Crude Oil Types in Nigeria And Their Specifications

Nigeria is the sixth-largest oil producer in the world and the top oil producer in Africa. The country has a daily output of 2.5 million barrels of crude oil allows the nation to fill this position. Nigeria primarily produces light crude oils with a high value and low sulfur content.

crude oil producing states in Nigeria

This comprises Qua-Iboe Light, Escravos Light, Brass Blend, and Bonny Light. Other ones are still being drilled across the nation. Below, we’ve attempted to summarize the specifications for the main crude samples found in Nigeria.


It is important to be aware that the Bonny Light is one of the main varieties of crude oil which the country generates. It is truly a premium grade of crude oil from Nigeria that is made in the Niger Delta area. Its low sulfur level, one of its distinguishing characteristics, makes it highly valued by refiners.

The several kinds of crude oil found in Nigeria are listed below:

  • Bonny Light
  • Brass Blend
  • Escravos Light
  • Forcados Blend
  • Qua-Iboe Light
  • Antan Blend
  • Bonny Medium
  • IMA, Odudu Blend
  • Pennington Light
  • Ukpokiti.


Here are the details for the main categories of crude oil samples from Nigeria.


The Niger Delta region of Nigeria’s Oloibiri is where Bonny Light oil was initially discovered in 1956. It is widely sought after by refiners because of its capabilities of producing high profit. With an API rating of 32.9, bonny light oil is categorized as light crude oil. Nigerian refiners produce the light-sweet crude oil grade known as Bonny Light. It serves as a significant standard for all crude production in West Africa.

Bonny Light oil is a premium type of crude oil from Nigeria with a high API gravity (low specific gravity). It is created in the Niger Delta basin and is given the name of the prosperous area surrounding the city of Bonny (Port-Harcourt). Due to its low sulfur level, American and European refineries in particular are very interested in the Bonny Light. Consequently, it is a significant source of income for Nigeria.

Here are some details about it:

  • API 35 degrees Gravity
  • Sulfur Content: 0.2%bbl/mt
  • Conversion Factor: 7.526
  • Specifications: {API 35.4°, S.G. 0.85, Sulphur 0.14, Pour point -18°C, TAN 0.27 mg KOH/g}, Nickel 3.6 wppm, Vanadium 0.4 wppm, Visc. (50°C) 2.9 cSt.


Qua Iboe is a light, sweet crude with a sulfur level of 0.13% and a gravity of 36 API. The crude is extracted in fields 20 to 40 miles offshore of the nation’s coast. Most of its locations are along the coast of Akwa Ibom State.

Light crude, metals, and asphaltic material make up Qua Ibo, which has very low sulfur content. The crude will yield products with a similar low sulfur standard after being processed. After straightforward refining, this well-balanced intermediate crude yields high-quality, low-sulfur products. The Qua Iboe Terminal is situated on the eastern side of the estuary of the Qua Ibo river. It has 9 storage tanks for crude oil with a combined capacity of 4.5 million barrels. Mobil manages the Qua Ibo terminal in Akwa Ibom State.

The complete details of Qua Iboe crude oil are listed below.

  • API Gravity 36 degrees
  • Sulfur Content: 0.1%bbl/mt
  • Conversion Factor: 7.45
  • Specifications: {S.G. 0.8487, Sulphur 0.1175, Pour point 60°F, TAN 0.32 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.1 wppm}, Vanadium 0.3 wppm, Visc. (20°C) 5.71 cSt.


Brass River is a common, premium crude from West Africa that is focused on the production of gasoline and gasoil. It has a low metal concentration, 0.13% sulfur content, and an API gravity of 36.3. The grade has a storage capacity of 3,558,000 barrels and is loaded from Agip’s Brass River terminal (565,700 m3). Another sort of crude oil production in Nigeria is The Brass Blend.

The whole description is given below:

  • API Gravity variable
  • Naphtha: N+2A > 70
  • Sulphur: 0.13%
  • Specifications: {{{API 36.25°, S.G. 0.845 conversion rate 7.46, Pour point -36 °C, TAN 0.29 mg KOH/g}}}, Nickel 2.0 wppm, Vanadium < 2 wppm, Visc. (40°C) 5.2 cSt.


Nigeria is the country that produces Escravos crude oil. Escravos Terminal, which is run by Chevron and has room for Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) boats, is where it is loaded. Chevron runs the Escravos terminal in Delta State, which has a storage capacity of 3.6 million barrels (570,000 m3) of crude oil. The details of Escravos crude oil are listed below.

  • API Gravity: 33.0-33.5 degrees
  • Sulfur Content: 0.15-0.18%.
  • Specifications: {{{S.G. 0.85, Conversion Rate 7.5, Pour point 7 °C, TAN 0.53 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.8 wppm}}}, Vanadium 0.5 wppm, Visc. (40°C) 4.75 cSt.


Forcados crude oil is one of Nigeria’s distinctive crude blends with an average daily production of roughly 200,000 barrels. When combined with the neighboring Bonny Port, which is also run by Shell, the Forcados terminal has the capacity to store 13 million barrels (2,100,000 m3) of crude oil.

The characteristics of Forcados crude oil are listed below.

  • API Gravity: 30 Degrees
  • Sulfur content: 0.2%bbl/mt
  • Conversion Factor: 7.223
  • Specifications: {{{Pour point -27 °C, TAN 0.34 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.9 wppm, Vanadium 1.0 wppm}}}, Visc. (50°C) 4.6 cSt.


Nigeria’s economic foundation is crude oil, and it continues to be one of the world’s top producers of the commodity. In fact, it is the highest in all of Africa.

Petroleum, which is another name for crude oil, is the naturally occurring, viscous remnant of long-extinct sea creatures. It has altered Nigeria’s fortunes and outlook ever since it was discovered there a number of years ago. Of course, it is useless by itself until it undergoes specific procedures and refinement to produce a variety of necessary items.

Drilling is used to obtain crude oil, which occurs before accurate geological findings. These natural resources are a blessing for diverse nations, and they enable them to generate different kinds of crude oil. She solely produces high quality, light crude oils with minimal sulfur level for Nigeria. In addition to listing them above, we also emphasized their details.

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