Top 5 Best Creams To Remove Dark Knuckles in Nigeria

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 12:21 am

Are you looking for solution to your dark knuckles and dark feet, we have compiled the best natural creams to cure dark knuckles easily for you. You can get any of these creams from local stores, pharmaceutical shops and online market places.


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There are various reasons why people have dark knuckles. It is not only caused by bleaching as most people think, but can be formed due to accumulation of dead skin cells, exposure to excessive friction and activities by the bones of the fingers. Activities such as washing, chemicals from detergents, bleaching creams are all part of the causes of dark knuckles. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can also be a culprit, while sometimes it can also be hereditary.

Dark knuckles can make one less confident, increase low self esteem and uncomfortable with their skin. To solve dark knuckles permanently, there are natural creams and lotions available in the market which can be used to lighten your knuckles. These are organic products that have been tested medically and would not damage your skin because they are not harsh.


Below are the best creams that can remove dark knuckles permanently in Nigeria:


This is one of the best dark knuckle remover cream that can lighten dark knuckle and toes. This cream also treats itching and skin pigmentation and can be used on hands, elbows, on the feet and knees. Made from natural plant extract, Pr. Francoise Bedon Lightening Cream is known to be gentle with the skin, giving your skin the soft moisturizing touch and making it good to apply on dark areas. You can also use it to treat stretch marks and scars caused by age, sunlight and pregnancy.

The presence of Vitamin E in this cream ensure that it has anti-aging properties which protects the skin from unwanted radicals that damage the skin surface and causes blemish. We can certify that this cream has underwent high grade test by dermatologist and highly qualified laboratories. If you use this cream consistently, you would have a smooth skin with a unified skin complexion from head to toes as the plant extracts from this product ensures that your body maintains moisture and is clearer.


Bismid dark knuckle cream is known to unify the skin tone by whitening dark spots on the body when applied. its another great cream for dark knuckles removal used to lighten dark knuckles on hands, elbows, feet and knees. The moisturizing properties combined with the natural ingredients helps lighten dark spots and nourishes the skin better.

The presence of exfoliating ingredients in Bismid dark knuckles removal cream ensures that dead skin cells on the skin surface are eliminated. Popular reviews by people who use this cream agree to its effectiveness in whitening stubborn spots and give you that unique complexion with a much younger skin look when applied on dark areas.


The Yellow peeling oil has been dubbed as one of the most effective treatments for dark knuckles and patches on the human skin. It contains ingredients that are effective for exfoliating dead skin cells such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. When applied, this effective oil peels off any dull skin and improves brighter skin tone, removing dark spots, knuckles and discolorations.

Using this yellow peeling oil improves skin lightening and removes blemishes on the skin. Those who use this oil sometimes complain of mild itching or a warm sensation due to the nature and sensitivity of their skin. This is a proof to the effectiveness of the product, healing the skin surface from within. We advise that in the event that the after effect becomes disturbing, do not use it again especially if your skin is too sensitive.


Amlactin is a lotion that has been clinically proven by dermatologists to work as a remedy for dark spots and removal of dead skin cells. The presence of alpha-hydroxyl acid helps to restore the outer skin layer but formulation of new cells. It helps to soften the skin and improves its smoothness as it removes dark knuckles and spots. If you want a healthy and moisturized skin, Amlactin Body Lotion can help with that through consistent use.


The Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold Face and Body Lotion is another effective dark knuckle removal cream made from egg yolk and L-Glutathione. Glutathione is very effective as a natural substance the body uses to regenerate damaged cells and also an anti ageing property.  Egg yolk on the other hand helps in improving skin texture and adds moisture to the skin to make it smooth and white.

The Magic Whitening Gold lotion produces result within 14 days of constant application. Your skin automatically becomes younger and with the help of SPF20 in the cream, your hands and feet are shielded from heat from the sun to give you that uniform lightened skin.


While there are other natural solutions to effectively remove dark knuckles permanently, these five are best you can try. The use of shea butter is also good but takes a longer time and it also varies on the skin type if you must achieve the desired result.

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