10 Best Soccer Clubs in the United States (2024)

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Soccer is one of the most popular watched sports in the United States. With the USMNT making strides internationally, it has helped boost the Nation’s football league to compete favorably with the likes of other European football leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Seria A, etc. The Major League Soccer (MLS), which is the men’s professional soccer league is recognized by the United States Soccer Federation, the top tier of the game in the country. The league now has 28 teams—25 from the United States and 3 from Canada—and will increase to 29 teams in 2024.


Major League Soccer is the umbrella organization for the majority of elite American soccer clubs. This is the top-tier professional football competition in both Canada and the United States. The league has some of the most renowned and elite soccer teams in the world. Each soccer club in the league owns a stake, and the league operates like a franchise. The league has never had sides, in contrast to numerous current European soccer competitions.

Clubs like LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, DC United, and Columbus Crew have changed the game ever since league’s initial conception, dominating in the early years. Chicago Fire has also shown to be a game-changer. We will summarize and highlight the top soccer teams currently competing in Major League Soccer in this article.


The current top soccer teams in the US are listed below.


Los Angeles Football Club, also known as LAFC, is a major American soccer team with their home games played in Los Angeles. The team participates in Major League Soccer as a Western Conference member club. The club was founded on March 30, 2014, and it started competing in the 2018 campaign. The club uses Banc of California Stadium as their home field.

By all accounts, Los Angeles FC is the best soccer team in the country. How have they progressed so far? LAFC won the Supporter’s Shield, a significant MLS award, in 2019. They only had their second season when they claimed it with a record-breaking 72 points. As the second team to win two shields in its first five seasons, LAFC earned its second Supporter’s Shield in 2022. Los Angeles FC defeated Philadelphia Union to clinch the MLS Cup to close up the 2022 campaign.


The Seattle Sounders are a Seattle-based American football team. The team is among the most outstanding in the country. It has took home Lamar Hunt US Open Cups, one Supporters Shield, and two MLS Cups.

The Sounders have competed in the CONCACAF Champions League, an international competition where Mexican clubs have ruled. This soccer club have gained supporters all throughout the United States since their first season. The team is now thought to be among the best in North America.


The Philadelphia Union is a Philadelphia-based elite football team. They represent America. The Union are an Eastern Conference team in Major League Soccer (MLS). The club was established on March 28, 2008, and it debuted in competition in 2010.

Subaru Park serves as the team’s home field. Located in Chester, Pennsylvania, this arena is dedicated to soccer. Philadelphia Union won the Supporter’s Shield, a significant MLS award, in 2020.


The New York City Football Club is a New York City-based professional soccer team. The club plays in Major League Soccer, the top division in American football. The club is jointly owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, owner of the New York Yankees, and City Football Group, which also owns English soccer team Manchester City.

The club eventually beat Atlas at the 2022 Campeones Cup to claim its first ever international championship. They were the first club in New York to take home an international award.


LA Galaxy is a Los Angeles-based MLS team that plays professional American soccer. Over time, this popular US soccer team has developed into the MLS’s most reliable squad. Since the league’s founding in 1996, The Galaxy has been the MLS’s most prosperous team to date.

Additionally, the Galaxy have claimed more US Open Cup championships than any other team in the league. The LA Galaxy have a record of eight regular-season Western Conference championships, five MLS Cups, two US Open Cups, one CONCACAF Champions League, and two US Open Cups. Ever since start of the MLS, this is unquestionably the most outstanding performance by any other team.


The American soccer team Atlanta United is centered in the Georgian city of Atlanta. Atlanta United only made their Major League Soccer appearance about five seasons ago, yet they quickly rose to prominence and won three championships.

The 2018 Major League Soccer Eastern Conference Playoffs were Atlanta United’s first significant trophy. Atlanta United won the US Open Cup and the Campeones Cup in 2019, completing second sweep. Atlanta United now ranks among the top teams in MLS history thanks to this achievement.


San Jose is home to the San Jose Earthquakes, another American soccer team. The soccer squad participates as a franchise team in the MLS. The club, which was established in 1994, participates in MLS Western Conference competition. The squad has been among the most prosperous in MLS history. San Jose Earthquakes won four championships in eleven years starting in 2001.


FC Dallas is a professional American soccer team that competes in the MLS Western Conference and is stationed in Dallas. Originally known as Dallas Burn, the team saw its highest point ever in 2016. The International Federation of Football History & Statistics recognized them as the 31st best soccer team in the world. The club was however regarded as CONCACAF’s ninth-best squad that year. This was accomplished in 2016 when the squad claimed the US Open Cup and the MLS Supporters Shield.


The Chicago Fire is a popular U.S. soccer team that plays professionally. It participates in Major League Soccer as an Eastern Conference team. The club made a splash when it became an MLS member with a new record. The MLS Cup and the US Open Cup fall under this category.


The Columbus Crew is an MLS team that plays pro football and is situated in Columbus. The squad is also among the most wealthy in the MLS. They have happened to win the US Open Cup, three Supporters Shields, and two MLS Cups.


The Major League Soccer (MLS) is unarguably the leading club soccer leagues in North America. When it comes to the MLS league team ratings, newer teams that have lately entered the league seem to be overtaking the established players and falling behind them. Los Angeles FC and Austin FC have both continued to surge in the league with outstanding performances. The top teams in Major League Soccer are the LA Galaxy, San Jose Earthquakes, Columbus Crew, and Seattle Sounders. This article highlighted the ones that follows.


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