Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria to Engage In (2024)

The stress of being a student in Nigeria is hectic. From the lecture hall to the library, buying textbooks and handouts, reading, paying your school fees, feeding, and other miscellaneous, coupled with the fact that you are required to come out with a good grade isn’t an easy one.


With the current Nigerian situation, most parents are not financially buoyant and are within the range of average to low income earners and so can not provide all that you might need to survive as a student in school.

This calls for a Plan B for students in Nigeria to find a way to lessen the burden off their parents and look for other legal means to make money in Nigeria without risking your future or even affecting your grades but serve as a means to put extra cash in your pockets that you can save and use to take car of your needs.

If you are looking for business ideas as a student to make money, then this post is for you as we have carefully researched these ideas and highlighted them for your consumption.

Below are 5 business ideas for students in Nigeria that can fetch you extra cash

1. Teaching

Are you good in a particular course(s)? If you are then you can offer tutoring services to your fellow students for a fee. The fun of teaching is that as you teach, you learn the more become more enlightened.

Also, parents who are engaged at work on a full-time basis in your area might require the services of a tutor to teach their children on various subjects. I personally did this and earned a lot from it

2. Graphic and Web designing

This is one of the hottest ways to make money as a student in Nigeria and online. You would need require a computer to do this. If you are a good graphic or web designer then you should advertise yourself on websites such as

People pay a lot for services such as web designing and graphic designing on fiverr and you too can tap in on that. You only need to help them create logos, banners, business cards, websites e.t.c for a sum of $5 for each gig ordered for.

3. Freelance writing

This is another business idea that can generate cash for a Nigerian student. If you can write very well as a student, I’ll suggest you search the internet for freelance jobs as there are many out there. You can go to sites like, e.t.c for other freelance jobs.

4. Blogging

A blogger is one who writes about anything he or she has passion for. No topic is exhaustible. Are you a student who is passionate about sports, entertainment, health? Then you can create a blog and write on topics related to that subject. The joy of creating a blog is that you can create one without spending a dime. Your only tool is a laptop and access to the internet. Blogging requires patience, time and consistency. To create a free blog, i’ll suggest you head to and start a free blog.

5. Hairdressing

This works mostly for female students, but if you are a male student and can plait hair, then the better. You can use the weekends to do this for your fellow students and charge for the service you render. I have seen students earn heavily from this especially during events and festive periods.

6. Barbing

This works mostly for the male students. Do you know how to cut hair as a student? If you can, then you should start doing so. Tell your friends about what you can do and offer to do it at a cheaper price. You would be surprised on how much you will earn in doing so.

If you know any other business idea that can be beneficial to students in Nigeria, we would love to hear from you. Please use the comment section and don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with your friends.

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