Codes To Activate & Cancel Call Barring, Diverting On GLO Network

This post contains Codes to Activate and Cancel Call Barring, Diverting on GLO SIM and Network. It also explains conference calling on GLO and call forwarding.



This feature enables the you place a restriction on Incoming calls; Outgoing calls; National calls or even International calls. (This service requires a barring code. The default barring code is 0000). Barring is available for only Post-Paid Customers

Quick Facts About Call Barring

  • Barring is a term that refers to a service that prevents certain calls from being made or received
  • When a barring is activated or deactivated a barring password is required. The default barring code is 0000.
  • To change barring code dial **03*330*old barring code*new barring code*new barring code #send
  • Barring can not be setup when diverts are active
  • Barring affects voice calls, SMS, fax and data

Barring can be set up and cancelled using these codes on your mobile phone:

 Call Barring
Code to Activate
Code to Cancel
Check Status
Outgoing Calls – Nationally
*33*barring code# Send
#33*barring code# Send
*#33# Send
Outgoing Calls – Internationally
  *331*barring code# Send
 #331*barring code# Send
  *#331# Send
Incoming Calls – Nationally
*35*barring code# Send
#35*barring code# Send
*#35# Send
Incoming Calls – When Roaming
 *351*barring code#Send
 #351*barring code# Send
  *#351# Send
All Call Barring
 #330*barring code# Send


This feature that enables you manage/toggle between two or more calls at the same time:
(a) Call Waiting: A feature that alerts a Customer of an incoming call while on a call.
(b) Call Holding: A feature that allows the Customer to pick the incoming call or waiting call while he puts the on-going or current call on hold. This service is available to both post paid and prepaid Customers free of charge.

Quick Facts About Call Waiting and Holding

  • Call waiting and holding is a service that allows a subscriber to receive a call while he is already on a call. He is then able to place the call on hold and accept the new incoming call
  • Call waiting and holding also allows a subscriber to put a call on hold and make a new outgoing call.
  • Call waiting and holding is available for ALL subscribers and its free.

Call waiting and holding can be set up using the following codes on your mobile phone:

Call Feature
Code to Activate
Code to Cancel
Check Status
Call Waiting/Call Hold
*43# Send
#43# Send
*#43# Send


This is a Service that enables you to put a call through to two or more people simultaneously. At the moment, this service is offered to postpaid customers only. The initiator can invite a maximum of 5 people and will be responsible for the payment. (This feature is network plus handset dependant).


Call Divert or Forwarding allows you to divert your incoming calls to another number (be it local, International, Fixed, GSM, PTO’s and so on) or to your voicemail depending on any condition set which includes ‘All calls’, ‘When busy’, ‘When No reply’ or ‘When Not Reachable’). You will be charged for diverting your calls to another number every time someone calls you. To divert your calls or to cancel the diverts, go through the menu of your phone. This service is available to both postpaid and prepaid Customers free of charge.

Quick Facts About Call Forwarding

  • Diverts allow subscribers to have their calls forwarded to another number under four conditions. These conditions are:
  • When the subscriber is busy on a call
  • When the subscriber’s phone has been ringing for a length of time
  • When the subscriber’s phone is not contactable (eg, turned off or out of coverage)
  • Unconditional – also called an “all call” divert
  • Diverts are available for all subscribers
  • There is a divert known as DCF. This divert is one that is set by the network and is only called upon if no other diverts exist (hence the name default call forwarding).
  • DCF is usually configured to route calls to voicemail.

Diverts are set up and cancelled by using the following codes on your mobile phone:

 Call Diverts
Check Status
**21*number# Send
##21# Send
*#21# Send
No Reply
**61*number# Send
# # 61 # Send
*#61# Send
Set Time Delay on No Reply
**61*number*11*5/10/15/20/25/30# Send
**67*number# Send
##67# Send
*#67# Send
Not Reachable
**62*number# Send
##62# Send
*#62# Send
Cancel all the Call Diverts
##002# Send
No Reply, Busy & Not Reachable
**004*number# Send

Because diverts are instructions to the network to make a call on behalf of the called party a divert can be considered as an outgoing call. As a result if you divert calls then that call is charged to you.

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