Cost of House Rent in Abuja (2024)

If you’re contemplating on where to live in Abuja, then this article will be helpful as we will provide the cost of renting a house in Nigeria’s capital city. Also, in the course of this article, we will highlight house rent costs in different parts of Abuja.  The various factors that influence this cost of house rent in Abuja will as well be covered in this detailed write-up.

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Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and it happens to be the most developed urban area in the country. The central city is highly populated and in spite of the generally high populace, there is lots of development being seen there. However, the cost of living in Abuja is high, and this has made some people, particularly the lower class and low salary earners, to be kept away from moving into the city because of the significant expense of house rents.

Nowadays, many people have their own houses and pay rent on time to the landlord. In Nigeria, the amount of money for rent has been rising in Abuja. The cost depends on the location of the house and also your salary as well. Although some people are not satisfied with this amount, most do not go against it because they have no right to argue or negotiate for any other price after agreeing to accept whatever is offered by the landlady/landlord.

For those anticipating moving into the city, this article on the cost of house rents in Abuja will assist you with having a thought and also have a decent spending plan of what you may be paying for your accommodation in Nigeria capital city.


The cost of house rent is determined by some certain factors which influences the price of these houses. This includes important factors which are basically something very similar in every single urban area. A part of the variables that influence the expense of house rent in Abuja are highlighted below.

  • The Location of the House: The place the house is situated determines how much a tenant will have to pay to rent the apartment. There are lots of locations in Abuja city and you wouldn’t have to pay the same thing in all cases. Just as the cost of living in Bwari will differ from the cost of living in the Abuja metropolis.
  • Type of Apartment: The sort of the apartment you want to rent similarly impacts the expense of house rent. Apartments that have the capacity of 3 room, 2 room, one room and self-contained houses all offer different house rent in the city. In like manner is the rent of a duplex or bungalow in Abuja. In the event that you would know the expense of a 3 room, 2 room, one room and self contained apartment in the nation’s capital, then, you should read on this article as we will delineate on that.
  • Facilities in the House: Additionally, another factor that determines the cost of house rent in Abuja is the sort of facilities available in the house. Houses or apartments with adequate essential facilities and equipment like air-conditioners, toilet and kitchen equipment, and so on, are reliably higher in the cost of renting them.


Let’s now take a gander at how much is needed to rent a house in the federal capital territory, Abuja. We will be giving you information about the current cost of rent in Abuja dependent on costly/high metropolitan areas and low metropolitan regions. Note that the cost of rent in Abuja is subject to location of the house, kind of apartment and facilities available, as we have already explained.

Area Type of House No. of Rooms Average Cost (₦/year)
Wuse Apartment 3 2.5 million – 11 million
Maitama Apartment 3 5 million – 15 million
Gwarinmpa Apartment 3 1.5 million – 4.5 million
Garki Apartment 3 2.5 million – 7 million
Durunmi Apartment 3 2 million – 5 million
Asokoro Apartment 3 3 million – 10.5 million
Kubwa Apartment 2 1 million – 1.5 million
Lugbe Apartment 2 750,000 – 1.1 million
Mpape Apartment 2 950,000 – 1.5 million
Nyanya Apartment 2 1.5 million – 4.5 million
Utako Apartment 2 750,000 – 1.1 million
Apo Apartment 2 1.5 million – 4.5 million
Kaura Apartment 2 1 million – 2.5 million
Wuse Self-contained room 1 400,000 – 750,000
Maitama Self-contained room 1 400,000 – 750,000
Gwarinmpa Self-contained room 1 300,000 – 500,000
Asokoro Self-contained room 1 400,000 – 750,000
Kubwa Self-contained room 1 300,000 – 500,000
Lugbe Single room 1 90,000 – 150,000
Mpape Single room 1 90,000 – 150,000
Nyanya Single room 1 90,000 – 150,000
Gwagwalada Single room 1 90,000 – 150,000
Kubwa Single room 1 90,000 – 150,000


Asokoro, Wuse, Maitama, Gwarinmpa, Garki, Jabi and Durunmi  are the remote part of Abuja city, hence the cost of renting a house there is always very high. The expense of rents in these above-mentioned areas are the absolute most costly in Abuja.

The average cost of a 3 room flat in these places is ₦2.5 million every year. At Wuse, a 3 room apartment goes between ₦2.5 million to ₦11 million. In case you’re looking for an apartment in Maitama Abuja, you should budget between ₦5 million to ₦15 million every year for a 3 room apartment. The cost of renting a house in Asokoro is between ₦3 million and could be as high as ₦10.5 million on a yearly basis.

These regions are viewed as Abuja high metropolitan areas which implies a high standard of living.


Abuja less urban communities like Kubwa, Lugbe, Mpape, Nyanya, Utako, Apo and Kaura regions are viewed as more affordable areas to live in the city.

The expense of rents here isn’t really modest, anyway when contrasted with other areas like Wuse 2, and Maitama, they can be pretty much affordable.

The average cost of renting a house in Mpape, Nyanya, Kubwa, Utako and Apo is ₦1.5 million to ₦4.5 million for a 3 room apartment every year.

Also, the least expensive flat in the Kubwa area is around ₦1 million on a yearly basis. The cost of a 2 room flat at Mpape is around ₦950,000 per annum. If you’re looking to rent a house in Lugbe and Utako, a two (2) bedroom flat is around ₦750,000 to ₦1.1 million every year.


Self-contained rooms at Abuja remote areas like Wuse, Gwarinmpa, Asokoro and Maitama are between ₦400,000 to ₦750,000 every year. The expense of self-contained rooms at Mpape, Nyanya, Apo, Utako and Kubwa is between ₦300,000 to ₦500,000 each year.

The latter areas are considered as more affordable to rent a self con in the city of Abuja.


Single rooms are not that popular in Abuja, particularly in the Abuja high metropolitan areas. However, you will still see most of them in less remote areas. Be that as it may, single rooms can be found at Abuja areas like Mpape, Apo, Nyanya, Gwagwalada and Kubwa.

The cost of single rooms in Abuja is around ₦90,000 to ₦150,000 every year and relies upon the facilities available to occupants.


In the course of this article we have outlined the current cost of renting a house in Nigeria’s most developed city, Abuja. From the picture of the figures, you can have a view that the city has a high cost of living.

Nonetheless, those intending to get a house in Abuja ought not be debilitated by the high cost of rent in the city as there are affordable areas to look out for. We listed these areas in the course of the write-up.

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