists of a member from each nation.

Apart from making laws, this committee also elects FIFA president,General secretary. It also choose Council which be monitoring any word cup tournament.

2. FIFA Executive Committee

This committee is led by the President himself and it is made up of 25 members including the 8 vice presidents. It is this body that decides which nation /country will host the world cup.

3. FIFA Emergency Committee

This committee deals with matters requiring urgent attention from FIFA. It’s made up of the president and a member from each confederation.

FIFA Confedrations

FIFA is made up of 6 confederations across the world which are:

Asian football confederation (AFC)

Confederation of African Football (CAF)

Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)


UEFA (Union of European Football Associations)

FIFA RANKING: How it is done

FIFA ranking is the way by which FIFA rates countries according to some qualities and factors possessed by countries involved as a member. This system of ranking was introduced in March 1992, with lots from critics across the world.

Please note that FIFA publishes its ranking on the days and dates below.

12 March; 9th of March; 9th of march; 4th of March; 1st of March; 6th of March; 10th of March; 14th of March; 16th of March; 23rd of March and 21st of March.

Puskas award (given for best goal scored), Balon d’or(best player), best XI (top 11 best players), etc are among the awards FIFA gives out to outstanding player(s) at the end of every soccer year.

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