Features of The 1979 Constitution

Some important features of the 1979 republican constitution includes:

1. The adoption of Presidential System of government as opposed to the parliamentary system being used before.

2. The President of the country under the 1979 constitution had executive powers and is the Head of State and Head of Government.

3. The constitution established the council of state. This was headed by the President, other members included the Vice President, all past Presidents and Heads of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senate president, Speaker of House of Representatives, all former Chief Justices of Nigeria, all state Governors, one appointed representative of each state preferably a first class chief and the Attorney General of the Federation.

4. The constitution also made whoever becomes the President the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

Some advantages of the 1979 constitution is that it ensured that powers of government were separated between the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. This ensured protection of rights and liberties of every citizen in the country. This also avoided oppression, tyranny, dictatorship and political victimization.

A major disadvantage of the 1979 constitution was that it was too expensive to run. It also gave too much power to the Executive (President).

It was the usage of such powers that gave room for corruption and lobbying which characterized the activities of the government in power during the period between March i979 and March 1983.

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