Top 5 Best Oceanography Schools in Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to study oceanography in Nigeria and you are confused about which school to enrol in? Do you want to establish a career in oceanography? Then this article will help guide you on the top schools in the country where you can study this course properly.


If you must understand the principles and processes of oceanography, it is very necessary that you apply to a school which is research based so that you go beyond theory and learn the practical part of what this course entails.

Bear it in mind that you would need to apply to a school that offers you mentoring and helps you network with professionals in your field.

Having said all that, let us now proceed to the main discourse of this write-up, which is to enlighten you about the best oceanography schools in the county presently. They are listed and discussed below.

Top 5 Best oceanography schools in The Country

1. Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Maritime Research

This school is a pacesetter in the country as far as the field of oceanography is concerned. Founded in 1975, it is located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The school has departments ranging from aquaculture to biology to oceanography itself, biotechnology, fisheries resources, product technology, product development, marine geology, marine geophysics, physical as well as chemical oceanography.

The school is also a choice location for excursions. Students of other schools and colleges that offer marine based courses visit here for more understanding of their course of study.

2. Maritime Academy of Nigeria

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria was established in Oron, Akwa Ibom State in 1979. If you need an ND, HND and PGD in marine meteoreology and oceanography, this is the place to be and the average duration of the courses is 2 years.

Other marine based courses offered at this institution not previously mentioned are nautical science, hydrology, coastal resources management, hydrography and some other engineering courses.

3. Global College of Marine and Technology

Also one of the top oceanography schools in Nigeria and located in Ughelli, Delta State.

Apart from the main oceanography course which the school is known for, it also offers specialized courses that prepare students for employment in the oil and gas sector.

4. Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology

The Federal College of Fisheries and Maritime Technology is located in Victoria Island ,Lagos and it was founded in 1969.

Formerly, the school was known as the Federal School of Fisheries and it was initially a vocational institute which was upgraded to a technological institute.

The school is financed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the World Bank.

They offer part time and professional programmes in marine and oceanography related courses.

They also offer the national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND) programmes which have an average duration of 2 years.

They offer mandatory courses in safety which lasts from 1-5 days depending on the course.

5. Delta School of Marine Technology

The Delta School of Marine Technology was established in 2006. Courses taught at the institution include business, engineering, industrial safety, and environmental management technology.

Before a prospective student is admitted, he/she is expected have credit passes in  mathematics, english, biology, physics and agricultural science in not more than two sittings.

After meeting these requirements, an aptitude test is conducted after which successful candidates are then admitted.

On successful completion of your course of study, you are awarded a National Diploma (ND) after which you can proceed to obtain a Higher National Diploma (HND).

Professional courses offered in this institution include fisheries, boat driving, ship management and engine maintenance and the duration of these courses is between 3 – 9 months.

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