Disadvantages Of Military Rule in Nigeria

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 01:05 am

Below are the demerits / disadvantages of military rule In Nigeria

It had been ascertained that there were few advantages attributed to military rule in Nigeria. Forget all those talks of it been the most disciplined and they provided the infrastructures we enjoy today.

Military rule in Nigeria comes with a lot of disadvantage that can’t be overlooked. Imagine waking up one early only to discover some tactical soldiers have overthrown and enthroned a Head of State and then come up with white lies as excuses for their actions.

This post will highlight 4 demerits/disadvantages of military rule in Nigeria.

Human Right Violation

Violation of human right is at its greatest during the military era in Nigeria. This was evident in the way those opposing the government are treated. Hundreds of people are being captured and imprisoned for many years.

A lot were tortured and killed. When you are an opposition in this era, caution is your watch word. Think of people executed like Ken Saro Wiwa and others.

Think of the annulment of the March 12 election and the torture music legend Fela went through for opposing the government. This is just tip of an iceberg of what happens during military rule in the country.


If you are one of the persons that believe the civilian regime is the most corrupt then think again. The military regime was a very corrupt one.

However, unlike the civilian regime where it is widely spread and many had their own share of the national cake, in the military era, only few had access to the national cake and carry out their corrupt act with it while living the majority under fear and terror.

Unlike in the civilian rule when you can point this out, you dare not else, you are in! Remember, Nigeria is yet to recover all the loot Abacha, a military dictator stole.

Instability Of Government

The government during the military regime was unstable. Coup d’état was the order of the day during this regime and you can just wake up to hear that a new Head of State had emerged.

This led to instability in the government and the lack of continuity in government. However, this same persist till date.

No Freedom Of Speech And Media

Are you looking for a regime where propaganda is at its highest? Then look at the military regime.

The military decide to a larger extent what you should hear in the media. Private media houses have restrictions on what they air out to the public. People also don’t have the freedom of speech.

Say something bad about the government and face its wrought. The fear of the government had given it the power to dish out propaganda to the public with little to no opposition.

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