Top 10 Best Waist Trainers in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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In this contemporary days, a lot of people are more intrigued to attaining a perfect body shape. This opposes the previous centuries, where there was not much concern about having perfectly shaped bodies. This type of fitness is done by all genders, especially amongst the women, as they have dived into building a well toned body of themselves. All these is obvious as people hit gym every now and then, making what was once unpopular to be making the waves.

waist trainers in Nigeria

With a lot of people being interested in having a good fitness, they are optioned to using good fitness trainers. One of such is waist trainers, which is very pivotal to the exercise. How much do waist trainers cost presently. This article will give a detailed outline of the ten top (10) waist trainers in Nigeria and their latest prices.


Below is the rundown of top ten best waist trainers and their current prices in the country this 2024;


Made of spandex and cotton, this type of waist trainer is one of the best options when going for a fitness training skit. The panty girdle comes in a pant shape, and when weared, it extends to the under bust of the wearer.

This type of waist trainer is more chosen because of it convenience when worn, and it is also the mostly used postpartum due to this characteristic.

Affordability is one of the alluring features of Panty Girdle waist trainers. It costs a little above ₦2,500, and is available in stores, both online and retail shops.

HIGH WAIST BRIEFS (₦3,000 – ₦5,000)

This is another topnotch waist trainer available in the country. It is made of polyester and it’s highly stretchy. High Waist Briefs is often used by women in their post natal period after child birth. It ties the belly after child delivery and keeps it in good shape. Nonetheless, this type of waist trainer is not only applicable to post natal molding, but anyone can choose to wear it.

High Waist Briefs is available in Nigeria with prices ranging from ₦3,000 to ₦5,000.


This kind of waist trainer has a corset which aids the reduction of the waist. Steel bone waist trainer has a steel which helps to compress bulge in the waist and also reduce in the abdomen to a bare minimum. The steel replaces whale bones of the old traditional waist trainer.

Waist training corset with steel bone is available on sale in the country. The price tag of ₦12,000 makes it an affordable buy of fitness trainers.

TUMMY CONTROL BODY SUIT (₦5,000 – ₦14,000)

The tummy control body suit is a good waist trainer that gives the stomach some degree of flatness. Just like the name implies, it aids in making the bulge of the stomach be in good shape and also helps to get it slimmer. This waist trainer runs all through the body much like a waist coat. It holds the busts, stomach, and waistline together. This kind of waist trainer is also good for posture issues, as it is more convenient in giving the body a shape.

The price of tummy control waist trainer ranges from N5,000 to ₦14,000. They are available in retail shops and online stores in the country.

BODY SHAPER BELT (₦3,000 – ₦5,000)

This waist trainer is a good one for maintaining a good body shape. It is much like a belt and is worn around the mid-section. It holds firmly to the stomach and it’s much preferred for new mothers who are in their post natal period.

Body shaper belt waist trainer are in much stock in the country. It is highly affordable with price range from ₦3,000 to ₦5,000. It can be purchased from Jumia or any other online stores and shops in Nigeria.


Sport trainers are not left out in this one. This type of waist trainer is ideal for sports. Made from polyester, it is one of the best waist trainers in Nigerian market. Like the preceding waist trainer, it is a wide belt which is worn around the waist. The trainer holds the stomach firmly and also helps in posture and back balance.

This type of waist trainer is highly affordable and available at price range from ₦3,000 to ₦5,000.


This kind of waist trainer comes with a clip and zip which fairly distinguishes it from the traditional waist trainer corset. The latex waist trainer rides up to the under bust, down to the waist, and gives the body a comfortable shape.

Just as other type of waist trainers, latex waist trainer is available at retail stores in Nigeria. The price range for this product falls around ₦7,000.


If you’re interested in a waist trainer that will give your body an augmented shape, then this should be an option. This product also goes further to enhance the look of the body and give shape. This waist trainer can help lift the busts higher, and also make the waist glide down with a slimmer look.

Waist trainer and body shaper is classified with varying colors and it’s cost is pretty cheap. The price of it in Nigeria is in the region of ₦3,500.


This is another top waist trainer in the country. It is worn like a vest, and has adjustable sleeves which makes it to be easily worn. When on the body, it stops at the under bust and moves down reaching the waist. The waist trainer vest corset comes with a zipper and hook clasp which all help in making it more comfortable.

Available on retail shops in Nigeria, this vest corset can be purchased at a considerate cost. The price of this product is in the region of ₦3,520.


If you are looking for a waist trainer that can help obviate some of those excess fat from your body, then this is a good idea. It is made like a wide belt and is very easy to wear and take off. More so, this waist trainer helps to burn fat and it is also used for sporting activities.  The application of this product also extend to helping the improvement of posture and to reduce excess fat in the midsection of the body.

The Sweat Belt Waist Trimmer is available at online stores like Jumia and other retail outlets in Nigeria.  The costs of getting this product is within ₦2,000.


Waist Trainers are undergarments made of thick fabrics, which is worn around the midsection of the body. It’s however intended to be worn much more tightly, so as to give a sleeker and smaller waist. This category of product is in much demand as a lot of fitness trainers, women and even men require it to keep their body in shape.

Waist Trainers are in much stock in the Nigerian market, but to get the best may be somewhat hellacious. Nonetheless, in this write-up, we’ve enumerated the top ten best waist trainers in the country. This will give you a guide in making a buy.

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