Edo State Civil Service Salary Structure (2024)

Have you wondered how much Edo State pays its civil servants? How is their salary paid based on their grade levels and roles?

With the recent increase of the minimum wage from ₦30,000 to ₦40,000 monthly in Edo, there is renewed interest in salary scales across state government jobs.

Edo State Civil Service Salary Structure

What are the salary brackets for entry level roles versus top directors and permanent secretaries? How much does the Edo governor himself earn?

The Edo State civil service has 17 grade levels, each with its own pay range. The jobs in the state civil service span basic administrative assistants and clerks at the bottom to the elected governor at the summit. Salaries are determined based on seniority, qualifications, technical expertise and responsibility.

In this article, we explain each grade level and associated monthly wages under the revised 2024 salary structure.


The Edo State Civil Service is the administrative bureaucracy that supports governance and public service delivery in Edo State, Nigeria.

Like most civil service structures in Nigeria, it consists of multiple ministries, departments and agencies that employ public servants across different roles.

The salary structure for the Edo State Civil Service consists of standardized salary grades and steps that determine pay based on factors like seniority, qualifications, and skills.

The exact salary ranges for each grade are outlined in the civil service handbook, though the basic entry grade earns around the national minimum wage.

There has been contention at times between civil service unions and the state government over salary payments, arrears and implementing new national minimum wage adjustments.


The following are paragraphs explaining the Edo State Civil Service salary structure and jobs for each grade level in 2024:

GRADE LEVEL 01 – ₦40,000 – ₦47,000

The entry level grade in the Edo civil service earns between 40,000 to 47,000 naira per month. This grade level includes basic administrative support roles like office assistants, drivers, cleaners etc. These jobs require minimal skills or experience. With the new minimum wage implemented, the lowest paid civil servants now earn at least ₦40,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 02 – ₦51,000 – ₦59,500

The second grade level performs roles like clerical officers, registry clerks, accounts clerks etc. That require some work experience and training. They implement daily administrative tasks and earn between ₦51,000 to ₦59,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 03 – ₦62,000 – ₦69,000

At this level are jobs like executive officers that carry out more complex clerical and administrative duties. They require specific skills training and a diploma. With experience, they earn more, from ₦62,000 up to ₦69,000 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 04 – ₦72,500 – ₦75,000

This grade consists of senior clerical roles and junior supervisory positions. They may include jobs like senior executive officers and assistants. They have higher education like a Higher National Diploma (HND) and good experience. Hence they earn ₦72,500 to ₦75,000.

GRADE LEVEL 05 – ₦75,000 – ₦81,000

At grade level 05 in the Edo State Civil Service are more senior officers and supervisors with substantial years of experience directing and overseeing administrative functions. Their monthly salaries range from ₦75,000 to ₦81,000.

GRADE LEVEL 06 – ₦81,000 – ₦89,500

This level has specialist officer roles. They have advanced diplomas or higher degrees like a bachelor’s degree. Their technical know-how earns them ₦81,000 to ₦89,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 07 – ₦91,500 – ₦94,000

Higher officer grades emerge at level 07, earning ₦91,500 to ₦94,000. These can include senior technical officers and professionals. They have degrees plus professional qualifications and experience.

GRADE LEVEL 08 – ₦94,500 – ₦100,000

At this point senior officers and specialists are earning nearly ₦100,000 monthly. They have crucial roles driving operations and projects for government agencies.

GRADE LEVEL 09 – ₦103,500 – ₦106,000

The mid-management tier starts here, with assistant director positions and equivalent senior specialist jobs. They have postgraduate degrees and lead divisions and units. Salaries range from ₦103,500 to ₦106,000.

GRADE LEVEL 10 – ₦106,000 – ₦111,500

This grade consists of deputy director roles and professional specialists like engineers, architects etc. They lead large teams and plan extensive projects and operations. With extensive experience and credentials, they receive ₦106,000 to ₦111,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 12 – ₦111,500 – ₦127,000

At this level are directors heading entire departments and agencies. They develop organizational strategy and policy for Edo state. With such huge responsibility, they are paid from ₦111,500 up to ₦127,000.

GRADE LEVEL 13 – ₦127,000 – ₦138,500

The highest officers just below the permanent secretary tier lie at grade 13. They are often referred to as chief directors and heads of service. They oversee multiple directorates and implement overall civil service goals. Salaries range between ₦127,000 to ₦138,500 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 14 – ₦140,000 – ₦153,000

Powerful permanent secretaries who manage entire ministries fall under grade level 14 in the Edo State Civil Service. They work closely with political heads and advise the government on key policy areas.

Hence, they earn salaries from ₦140,000 up to ₦153,000.

GRADE LEVEL 15 – ₦153,000 – ₦167,500

The highest ranking career civil servants are at grade 15. As heads of service, they coordinate activities across ministries and implement rules for all government workers. With such authority, they draw big salaries from ₦153,000 to ₦167,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 16 – ₦172,000 – ₦200,000

This elite grade consists solely of political appointees like commissioners and special advisers. Nominated by the governor, they lead assigned ministries and strategic initiatives for Edo state. In return, they are paid generously between ₦172,000 to ₦200,000 each month.

GRADE LEVEL 17 – ₦200,500 – ₦900,000

At the very top lies grade 17 with the biggest salary band in the Edo state civil service. This exclusive tier applies solely to the governor who is elected to administer the entire Edo state government for 4 years.

With immense executive power and responsibility, the governor earns from ₦200,500 up to ₦900,000 monthly.


The Edo civil service salary scheme offers pay transparency for different state government jobs. Basic office assistants now earn ₦40,000 monthly minimum following the wage increase.

Meanwhile permanent secretaries can make over ₦150,000 and the governor up to a million each month.

Salary grades rise in tune with seniority, qualifications and job complexity between these extremes. The structure aims to attract and retain talent across administrative, technical and political leadership roles vital for Edo state operations.

With the wage boost, the lowest paid workers also have a liveable income to reflect the current economic situation in the country.

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