Top 10 Best Disability Schools in Lagos & Locations

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The value of education can never be underestimated as the right to be educated is for both the disabled and the abled in the society. With this notion in mind, the disabled are not completely left out in the quest for learning. Though, being disabled might impair one physically to obtain normal education, but there are good number of schools for children with special needs in Nigeria that allay their situation by giving them adequate learning. These institutions offer educational learning to the physically challenged. In Lagos, there are top schools that offers the best academic services with respect to disabled people’s education. This article will be more explicit on this, as we will highlight the top disability schools in Lagos state, Nigeria.

top disability schools in Lagos

A disability or special school is an institution designed to cater for students who have special educational needs due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems. This schools have become necessary due to the need for the disabled to be carried along in terms of learning. Disability schools are just like the normal school. It offers the same education, but the variation is in terms of facilities to facilitate this type of learning.

Top 10 Disability Schools in Lagos

There are good number of disability schools in Lagos city. These institutions offer educational programs for both the residents and non-indigenes of the area. To give you options on which one to go for, we have compiled the list of top ten best disability schools in Lagos state  and their locations.

Marigold Special School

This is one of the best disability school in Lagos, and also in the country. It is best because it offers quality learning in addition with the provision of room for many disabled peoples. Marigold Special School is located at 45, Prince Bayo Adesulere street, Casso bus stop, Alagbado, Lagos.

It is a very good school that caters for special needs children. At Marigold, disability education is rest assured, as the institution provides education and therapy for special children with forms of disability. The category include dyslexia, mild, moderate and severe cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, ADHD and an assortment of other special needs.

Patrick Speech and Learning Centre

Another prominent name in the disability schools in Lagos is the Patrick Speech and Learning Centre. Located at 13b, Remi-Fanikayode Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos State, the school is equally one of the best in the country. Patrick Speech & and Learning Centre is a disability school that focuses on providing specialized educational services for individuals living with autism in Nigeria. The school is very well equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of special people.

Helping Hands Special School

This is a good disability school in Festac town. Precisely located at Plot 1072, oppsite 401 Junction 4th Avenue A1 Close, Festac Town, Lagos, the school offers good services for the disabled educational learning. At Helping Hands Special School, disabled students are not completely left out of education with their condition.

Services offered by this Lagos disability school involves speech therapy, physiotherapy & occupational therapy, individualized educational plan, counseling & cognitive restructuring, independent living, autism & applied behavior, and more.

Little Beginnings Academy

Little Beginnings Academy is a topnotch disability school in Lagos. The address of this institution is precisely located at Plot 13, Akanbi Disu Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. Going to Little Beginnings Academy for education, is a good option for those with disability issues.

This special school is specifically designed for children with special needs and learning. Also, Little Beginnings Academy school provides each child with occupational and physical therapy, speech and behaviour therapy.


Are you looking for a good disability school near Lekki. TLPCentre at No 18, Chris Maduike Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, is a good quality institution of learning for disabled people. At TLP Centre, learning services is assured irrespective of the condition of the physically challenged people.

Moreso, this is a disability school that provides consistent support and feedback to children who have physical and developmental disorders. In all, the vision of the school is on producing well rounded individuals with permanent functional skills.

Amtowa Montessori School & Special Centre

Amtowa Montessori School & Special Centre is a disability school at No 20, Surulere Street, Off Omolola Ashimi Road, Fawole Bustop, Bayeku Ikorodu, Lagos State. The school is one of the top institution of learning for disabled people.

This educational institution is situated within lkorodu axis of Lagos, and as a school of learning, it provides professional educational & care services for special needs children living with disabilities. The school also attend to disabled children within and outside the city.

KenMark Foundation

Located at No 7, Alhaji Yaya Street, Ilasa, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos State, this is another top disability school in the state. KenMark Foundation is an adult day care centre specifically designed for disable persons. The school focuses on equipping and empowering the disable men and women in and out of the city.

Leunamme Special Needs Academy

If you are interested in a school of special needs in Lagos, then Leunamme Special Needs Academy is a viable option for you to go for. Leunamme Special Needs Academy is located in the city of Lagos, Lagos State, and it aims at providing educational training to schools on how to handle and work with an autistic child.

The school’s program also envomy other things like SEN, while providing specialised educational services for individuals living with autism and intellectual disability. You can also see this institution as an option to obtain an education being physically challenged.

Anthos House

This is an autism school in Lagos. The school is one of the top rated disability school in the country. They are located at 1, Platinum Way, Opposite Jakande First Gate, Lekki Phase II, Lagos, Nigeria.

At Anthos House, they believe in an integrated approach to disability education, care and therapy, while being committed to strong academic progress, which is delivered as functional skills.

Their core objective is to deliver broad, balanced and relevant learning programmes to our learners, which includes people with any form of disability. The school also cater for each child’s unique needs and abilities, hence giving them the needed learning.

Modupe Cole Memorial Child

A special school that wouldn’t fail to make the list of popular disability school in Lagos, is the Modupe Cole Memorial Child. This foundation started as far back as 1960. The school mainly aims at supporting and teaching children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, e.t.c.

The school runs both academic and vocational training programs for the physically challenged kids. Modupe Cole Memorial Child is located at No. 1, St. Finbarr College Road, Akoka, in the city of Lagos.


Disability schools is very important for many reasons, which one of such is that, it helps the physically challenged children and students to be carried along on education. This write-up expressed much on this, and the top disability schools that are available in Lagos. This will give a guide in knowing the best disability school in the city, and extensively in the country.

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