Top 10 Best Skills To Acquire In Nigeria (2024)

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Acquiring a skill is indeed one of the initial steps to become an entrepreneur or pro in business. The skills you want to learn will generally rely on your area of interest, however it can go far to be a source of your income and finance in no distant time. Keeping that in mind, it now boils down to identifying which skills is lucrative and best for you. Here in this article, we will highlight the skills that are very lucrative and immensely popular. This will include top skills which are in high demand that you should try to acquire.

Skills To Acquire


The following are the lucrative skills to get in the country to set up your self for better work, outsourcing, or to support your upkeep. Some of these profitable skills will also help you in job application.


Digital Marketing is one of the highly rated lucrative skills that one can acquire in Nigeria today. Its a form of the promoting products on the internet. This has been a well known method of advertising a product, and it’s becoming a recognized business nowadays. Moreso, marketing on the web is much something beyond just creating something and putting it via web-based media. It includes a few procedures and strategies which will result in getting earnings. Nowadays, companies are consistently watching out for Digital Marketers, to help them market their products using web-based media and also create their online presence.


A business development part in an organization is exceptional in a way that they come up with good ideas needed to augment the business. This has made most organizations to consistently require the service of able individuals who can deal with it adequately. Moreover, the work of Business Development Managers  is to ensure the organization is advancing by assessing their presentation and searching for areas of progress. Development may come in various structures, which could be like maintaining ties with partners and accomplices or making more deals and taking advantage of lucky breaks in the market to make benefits.


Acquiring affiliate marketing skills is a very important pofitable skill to acquire. This skill will give you the knowledge of selling products or services for others. When your product is sold, you get a commission for the business you make. There is in no way like making your own products or services rather you just sell what others have made.


Creating a video and editing as well is another of the best skills to acquire in Nigeria. You can acquire this skill simply by using your smart phone. There are free applications you should make good videos and edit them expertly for customers. For quality, it is preferable to use a personal computer in editing those videos. It has been affirmed that a lot of people love streaming videos more on the internet than any other.

To get you more options, there are entrepreneurs and individual brands that don’t have the opportunity to make these videos, you can come in and assist them with making these recordings.


Some people do normally inquire whether ‘copywriting is a decent expertise?’ On the off chance that you are a decent writer with a pleasant writing ability, being a content writer can be one of the way in to your independence from others. A lot of entrepreneurs need marketing specialist that can assist them with composing their business audit, articles to their site and so forth. Nonetheless, if you have these skills, you can do this work. Also, you can help writers, bloggers to write a quality article for visitor posting. This is mostly a paid job which you will take home something after the service rendered.


Considering the popularity of web-based social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are good places to work. A lot of people are dependent on these platforms for their business. Now, do you realize that you can really transform this media into your office? That will be possible by managing any of the social media accounts for a top business organization and company. By working with these top companies, financial institutions, bloggers and others, you will earn a fortune.


Propfreading or editing is actually one of the best skills to master in Nigeria. One reason being that it is high sought after, thus making it lucrative. The rate at which people are searching for skilled experts that can assist them with editing their works is exceptionally high in the country and in the event that you have such high demanding skill, you can rake in some good cash. This will work by helping bloggers/organizations to edit their blog entries, articles, scripts, digital books, stories, archives and so on


Though the most-payed teachers are those working for government and top private schools, but do you know you can make a lot of money by doing it privately yourself? This will be possible if you have a decent teaching ability and skills. Privately, this will work by having a tutorial class and lesson for students.  You can be doing exercise for JAMB/WAEC candidates or coaching lower level students in higher institutions.


This is the act of setting up computer programs and coding apps and websites. This has become a money-spinning business, especially as we are presently in the computerized age. Nowadays, almost all organizations need a professional website and application for their business. With the programming skills, you will be able to render your service to these organizations and expect a good pay.


Business management is the act of starting, managing, executing, and shutting the undertakings of a business team to accomplish shared objectives and meet explicit rules at a particular time. With the skills as a business manager, you will be entrusted to deal with the business and monitor everybody working on it so as complete the task before the set cutoff time.


Skill acquisition is very important especially for undergraduates prior to moving on from school. Having these skills will give them an edge over others while looking for work. Also, employment opportunities won’t be out of the way for someone with these skills. That’s the size of this article, as we have been able to list the top ten lucrative skills to acquire in Nigeria today.

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