Top 10 Biggest Tech Companies In The U.S (2024)

The United States of America has one of the biggest IT clusters in the world. The development of the country’s economic systems is greatly influenced by the top IT companies in this region. In past few years, the rise of the nation’s economy has increasingly been fueled by technology companies. This is due to the significant changes that technology has made to the ways in which people communicate, receive information, purchase, socialize, and work.

big tech companies in the united states

Generally speaking, businesses and individuals in the technology field are involved in the production of products and services with a technological foundation. They design and produce computers, mobile devices, and home appliances in addition to producing software. The top ten US tech companies are shown in the list below.


The review of the top ten largest tech companies in the United States is provided below.


The value of Amazon is among the highest in the country and in the world. They first began as an internet market. Over time, the business began to manufacture its own technology products and provide cloud services. Jeff Bezos established it in 1994.

Amazon is a well-known cloud – based platform and the biggest online retailer in the world. Amazon has a constantly growing selection of goods and services. Amazon has bought numerous businesses by dipping into a number of industries over time, from healthcare to entertainment.

The main reason for Amazon’s fame is their sizable online store. They employ tens of thousands of people both domestically and overseas.


Apple is another tech behemoth on our list of the top US companies. They are hardly unexpected. Apple is an expert in software, electronics, and internet services. The company was incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Ever since, Apple has been making a range of technological products, including wearables and computers.


Alphabet was formally established in 2015 and is currently among the top tech firms in the country. The annual income of the international conglomerate business Alphabet exceeds $200.000B.

After Google underwent a restructure in 2015, Alphabet Inc. Was created. It rose to the position of Google’s parent company.

The business also makes investments in a range of tech start-ups and businesses of varying sizes. This includes initiatives for smart homes, autonomous vehicles, online gaming platforms, and more.


Microsoft is the world’s biggest software company. The Microsoft Corporation provides a vast selection of services and software. Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has developed into one of the software industry’s most renowned names. Microsoft is the manufacturer of popular goods like the Office Suite and the Xbox. They also serve as the parent organization for companies like Skype and LinkedIn. Microsoft also offers desktop management solutions to both individuals and companies.


Meta Platforms became the new name of Facebook Inc. In 2021. The modification was meant to highlight its metaverse-centric perspective. Meta asserts that it can assist individuals in existing in virtual reality, which is the future.

The largest social media network worldwide is Facebook, as many people already know. In 2004, it was created as a social networking platform for Harvard students. The business has since increased its influence over the social media market. With tools like the Oculus and the Metaverse, Facebook is increasingly embracing virtual reality technologies.


The 2016 combination of Dell Inc. And EMC Corporation produced Dell Technologies. Dell provides a range of technological goods and services. This includes everything from smartphones and personal computers to cybersecurity and cloud storage options.

With more than 165,000 people worldwide, Dell Technologies is one of the biggest technology companies.


Intel, which was established in 1968 is the world’s largest producer of semiconductor chips. Intel is an industry leader in personal computer processors and graphics components.

Since its founding in 1968, Intel has significantly altered the global landscape. The firm created the microprocessor, also known as the “computer on a chip.” It enabled the development of the first personal computers and portable calculators (PCs).


With its headquarters in New York, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American global technology company. IBM was a pioneer in the industry of technology, having been established in 1911. There are many different types of computer hardware and software that IBM today makes and sells. In particular, IBM is credited with developing magnetic stripe cards and ATMs.


Despite the fact that Tesla is best known for its electric cars, the company itself focuses more on technology than on automobiles. The Tesla corporation occupies a peculiar nexus between technology and transportation. In addition, they manufacture energy-efficient products including solar panels and battery energy storage systems.

The value of Tesla is among the highest in the world. They continue to be the most valued carmaker in the world, with a market worth of more than 840 billion US dollars.


The Hewlett-Packard Company, often abbreviated as HP, is a global American information technology corporation with headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

HP, which was established in 1939, is the second-largest personal computer supplier worldwide. HP manufactures printers and 3D printing solutions in addition to personal computers, however that is its area of expertise. They combine cutting-edge designs and inventive advancements with highly efficient hardware.


Unsurprisingly, technology is involved with a lot of the biggest companies in the world. The majority of these largest companies are headquartered in the United States. Numerous tech businesses offer a range of products and services. The largest ones, as determined by Forbes statistics, are featured in this article. The businesses on the list are all available to the stock market since they are all public enterprises. Last but not least, this list is merely a paraphrase of the Forbes research, not financial guidance.

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