Complex Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials

Hair Care Equipment

When you go to a hairdressing salon you will find complex equipment used by the hairdressers for dressing the hair. These equipment are necessary and serve as must haves for hair dressers in order for them to be able to properly carry out their work in the best possible way, giving their customers the satisfaction of properly taking care of their hair, having in mind that what is what doing is worth doing well.

hair care equipment

Some of the complex hair care equipment are described below.

Hair Dryers

In the tropics, hair dries easily because of the heat from the sun, especially during the dry season. In most cases therefore, the hair may not require a dryer to dry it. But during the rainy season or the person is in a hurry, a hair dryer may be used. The types of hair dryers sold in the market are operated by electricity.

There are simple and complex types of hair dryers. Some hair dryers are standing while some are hand-held. Some have comb and brush attachments. These attachments enable the user to style the hair as he/she blows it dry. In a hair dressing salon, there are drying hoods which are worn on the head, or standing hair dryers which are used for drying permed or washed hair. The dryers emit heat and air at a fixed temperature.

Hair Nets and Scarfs

These are of various colours and sizes. They are used to hold hair rollers and styled hair in place. They are also used for holding the hair when in bed or in the bathroom or sometimes, when under the dryer. Many people also use them to keep their hair in place when putting on clothes with tight neck openings that are forced over the head. Nets and scarfs should always be kept clean. Even when the hair is plaited, it is good to use a scarf at night to keep it clean.

Rinsing Hose

This is used when shampooing the hair to direct the flow of water to the part of the head where it is needed. It usually has small holes from which water spurts when shampooing, prevent water from entering the ears, the eyes and the nose. The hose is used to regulate the flow of water and prevents water and chemicals from entering the ears, the eyes and the ears.


Hair rollers are often used in hair drying. Rollers are used to hold sectioned permed hair in place before drying. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Most rollers and clips are made from plastic with clips while some are made from cushioned plastic. Some rollers have clampons and are the best for rolling the hair. It is good to avoid spiky rollers which can split the hair.

Hair Care Materials

There are many hair care materials in the market today, produced by different manufacturers. Every manufacturer claims that their own is best suitable for your hair. The types of hair care products you may use include shampoos, conditioners, hair pomades, creams and oils. When you have your hair done at a hairdresser’s salon, conditioners, setting lotions and sprays are also used.


In hair dressing, shampoo is recommended instead of soap for washing the hair. Shampoos remove dirt and grease from the hair easily.

Shampoos are of different types. They can be medicated, lemon, egg-based or protein-rich. Each type is made for a particular type of hair; tiny, coarse, oily, dry, etc. It is necessary to select the shampoo that is suitable for your type of hair.

For example, if you have oily hair, it is good to use lemon-based shampoo. If you have dry hair,  it is better to use the protein-rich shampoo. Of course, some of us use the soap we use for bathing to wash our hair. This does not harm the hair unless the hair is too oily or too dry. Detergents should not be used for the hair.


When the hair is permed, some damage is always done to it, either through the chemicals in the relaxers or the hot comb used. The usage of the conditioner is to help reduce the damage done to the hair. Conditioners help to make the hair strong and prevent it from breaking and splitting . It also helps to prevent the hair from dryness. It softens the hair and makes it easy to manage.

There are different types of conditioner. Just as we have different types of shampoos. It is necessary to select the best conditioner for your type of hair. There are conditioners for oily hair, dry hair and normal hair. The labels are always written on the containers to assist you in choosing the one you want.

Pomades/Creams and Oils

There are many types of pomades/creams and oils in the market. In villages, many women use the locally made pomades from palm kernels and coconuts for plaiting their hair. They are as good as most of the imported hair pomades/creams and oils are of different colours and odours. Select the type of pomade, cream or oil that is suitable for your hair. One of the commonly used pomades is petroleum jelly which is produced in Nigeria.

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are used to hold hair styles in position. They are also used to make curls last longer. Some sprays also make the hair soft and shiny. There are varieties of them in the market. The spray can be applied after the hair has been put in rollers or after the rollers have been removed from the hair.

Setting Lotions

Setting lotions can be obtained in gels or in sprays. The gels are applied to sections of the hair before they are put in rollers while the sprays are sprayed on the hair before rolling. They protect the hair against dryness.

Pins, Clips and Grips

They are used to hold the hair in place. They are also used to attach hair pieces to the hair. There are some with sharp tips and some have rounded tips. It is better to use those with rounded tips because those with sharp tips can split the hair and scratch the scalp.

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