Difference Between Standard Passport & Official Passport in Nigeria

In this writeup, we will analyze the differences between the two types of Nigerian passport: The standard passport and the official passport. The process of applying for either of the passport, we will elaborate also in this article.

standard passport and official passport

Firstly, what is a Nigerian International Passport? 

This is a Nigerian document used as a means of global identification. The international passport also provides you the opportunity to travel and access various countries and societies, permitting you to travel anyplace on the world (if you have the right visa). Nigerians needing to go outside the nation are required to get a Nigerian international visa. 

Currently, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) are issuing electronic travel papers (e-international IDs) for new applications, which dumbs the old analog international passports the initially issue. Common residents can apply for a Standard e-identification (green spread), while official e-international IDs (blue spread) are saved for government authorities and top personnel at higher places.

The Difference Between Nigerian Standard and Official Passports 

After knowing what the Nigerian passport is all about, let’s contrast the two types of visa, Standard and Official visas we have in Nigeria. 

While this topic stikes confusion, we will do our best to eplain the difference between the two types of passport available in the country.

The fundamental difference among standard and official visa is that each Nigerian has the privilege to apply for Standard Passport while just government officials have the right to apply for the latter.

What is Standard International Passport?

The standard international passport is a type of means of official identification (passport). This is a sort of international visa that each resident has the privilege to apply for; regardless of whether you are working in any is sector for government or private individuals. In the event that you are not a government official in Nigeria, the passport that you are eligible to have is the standard visa. 

Requirements For Acquiring Standard Passport 

Any citizen or applicant who wishes to get the Nigeria standard e-visa is relied upon to meet certain requirements and conditions. One of such is a government letter of recognizable proof, birth testament, or age affirmation, and an as of late taken passport photograph, which must show candidate’s full face down to the neck, with no discolouration. 

The standard identification can be acquired with any of the accompanying documents: 

  1. Fresh (First) Application 
  2. Re-Issuance of Passport 

Conditions for Fresh Passport Application

You must have Citizenship by Birth, by Naturalization, by Registration or Grown-up (18 years or more) 

The documents are:

  1. Letter of recognizable proof from Local Government/State of origin or home or National Identity Card OR Letter of presentation for representatives of government as a Nigerian resident expressing Service Number, Length of Service and Designation/Rank. The letter must be accompanied with a legitimate staff personality card; 
  2. Finished visa application structure and 2 identification estimated photos (identification photos supported at the back by the Guarantor); 
  3. Completed Guarantors’ structure appropriately marked by a Commissioner for Oaths joined with Photocopy of Data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian ePassport and one identification estimated photo of the Guarantor; 
  4. Marriage testament, where relevant; 
  5. Birth Certificate (testament gave by the National Population Commission will be required from candidates whose date of birth is with effect from Dec 1992) or Age Declaration connected with one visa estimated photo and appropriately embraced by a Commissioner for Oaths 
  6. Affirmation slip and proof of installment 

For Minors under the age of 18

  1. Finished visa application structure attached with 1 identification estimated photo of minor to be embraced on the invert side by the consenting guardian/s; 
  2. Proof of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s; 
  3. Birth endorsement (declaration must be given by the National Population Commission for minors conceived inside Nigeria); 
  4. Letter of assent from either parent; 
  5. Affirmation slip and proof of installment; 
  6. Lastly, a Court Order and Letter of endorsement from State Ministry of Women and Child Development. This Requirement is required in the case of child adoption.

Official Passports In Nigeria 

The official e-identification is basically saved for specific classes of people which includes government officials and Nigerian ambassadors. 

Getting an official visa is reachable through same procedures as the Standard. Applications for an official passport should be with a letter of recognizable proof gave from the State Government, Federal Government, Ministry/association, a marriage endorsement when relevant, a letter of arrangement and a letter indicating another assignment/advancement. 

Qualifications for Official Passport

These are the eligibility for acquiring a Nigerian Official Passport;

  • Application is not restricted for Chiefs i.e. individuals from the State Executive Council, Special Assistants and Special Advisors.
  • Senior Government Officials in the position of Deputy Directors or more in the Federal Civil Service 
  • State Civil Service Senior Government Officials, Directors and above rank.
  • Appointees and General Managers in Federal and State Parastatals 
  • Administrator, Deputy Chairman and Secretaries of Local Government Councils 
  • Staffs from the position of Deputy Director or more in CBN and their equal in Federal owned Banks and associates.
  • Colonel or of higher rank in the Army and their equal in the Navy and Air force
  • Those in the NPF, ACP, and ACSIO in DSS 
  • Functioners in paramilitary Services 
  • Deputy Vice Chancellors of Federal and State Universities and their equivalent in the Polytechnics and Colleges of Education 
  • Military and Police Officers on Peace keeping Missions 
  • First Class Traditional Rulers and Chiefs are eligible to get the Nigerian Official passport.

Also, Senior Government Officials, those under GL.08-14 on Official task abroad and have SGF/SSG endorsement for such authority trips are also given the Official passport.

Prerequisites for obtaining the Nigerian Official passport

Here is a list of important documents required to get the Nigerian Official passport;

  1. An application letter from the Applicant’s Organization 
  2. Two visa photos 
  3. Last advancement/ promotion letter or Letter of Appointment 
  4. Photocopy of substantial authority identity card 
  5. A Proof of Age 
  6. For Political office holders, they would be required to present certificate of returns from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) or States Electoral Commission (SEC)

How to Apply for an Official Passport in Nigeria

– The letter of application and introduction from the candidate’s MDA ought to be submitted to the Office of the Comptroller General at the NIS Headquarters, Abuja. 

– States and Local Government Authority applying for the passport should also be submitted through the offices of the Comptrollers of Immigration Service in the State Commands and the Local Government Divisional Immigration Officer separately. 

The cost of Nigerian Official Passport

According to the immigration website, a nonrefundable fee of N6,750 which is selective of bank charges, is the cost for getting the Nigerian Official Passport. 

This figure is subject to change, but we will keep you updated if it does happen.

The Relationship Between Standard And Official Passports

Regardless of whether it is a Standard or Official visa type, an application letter, affirmation slip, installment receipt and two recent photos are required for both processes. Presently, the process is digitalized and done on the web which makes work more flexible. 

However, candidates applying for either type of visa should print out a duplicate of the properly finished and marked application letter to the application office for additional processing and review of application.

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