Cross River State: List of Local Government Areas & Towns

If there’s a tourist place in Nigeria, then Cross River state will certainly be one of the preferred option. Aside from being tourism-inclined, there is more to know about this state. This write-up will encapsulate the rundown of towns and local government areas in the ‘people’s paradise’.

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In a short overview, Calabar city the state capital is the most prominent town in Cross River. Other major towns like Akamkpa, Biase, Calabar South, Ikom, Obubra, Odukpani, Ogoja, and Ugep still make the list of towns in this state.

Overview of Cross River State

Cross River State is a south-south state in Nigeria. The state borders Cameroon to the east and Akwa Ibom to the west. The state got it name from the River Cross (Oyono), which is a major river that flows through the state.

Cross River state is located in the Niger Delta region of the country, and it occupies an area of 20,156 square kilometers. The state shares boundaries with Benue State to the north, Enugu and Abia States to the west, to the east by Cameroon Republic and to the south by Akwa-Ibom and the Atlantic Ocean.

On March 27, 1967, Cross River state was created from the former Eastern Region by the then Military ruler General Yakubu Gowon.

Cross River state has one of the highest number of tribes in the country. However, three ethnic groups are major: the Efik, the Ejagham, and the Bekwarra. The Efik language is widely spoken in the state, especially in the southern region. Moreover, Ejagham and Efik are the major languages of Cross River State.

List of Local Government Areas and Towns in Cross River State

Here is the list of local government areas in Cross River state and the towns located within them;

Abi Local Government Area

Abi LGA is one of Cross River state local government area. It has an administrative capital located in Itigidi town. Other towns in Abi LGA are: Adadama, Afafanyi, Igonigoni, Ekureku, Imabana, Usumutong, Abuego, Itigidi, Ebom and Ediba/Anong.

Akamkpa Local Government Area

Akamkpa LGA is a Local Government Area of Cross River state with Akamkpa town being the headquarter of the local government area.

Other towns are: Egup-Ipa, Ehom, Erei, Iko Ekpe-Rem, Ikpai, Netin, Ito, Oban, Ojuk, Ubang-Hara, Umon and Uyanga.

Akpabuyo Local Government Area

Akpabuyo LGA has it capital located in the town of Ikot Nakanda. There are other towns in the local government area which are: Atimbo, Eneyo, Ikang, Idundu, Ikot Edem Odo and Ikot Eyo.

Bakassi Local Government Area

Bakassi LGA is an oil rich area in Cross River State. It has its administrative headquarter in Ikang town, and consist of other towns which include: Abana, Akpankanya, Akwa, Amoto, Ambai Ekpa, Archibong, Atai, Ema, Efut Iwang, Ekpot Abia and Odiong.

Bekwarra Local Government Area

Bekwarra LGA is a prominent LGA in Cross River. It headquarter is in the town of Abuochiche, and other towns include: Afrike, Yala, Ekajuk, Gabu, Gakem, Mbube, Nkum, Ukele, Ogoja Urban, Western Yala Ya and Yache.

Biase Local Government Area

Biase LGA is in number as one of the local government area of the state. The capital is located in the town of Akpet Central.

Other towns include: Abanwan, Afono, Edu/Elu, Egbor, Etana, Ipene, Ibini, Obum, Umuolor and Urugbam.

Boki Local Government Area

Boki LGA is one of the Local Government Areas of the state. It has with an adminstrative capital in Boje town. Abawyum, Akpara-Bong, Boje, Ikom (Rural), Nde, Nta, Ofutop, Osokom and Etung are the prominent towns in Boki LGA.

Calabar Municipal Local Government Area

Calabar Municipal LGA has the capital of Cross River state. The prominent Local Government Area has an headquarter in the city of Calabar. As an urban area, there are many towns located in this LGA.

Calabar South Local Government Area

Calabar South LGA is in Cross River South Senetorial district. The administrative headquarter is located in the town of Anantigha. There are also many other towns situated in this local government area.

Etung Local Government Area

Etung LGA is a Local Government Area in Cross River State. It has an headquarter in Effraya town. Other towns in Etung LGA are; Abia, Abijang, Agbokim, Ajassor, Bendeghe, Ekiem, Effraya, Etomi, Itaka, Mkpot/Ayuk Aba and Nsofang.

Ikom Local Government Area

Ikom LGA has its administrative headquarter in the town of Ikom, which the area got it name.

Towns in Ikom LGA include: Abakpa, Bisiri, Bojor Achibong, Obudu, Oguja, Okim Osabor, Okuku and others prominent urban areas.

Obanliku Local Government Area

Obanliku LGA is one of the local government areas of Cross River state. It headquarter is situated in the town of Sankwala. Other towns are: Basang, Bebi, Becheve, Bendi, Bishiri, Bisu, Busi and Utanga.

Obubra Local Government Area

Obubra LGA is a renown local government area in the state. It has its administrative headquarters in the town of Obubra, consisting of other towns: Iyalla, Obubra Urban, Ofat (Adum), Ofodua (Adum), Ofombo-Ngha, Okom and Osopong.

Obudu Local Government Area

Obudu LGA has one of the notable tourist attractions site in Nigeria. It administrative headquarter is in Obudu town.

Other towns in Obudu LGA include: Alege, Becheve, Bettee, Oban-Liku, Obudu (Rural), Okpe, South Oban-Liku, Ugang, Unpe, Utanga and Utugwang.

Odukpani Local Government Area

Odukpani Local Government Area is one of the eighteen Local Government Area of Cross River state. Towns in Odukpani LGA include the following: Adiabo Efut, Creek Town, Ekori/anaku, Eniong, Eki, Obomitiat, Mbiabo, Odot, Odukpani Central, Onim, Ankiong, Ikoneto, Idere, Ukwa Ibom and Inuakpa Okoyong.

Ogoja Local Government Area

Ogoja LGA is widely known for it agricultural production. It is one of the local government area of Cross River state. The headquarter is domiciled in the renown town of Ogoja town.

Other notable towns are: Ekajuk, Mbube, Nkum Iborr, Nkum Irede and Ogoja Urban.

Yakurr Local Government Area

Yakurr LGA is one of the local government area of Cross River state. It has it headquarter in the town of Ugep.

Other towns like Abanakpai, Afrekpe, Ajere, Assiga, Biko Biko, Idomi, Ijiman, Ijom, Ikpakapit, Inyima, Mkpani, Nkpolo and Ntan make up the LGA.

Yala Local Government Area

Yala LGA is one of the Local Government Area of Cross River State. Okpoma town is the administrative headquarter of the local government area. Other towns include: Yahe, Ugaga, Ijegu, Oloko, Imaje, Oke, Echumoga, Woda, Ebo, Igede Edii, Itekpa, Maa, Wonye, Uchu and Osina are the notable urban centres in Yala LGA.


There are many things to make you visit Cross-River state, but the most alluring is tourism in the state. Tourist attractions in the state are the Ikom Monoliths, the Mary Slessor Tomb, Calabar Drill Monkey Sanctuary, Cross River National Park, Afi Mountain walkway canopy, Kwa falls, Agbokim waterfalls, Tinapa Business Resort and the annual Calabar Christmas Carnival.

This is our take on this as we’ve been able to examine the list of local government areas and towns in Cross River State.

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